2016 Chevy Volt Wiper Blade – How to Replace

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How to Replace a 2016 Chevy Volt Wiper Blade catdumptruck.com |┬áIf you’ve ever been in an accident, or just noticed that your chevy volt wiper blade is worn out, you’ve likely wondered how to replace it.

This article will help you understand the process of replacing a wiper blade and what size it is. It will also show you how to remove and replace your chevy volt’s wiper blade. Keep reading to find out how to replace the wiper blade in your 2016 volt.

How to Replace a 2016 Chevy Volt Wiper Blade


If you want to buy replacement wiper blades for your Chevy Volt, you should first check the sizes of the existing ones. Generally, wiper blades are available in one or two sizes, depending on the model of your vehicle.

If you are unsure of what size you need, you can refer to your owner’s manual. However, it is recommended to compare the blades’ lengths before making a final purchase.

You can find the Wiper Blade Sizes of the Chevrolet Volt on the vehicle’s windshield. The sizes for the driver and passenger side wiper blades are 26 inches, while the passenger side wiper is 25 inches in length.

You should also check the wiper blades’ rubber to make sure they don’t have any broken pieces or are too worn out. This will reduce visibility and may even pose a safety hazard when driving.

#How to remove a chevy volt wiper blade

Changing the wiper blades on your Chevrolet Volt is a simple job. To remove the old wiper blade, locate the wiper arm base, which is usually tucked under the hood.

Once you have located the wiper arm base, turn the ignition on to run the wipers. Turn off the ignition to stop the wipers mid-swipe and pull the wiper blade out of the arm base.

If the blade is streaking on both sides, you should change it. Moreover, if the wiper blades are becoming uneven, the rubber on the opposite side is probably worn out.

Also, wiper blades are shortened by the sun’s UV rays, so you should change them regularly. Another way to extend the life of your wiper blades is to scrape off snow and ice from your windshield.

To replace a new wiper blade on your Chevrolet Volt, disconnect the wiper arm’s output wires and replace the old one with the new one.

Carefully lower the new blade to the windshield. Be sure to note the new blade’s length and alignment. If the old one is attached with a pinch tab, use the same technique to remove it. You can also lift the blade by tilting the arm, sliding it, or pressing the tab.

#How to replace a chevy volt wiper blade

The wiper blade of your 2016 Chevrolet Volt is easily replaced. You should begin by removing the old blades from the vehicle. These should stick out away from the windshield.

The new blades should match the old ones, if not, you should use Trico(r) wipers. You can replace your old wiper blade with a new one by simply peeling off the plastic protector.

To remove the wiper blade, remove the preattached adapter from the end of the blade. Using a flashlight, slide the adapter out of the wiper blade.

Pull the wiper blade through the tab. You should then slide in the new wiper blade. Be sure to insert the blade at an angle. This will ensure a smooth, even fit. Replace the blade with caution.

If you are looking for replacement wiper blades, make sure to choose genuine ones. Genuine wiper blades for the Chevrolet Volt are designed to restore factory performance.

To get the right one, select your vehicle’s model. You can narrow your search by selecting the type of wiper blade you need. EV Parts Online is your one-stop-shop for everything you need for your Chevrolet Volt.

To replace a wiper blade on your Chevrolet Volt, follow the same steps as with any other vehicle. Before installing a new one, make sure you check the wires and cables.

Once you have checked everything, you can install your new blade. Push it in a little bit and rotate it parallel to the arm. If you have trouble removing the old blade, you can remove it.

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