1955 Chevy Steering Column Wiring

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1955 Chevy Steering Column Wiring catdumptruck.com | Is your 1955 Chevrolet’s steering column wired up correctly? If so, you may have trouble finding the proper wiring.

First, you need to determine whether or not your steering column has a 4 way flasher switch. If so, there will be eight wires in the column.

If not, you should check the wiring diagram and determine where each wire goes. It should look like this. After that, you can install the proper harness.

1955 Chevy Steering Column Wiring

#Shield or clip

Your 1955 Chevy steering column needs a shield or clip to protect the wiring harness. Many restorations overlook this crucial part. Here’s why.

The steering column shield protects the wires and wiring harness from dirt, grime, and corrosion. Without a shield, you could end up with a dangerously cracked steering column.

Here are some tips to help you identify the correct steering column shield for your car. Also, remember that your steering column may need a little sanding to ensure it’s in tip-top shape.

#4 way flasher switch

The steering column wiring in your 1955 Chevy is a great place to start. A four way flasher switch requires 8 wires, so be sure to get them long enough.

Then, start by unscrewing the lock plate and turn signal lever. You’ll then find the turn signal switch, which is usually held in by three screws.

Unplug the switch’s harness and then use a wire feed wire to attach the flasher to the column. Be sure that both ends of the wire stick out. After that, pull the switch out of its housing.

The switch is much easier to install than any other mod. Remove the plastic block to make it easier to pull through the column.

Make sure the wiring you’re using is the same size as the old one. Once you’ve removed the old switch, pull out the wires that connect to it.

Pull the wires up the column using the same method as you did with the old wiring. Don’t forget to test the switch before you install it. If it works, it’s time to install the 4 way switch.

The lower mounting bracket for the steering column is made of polished stainless steel, and it adds a touch of chrome to the underhood area.

To install the column to instrument cluster seal, remove the lower steering column cover. Then, unscrew the PIN 57-164268-1 on the instrument cluster to make room for the new switch. Afterwards, install the steering column to instrument cluster.

If you have a ’57 Chevrolet with an automatic transmission, you can use the Ididit tilt column shifter. This includes self-canceling turn signals and 4-way flashers.

The Ididit tilt column shifter comes with an optional aluminum dress-up kit. You can also select a steering wheel for the car.

The steering column is made of solid steel or aluminum and is available in two finishes: black, chrome, and clear anodized aluminum.

1955 Chevy Steering Column Wiring

#GM column adapter

If you’re considering a 1955 Chevy conversion, you might be wondering if a steering column adapter is necessary. This modification will allow you to use a modern steering column in your car.

Steering columns are a perfect final touch for installing a late-model power steering system. You can install a column with the stock steering box or purchase a new column.

Choose from brushed aluminum or chrome-plated columns, or select a column with a column shift. If you have a floor-shift vehicle, you’ll need an adapter for PIN 53-202.

Another option is to install an aftermarket steering box on a 1955 Chevy. This option comes with a wiring harness and 4-way emergency flashers.

The horn can be a big upgrade, and you can also use the stock steering column with a new one. A wire adapter kit is very easy to install, and it makes it possible to connect an aftermarket steering box to your original column. It’s an excellent option for those who want to add a vintage look to their car.

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