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Cat Articulated Dump Truck | Whether you’re looking for a Cat 740, a CAT 725, or an ejector, these articulated dump trucks are sure to please.

They feature world-class cabs, advanced automatic traction control, and assisted hoisting control. In addition to their world-class cabs, Cat articulated trucks feature an advanced electronic control strategy for productivity.

Whether you’re an aspiring truck driver or a veteran professional, the CAT 730 may be exactly what you need to make your business a success.

Cat Articulated Dump Truck

#CAT 740

The CAT 740 articulated dump truck is the largest in its class. Its body has a payload capacity of 31.4 cubic yards, and the CAT C15 ACERT engine delivers 453 net horsepower.

In addition, the Cat 740 dump truck is equipped with traction control that reduces the risk of gouging expensive tyres.

Other notable features of the CAT 740 dump truck include an oil-over-nitrogen front suspension and cooled clutches. Wireless reporting is also possible, thanks to the Cat Product Link system.

Another benefit of the CAT 740 articulated dump truck is its narrower width. Compared to other articulated dump trucks of its class, it can be shifted without incurring Escorting Wide Load Charges.

This is a significant benefit for hiring companies. This cost-saving benefit can then be passed on to customers. You can save a lot of money by choosing the CAT 740 over similar trucks.

The CAT 740 articulated dump truck is in excellent condition. It has 13243 hours on the clock, and serial number B1P04871.

However, due to the age of the model, the hours may vary. Nonetheless, this truck is still in good working order, and the price is subject to change. Its features are:

A combination transmission and hoist lever is an added benefit of this truck. The combined transmission and hoist lever automates repetitive tasks.

A mode switch lets you select a manual or fully automatic assisted hoisting control. Fully automatic assisted hoisting control automatically applies a wait brake during pauses in the work cycle. Its hill-start system prevents rollback on slopes. This feature ensures safety while hauling materials.

Another unique feature of the CAT 740 articulated dump truck is its water tank. Its water tank is an added benefit, as it allows the truck to haul water around the worksite on dry days.

Articulated dump trucks are designed to haul materials with high-payload capacities. Depending on the payload, the CAT 740 articulated dump truck can haul up to 45 tons of material. These trucks are also used for hauling and moving construction materials.

The CAT 740 is equipped with an air conditioning system, fully adjustable steering wheel, windscreen wipers on the left side, and a two-way radio. There are also side and front sliding windows.

This will increase ventilation and improve communication on the jobsite. The dash layout is simple and straightforward.

Its controls and gauges will help you navigate the vehicle easily. A CAT 740 articulated dump truck is a high-quality piece of equipment for your business.

Besides being high-quality and durable, the Cat 740 is designed for ease of use. Moreover, its controls are as easy to operate as those of a car.

All controls are located in easy reach for the operator. The Generation II wrap-around dash makes it easy to operate all controls and features, such as LED illuminated rocker switches and a large LCD display.

All the controls are within easy reach of the operator, and the rear wash wipe rocker switch makes it easier to clean up the truck.

#CAT 725

The new CAT 725 articulated dump truck from Caterpillar is designed with operator comfort and ease in mind. The vehicle features an improved cab with more space and a wide view of the load area.

It is ideal for a wide range of construction applications including general construction, mining, quarry and aggregates, landfill and waste, and industrial applications.

Its payload capacity is a whopping 26.5 tons. Its straight-line operation and combined hoist and transmission lever ensure a hassle-free operation. It also delivers better fuel economy, enhanced acceleration and increased speed performance on slopes.

CAT offers this articulated dump truck in two configurations: dry hire and wet hire. Choose the option you need, as wet hire is more convenient for you.

If you are unsure of which one is suitable for your needs, you can browse through our online inventories of Articulated Dump Trucks. Listed below are some of the features of this model:

A spacious two-person cab is standard equipment in the cab of the CAT 725 articulated dump truck. The cab offers ample working space for the operator.

Like its 700 Family counterpart, it features an air suspension seat. The seat is equipped with adjustable damping, lumbar settings, and a ride zone indicator.

These features help the driver stay comfortable and productive while driving and hauling material. Moreover, the cab features an exhaust heat system and double-acting steer cylinders.

Other features of this CAT 725 articulated dump truck include automatic traction control and stability-assist system. This technology improves acceleration, maintains torque converter lock-up during critical shifts, increases rimpull, and provides automatic speed holding.

Furthermore, it includes Caterpillar’s Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Strategy (APECS) for optimum control and productivity. You can also expect the cab to have a touchscreen display that displays a payload measurement of up to 95 percent.

In addition to being powerful, the Volvo A60H articulated dump truck is also highly durable. It comes with a Lifetime Frame and Structure Warranty that protects your investment for the entire initial period of ownership and throughout the hauler’s life.

In addition, you can customize your Customer Support Agreement through your Volvo dealer. Its low price is a major plus, and you can save a lot of money by partnering with a local dealer.

The CAT 725 articulated dump truck is equipped with a Cat C9.3 ACERT engine, while the CAT 730C2 EJ is powered by a C13 ACERT engine. The C13 ACERT engine has a net horsepower of 367.

It has a diesel particulate filter and a selectorive catalytic reduction system for cleaner emissions. The CAT 725 is equipped with four warning levels for maximum driver comfort and productivity.

Cat Articulated Dump Truck

#CAT 730 Ejector

The CAT 730 ejector articulate dump truck is the only ejector articulated dump truck available. It eliminates the danger of skips tipping over. It also reduces operational costs by spreading loads as it travels.

The ejector body is also capable of operating in tight, narrow headroom areas. In addition, it increases operational speed by ejecting load quickly.

The Cat ejector blade is composed of high-strength steel and employs technology similar to wheel tractor-scrapers. A three-stage cylinder operates the ejector blade.

It is designed for horizontal mounting, and its cylinder is nitride-hardened for increased durability. The ejector blade has a twelve to fifteen-second response time. The ejector is also equipped with a statically-adjustable wheel bearing to prevent rockfalls.

The CAT 730 ejector articulates dump trucks have several unique features that make them stand out from competitors.

The ejectors can eject materials from a dump, and the ejector can be easily attached to a truck. These trucks are extremely versatile and can be used in a variety of settings.

In addition to its high-quality design, articulated dump trucks are also capable of operating in all types of weather and terrains.

The CAT 730 and CAT 740 ejector articulated dump trucks are powered by Cat C11 and Cat C15 ACERT engines. These powerful, fuel-efficient engines meet EPA Tier 3 exhaust emission standards and EU Stage IIIa emissions regulations.

The CAT C11 and C15 engine features controlled throttle shifting, which minimizes power train stress and clutch wear.

The on-move differential lock system disengages torque converter lock-up in the highest gear and prevents directional gear shifting.

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