The Chevy Transfer Case Interchange Chart

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The Chevy Transfer Case Interchange Chart | In the event that you are replacing the transfer case in your Chevy, you will need to know the differences between the 1500, 2500 and 3500 models.

While the parts are similar, there are minor differences that you will need to be aware of in order to ensure a proper replacement.

Listed below are some of these differences. If you are unsure, check the Chevrolet transfer case interchange chart for specific parts. After reading this, you will know how to find the right part for your vehicle.

The Chevy Transfer Case Interchange Chart

#NP236 transfer case

The NP236 is a transfer case that was produced by Chevrolet from 1997 to 2003. It is a four-button model that does not have auto AWD capabilities and is generally found in 4×4 Chevy Balzers and S10s.

It is best to find a donor vehicle from a later year because it is easier to install. The NP231 is similar to the NP236 in design, but the difference is in the type of switch.

The Chevy transfer case comes in two varieties: the GMC and the Chevy 1500. The GMC version comes with a heavy-duty aluminum transfer case to reduce the chances of oil leaks.

The Chevy transfer case has a higher compression ratio than the original equipment manufacturer transfer case. The difference between these two transfer cases is only minor and does not affect performance. It is therefore important to check the transfer case compatibility chart before purchasing a new one.

The NP231 is an electronic shift transfer case manufactured by New Venture Gear. It features a low gear ratio of 2.72:1 and is found in Chevrolet S10 Pickups and Blazers.

The NP231 has a left side drop output and a 27-spline front output. The NP231 transfer case is also prone to premature chain failure.

Fortunately, the NP236 Chevy transfer case interchange chart makes it easy to find a new transfer case for your vehicle.

#NP236 is chain driven

The NP236 Chevy transfer case is a chain driven, automatic transmission with an electronic shift. It was used in late 90s Chevrolet and GMC SUVs.

This model is chain driven with a 2.72 to 1 gear ratio and can be either manual or automatic. Some NP236 transmissions experience premature chain failure. This is not a good choice for vehicles with loose surfaces and will need to be replaced before it breaks completely.

This transfer case is commonly found on GM pickup trucks and Suburbans. Its heavy aluminum construction is designed to eliminate many inherent problems in OEM transfer cases.

It has a built-in pump that helps to lubricate the internal components. The magnesium material is softer than aluminum, which can cause problems with the pump’s movement. The pump wears a hole in the rear case half.

The NP231 chevy transfer case is also chain driven. This unit is very similar to the NP231 but is made from aluminum.

It is similar to the NP236 but has an oil pump that can wear through the rear half of the case. The chain is about 1.5 inches wide and is driven by a lubricating oil pump. Nevertheless, this design has some drawbacks and isn’t recommended for vehicles with heavy duty loads.

The Chevy Transfer Case Interchange Chart

#NP236 is an electric shift

The NP236 is a solid transfer case that replaced the NP203. It is made of aluminum and is operated by a chain. As these vehicles age, the drive chain tends to stretch.

As a result, the shifting forks often fail to stay in the correct position. The input spline count of these units is typically between 23 and 32. These units were designed for both mechanical and electronic vehicle speed sensors.

The NP236 transfer case is similar to the NP203 and NP205 cases. This unit is electric-shift and has a gear ratio of 2.72 to 1. Despite its low gear ratio, the NP236 has several problems associated with it.

The most common issues include premature chain failure, oil pump housing, and a wobbly input/output bearing. Although the NP236 transfer case is more reliable than its predecessors, it is still vulnerable to premature chain failure and should be replaced as soon as possible.

The NP236 transfer case is not as reliable as the NP136. It may experience wobbling on its input and output bearings.

A magnesium case is also susceptible to heat, which can result in premature failure of the range fork and hub. This model is also problematic on hard surfaces.

When using it, make sure to use it on soft and loose surfaces. It is important to remember that different wheel speeds can place excessive torque loads on the clutch and chain.

#NP236 is a 2HI

If you are looking to replace your transmission, you need to have a good understanding of your vehicle’s NP236 transfer case. The two cases are similar, though they have slight differences.

The Chevy NP236 is a 6×6 Tcase, while the Ford NP236 has a 5×6 Tcase. The two also have different input spline configurations.

This transfer case is found in many late 90s Chevrolet and GMC SUVs. It has a low gear ratio of 2.72:1. It is also susceptible to case failure, oil pump housing failure, and input and output bearing wobble.

Regardless of model, it’s recommended not to drive the vehicle over loose surfaces. The Chevy NP236 interchange chart will allow you to select the correct part.

NP231 is the “Command Trac” transfer case. It is used in the XJ Cherokee, MJ Comanche, YJ Wrangler, and ZJ Grand Cherokee.

Some models are even equipped with the NP231 HD, which is the same model as the NP231 but features a tail housing that allows the drive shaft to be removed without losing fluid.

The NP205 is known as the “king of bulletproof” and was supplied in many full-size pickups. Its input yoke is on the passenger side. Early units have an 8-bolt racetrack pattern, while late units have a six-bolt circular pattern.

GM used four different input shaft configurations with this transfer case. In addition to the NP205 and NP235, the NP236 was the most commonly used transfer case.

The Chevy Transfer Case Interchange Chart

#NP236 is a 4LOW

If you’re looking for a 4LOW chevy transfer case, you’ve come to the right place. The NP236 is a solid transfer case that replaced the NP203.

However, this transfer case is prone to problems with age, like the drive chain stretching or shifting forks not staying in position.

This model also features 23 to 32 spline counts, which means it’s more beefy than the NP203. This type of transfer case was designed for trucks with mechanical speedometer cables, rather than the electronic sensors used in modern cars.

The NP231 transfer case is a New Venture Gear design with a left-side drop output. This transfer case is a low gear ratio of 2.72:1. It also has a rear slip yoke and is a 4LOW chevy transfer case.

NP231 transfer cases are available in two and four-wheel drive configurations, and are used in a wide range of domestic cars, except Fords.

The NP236 transfer case is also known to have wobble in its input and output bearings. The case itself is made of magnesium, which is susceptible to heat and wear.

In addition, the transfer case can develop wobble problems when driving on a hard surface. If you’re driving on a loose surface, you should use it with a softer clutch.

It’s important not to shift to different speeds when driving, because this could cause excessive torque loads on the clutch and the chain.

#NP261 transfer case

Many Chevy owners wonder how to use the NP261 Chevrolet transfer case interchange chart. By comparing the production model and transfer case of your car to the chart, you can choose the most compatible part.

By following the chart, rebuilding your transfer case will be easier and less expensive. Your transfer case is a crucial component of a smooth ride and it can become worn and deteriorated after years of heavy use.

The NP261 is a part-time, chain-driven transfer case that has an output on the driver-side. There are three types: the standard NP261 and the heavy-duty NP263XHD.

Most diesel versions of the truck come with the NP263XHD version. The HD model uses a 1.5-inch wide chain and 6 pinion planet. The NP261 has a few design shortcomings. A poorly-designed oil pump can wear through the rear-case half.

The NP261 transfer case is very similar to the NP203 and NP205 models. It is made of aluminum and is used on GMC Jimmys, Chevy Blazers, and pickups from the late eighties to the early 1990s.

A Chevy NP261 transfer case may fit a Chevy with a 4L60e transmission. To ensure the proper compatibility, you can visit the official website.

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