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The Belaz 75710 – The World’s Largest Dump Truck |┬áIf you are looking for a vehicle that can go from a 0-100 mph in a very short period of time, then the Belaz 75710 is for you. The price, top speed, capacity, and interior are all great features that you will appreciate.

Belaz 75710 Price

Belaz 75710

If you’re looking for the largest dump truck in the world, you can’t go wrong with the Belaz 75710. This monster truck can carry 450 tonnes of material in a single haul, which is more than double the payload capacity of the current record holder. It can also run on just one engine, so it’s very fuel efficient.

This dump truck was made in Belarus and is currently working at a coal mine in the Kuzbass region of Russia. The truck can pull heavy loads up slopes and is so big that it fits into service bays.

The truck’s all-wheel drive system ensures the vehicle has smooth handling and tight cornering. When it’s fully loaded, the Belaz 75710 weighs 810 metric tons, which is nearly as much as a full-loaded Airbus A380 passenger plane.

Although the price of the Belaz 75710 varies depending on options, it can cost between $6 and 7.5 million. That’s more than a fully loaded Porsche 911 Turbo, which costs about $1.6 million.

There’s no shortage of horsepower in the Belaz 75710. Its total of 4,600 horsepower comes from two 16-cylinder turbo-diesel engines. Each engine produces 2,300 kilowatts of torque. They also come with powerful glow plugs for cold starts.

Another great feature of the Belaz 75710 is its symmetrical weight distribution. Its tires are tall and wide. As a result, it has a 20-meter turning radius.

75710 Tire Price

BelAZ 75710 is a heavy duty dump truck. It is a unique vehicle which is produced to order by BelAZ, a Belarusian manufacturer. The first Belaz 75710 was released last year.

The truck is 20 meters long and eight meters high. It is capable of lifting a load of up to 320 tons. In addition to this, it has eight large-sized Michelin tubeless pneumatic tires.

This dump truck is powered by a 16-cylinder turbo-compressed diesel engine. Moreover, it features a dynamic dumping system. Aside from that, it has an electrodynamic brake, a video review system, automatic fire extinguishing systems, and fuel control.

BelAZ-75710 is able to reach a speed of 64 km/h when it is empty and 67 km/h when full. It can also go through short-term longitudinal gradients of up to 18%.

The body is crafted out of structural elements that meet the ISO 3449 standards. Furthermore, it has a frame made of high-strength alloy steel. It is also equipped with high-voltage warning lines.

The Belaz 75710 is built to the highest safety standards. A special element, the anti-roll bar, provides stability. Among other features, this truck has an electrodynamic parking brake that can switch the thrust to the braking in just one second.

There is a unique design of the motor-wheel gearbox which reduces the cost and time for repairs. Also, there is an all-wheel drive which distributes tractive effort among the wheels.

Belaz 75710 Top Speed

Belaz 75710

The Belaz 75710 is the largest dump truck in the world. It is a monster, capable of carrying up to 496 tonnes of materials in one load. In fact, the vehicle is so large that it weighs more than a fully loaded Airbus A380 passenger plane.

This haul truck is built for high-production mining sites. While it was originally designed for heavy-duty, large-scale mining operations, it is also suitable for a variety of other uses.

For example, the Belaz 75710 has eight 13-foot-tall Micheline tyres, allowing it to support up to 102 tonnes of weight. The tires are also specially designed for the type of material the vehicle will be hauling.

The 75710 is powered by two 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines. One produces 2,300 horsepower, while the other delivers a maximum torque of 13,738 lb./ft. These engines can power all eight wheels of the Belaz 75710 and provide the vehicle with a top speed of 64 km/h.

Despite its immense power, the vehicle is also very fuel efficient. According to the manufacturer, the Belaz 75710 only consumes about 1,300 litres of fuel for every 100 kilometres traveled. That’s an impressive figure for a truck that is a bit bigger than a family car.

Belaz is a state-owned company based in Belarus, which manufactures earth-moving equipment. They have been producing this particular type of truck for over a decade. Currently, it is being used in the Siberian mines of Kuzbass, Russia.

Belaz 75710 Interior

Developed by Belaz, a state-owned company of Belarus, the BelAZ 75710 is the world’s largest haul truck. With a gross weight of over eight hundred and ten tons, it has a payload of 450 metric tons. It can be used for a variety of industrial transport applications.

The main engine of the BelAZ 75710 is a V16 diesel. It produces over four thousand horsepower. In addition, it has a massive cooling system. This prevents the truck from overheating while it’s working. Also, it can run on one engine for smaller loads.

Belaz has also developed a new generation of heavy-duty trucks. These are designed to be environmentally friendly. They are manufactured to last for a period of twelve to twenty years.

The BelAZ 75710 is designed to be maneuverable and durable. It can carry large amounts of heavy materials such as coal. To achieve this, the chassis is built from heavy duty plastic. There are also textured steps on the cab deck.

The chassis is also equipped with a steering system that allows the truck to be maneuvered at a very small turning radius. Additionally, the front grill of the truck is not perforated. All of these factors help the truck to be able to travel on wide roads in a quarry.

Another feature of the BelAZ 75710 is its four wheel drive. Unlike the average family car, the BelAZ 75710 can be moved at up to forty miles per hour.

Belaz 75710 Capacity

The Belaz 75710 has recently achieved the world record for the largest haul truck. It has a payload capacity of 450 tonnes. While there are a few other big trucks, none of them are as powerful as the Belaz.

In addition to its large payload capacity, the Belaz 75710 is also impressive in other aspects. For example, it has a cooling system that prevents it from overheating while it’s working. And it has a cabin that’s amply insulated against noise and vibrations.

Belaz is a Belarusian manufacturer of mining and earthmoving equipment. They designed the massive Belaz 75710 to be environmentally friendly and work in diverse climatic conditions.

To help ensure that the vehicle will survive for years to come, it was built to last at least 12 to 20 years. In addition, it has eight wheels. Two of the engines can be engaged for larger loads.

Each engine has a capacity of 130,000 cc. This is more than the average family car has. The truck can move 450 tonnes in one go. It has a peak torque of 18,626 nm.

The Belaz 75710 is designed to be maneuverable and efficient. It has a steering system that minimizes the turning radius to less than 20 meters.

Compared to conventional haul trucks, Belaz has a 25% higher payload capacity. Plus, it has a lower cost per load.

Belaz 75710 is the first of a new class of heavy-duty haul trucks. Their powertrain is comprised of two turbocharged diesel engines. These V16 engines have a combined power of 4600 bhp. They also have a large cooling system.

Belaz 75710 Weight

The BelAZ 75710 is the world’s largest haul truck. It is built in Belarus and can move 450 tonnes of material at a time. With a height of a few meters, it is as tall as two double decker buses.

It is designed to work in very cold and very hot conditions. The BelAZ-75710 has eight permanent video cameras that transmit information to monitors in the driver’s cab. This allows people to see the inside of the vehicle safely.

It is capable of a top speed of 64 kilometers per hour. In addition, it has an all-wheel drive system. One diesel engine is used when it is empty. But when it is full, two 16-cylinder turbo-compressed diesel engines work together.

Despite its large size, it is relatively fuel-efficient. It uses only 300 litres of fuel for every 100 kilometres. And it can stay in the service for almost half a work shift.

Its carrying capacity is almost 87 tons more than the previous record holder. That’s more than a double of the total weight of the Airbus A380 passenger plane.

It is equipped with a dynamic dumping system. During a shift, the BelAZ can perform uniform acceleration and uniform braking. When switching from one mode to another, the braking system rebuilds in just a second.

The BelAZ-75710 is able to overcome short-term and protracted longitudinal gradients of up to 12%. It can also be stopped with a parking brake.

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