Dongfeng Dump Truck

Dongfeng Dump Truck Are Among the Best in the World

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Dongfeng Dump Truck Are Among the Best in the World | Dongfeng dump trucks are among the best in the world. Their exports increased by 275% from last year. The company is known to produce the K23W 10-wheeler dump truck.

Dongfeng Dump Truck

Standard dump trucks have a chassis and base frame with a mounted bed

Dongfeng Dump Truck

Standard dump trucks are used for hauling materials, and the most common ones are two wheeled, usually with one front steering axle and one rear powered or unpowered. These trucks are usually paired with a trailer that contains the load and an air brake system for braking.

Aside from the obvious, which is probably a single wheeled trailer, there are many other options to consider when looking to buy a dump truck.

Some companies, such as Freightliner, have designed their vehicles to help increase productivity and reduce cost. Others, such as Kenworth, make models of various sizes that are designed to work in a variety of industries.

When it comes to the standard, most models feature a chassis and base frame with a mounted bed. These vehicles feature a number of advantages, including low weight and reduced maintenance costs. They are also available in a variety of lengths, and can be equipped with a number of options to make them even more productive.

The best part is that they are easy to maneuver. They have excellent visibility, and are perfect for laying down materials or reclaiming the tailgate of a parked trailer. In addition to this, they offer a unique and innovative design, and are suitable for all sorts of uses.

One of the most common types of dump trucks are the end dump truck. It has a tandem trailer paired with a tractor. This type of vehicle is often used for heavy dirt jobs and for mining. Another type of dump truck is the bottom dump truck. With a trailer paired with a 3-axle tractor, it has a great deal of maneuverability.

Another popular type of dump truck is the super dump. This model has a load bearing axle and is able to pull up to 80,000 pounds.

Dongfeng dump truck exports increased by 275% year-on-year

Dongfeng Dump Truck

Dongfeng dump truck exports increased by 275% year on year, with more than 10 thousand units exported in the first nine months. This is a result of the steady growth and the increasing demand for construction activities.

Dongfeng is one of the largest manufacturers of heavy duty trucks in China. It sells over 90 thousand trucks each year. In addition to the heavy duty trucks, Dongfeng has produced various other types of vehicles.

Among the products sold by Dongfeng are commercial vehicles, mini-trucks, and special vehicles. The company also produces a variety of vehicle parts and a cement mixer.

For over half a century, Dongfeng has been manufacturing machinery for the Chinese market. As a result, the company has a rich technological and cultural heritage.

Dongfeng has a large network of smaller factories for manufacturing parts and assembly. In addition, the company has established joint ventures with several automakers. These include Nissan, Kia Motors, and Renault.

The company also owns two passenger car brands. The PUV 2 and the PUV 3 are both modern versions of the PUV 1. Both brands offer a wide range of vehicles for the commercial and private sectors.

In addition, the company has a strong presence in Africa. Over 110,000 Dongfeng vehicles have been exported to Africa. Since the launch of the Belt Road Initiative five years ago, the company has enhanced its marketing efforts in the region.

The Chinese manufacturer is known for its quality and has a reputation that is backed by the central government. Moreover, the company adheres to strict standards for buyers.

With the recent development, the company will expand its influence in the global machinery industry. In addition, the firm has rolled out customized truck products for African customers.

Dongfeng K23W 10-Wheeler Dump Truck

Dongfeng Dump Truck

Dongfeng K23W 10-Wheeler Dump Truck is a heavy-duty truck backed with a one year warranty. Its Euro 5-compliant 11-liter six-cylinder diesel engine produces 385 hp. The truck can generate a torque of 1,800 Nm at 1,000 to 1,500 rpm.

This vehicle is ideal for construction applications. With a dump configuration, the KC K23W can carry a maximum load of 22 cubic meters.

Featuring a dual-circuit full air brake system, the truck is complemented with parabolic leaf springs, a two-spring balance beam bogie, and semi-elliptic multi-rubber mounted springs.

This vehicle also comes with a 5-speed manual gearbox. Its weight is 5880 kg. The Dongfeng K23W has a 22-cubic-meters dump box, which is the largest in its class.

Dongfeng has been a leader in the commercial vehicles industry for over 50 years. The company’s aim is to build a global reputation as an automotive manufacturer. They offer a wide variety of vehicles ranging from light to heavy duty.

The company is planning to double its overseas sales in the coming year. As part of their expansion, they have set up a mini truck plant in Indonesia.

In addition, they are planning to enter the Philippine market through Pilipinas Autogroup, Inc., which has an established 12-dealership network nationwide.

The Dongfeng K23W 10-Wheeler is a good choice for construction and mining sites. Its three-ton bodyweight is suitable for heavy-duty work. Meanwhile, its 12-speed direct drive transmission is perfect for the rigors of the job site.

One Myrna Construction in Tacloban, Leyte, recently acquired four Dongfeng K23W 10-Wheeler dump trucks. JELM Construction in Davao, Philippines, has purchased another Dongfeng dump truck.

Aside from its dump truck line, Dongfeng Motor also offers a wide variety of other commercial vehicles. Their fleet includes trucks, buses, and tractors.

Dongfeng DFSK (Sokon)

Dongfeng DFSK (Sokon) dump truck is one of the best selling products of Dongfeng. It is a Chinese vehicle that is designed for low cost, family use.

Dongfeng DFSK (Sokon) is a Sino-Sino joint venture. The Chinese automaker was established in 1969. In addition to commercial vehicles, Dongfeng also manufactures cars.

Dongfeng Motor Corporation is a state-owned automobile company. It produces passenger and commercial vehicles, auto parts and special equipment. This company is one of the top four automakers in China.

To compete in the market, Dongfeng has formed various joint ventures with different automakers. They have more joint ventures with foreign automakers than any other Chinese manufacturer.

For example, Dongfeng has a joint venture with Nissan. Other companies that have joint ventures with Dongfeng include Mazda, Honda, Mitsubishi, Kia and Renault.

Several products of Dongfeng are branded with the UD brand. These include the passenger vans and Foton View CS2 and C2.

While the Dongfeng Fengguang 580 is a five-seater SUV, it was originally designed as a seven-seater mid-size vehicle. Currently, Dongfeng is also a partner of Taiwanese automaker Yulon. Both brands manufacture vehicles in China.

Dongfeng DFSK also has its own electric startup brand in North America. They have released a version of the Mitsubishi Space Gear minivan that has 80-120 horsepower engines.

In the past, Dongfeng has been involved in numerous joint ventures, and they are currently engaged in more than ten. Their vehicles are sold in 92 countries worldwide.

Traditionally, they produce commercial vehicles. However, in the last few years, they have also entered the passenger car market.

Aside from cars, Dongfeng also produces trucks. These trucks range from 500 kilograms to 220 tons. The company has an established production network of plants throughout the country.


PilipinasAuto has just rolled out its new line of commercial vehicles, starting with the Dongfeng K23W 10 wheeler. This machine oohs and ahhs with a dual axle and a whopping 22 cubic meter cargo capacity.

It is powered by a mighty Euro 5-compliant 11-liter six-cylinder diesel engine. The truck is paired with a 12-speed direct drive transmission and a thumping 385 horsepower.

PilipinasAuto also offers a line of modern PUV 1’s under its Tata brand. With the Dongfeng K23W 10 Wheeler, PilipinasAuto adds yet another reputable brand to its impressive stable.

Despite the fact that it is a Chinese made product, PilipinasAuto has not skimped on quality. The vehicle is also equipped with features like an air conditioning system, power steering, and an electronic dashboard that is easy on the eyes. And of course, there is always the safety factor to consider.

Besides, PilipinasAuto has an expansive network of 12 dealers across the country. So, no matter where in the country you are, it will be easy to access the latest Dongfeng vehicles.

Aside from the Dongfeng K23W 10Wheeler, PilipinasAuto also has an extensive line of other commercial vehicles. You can get a PUV 2, a PUV 3 or a mini bus from PilipinasAuto.

Also, the company boasts of an array of services. From financing and insurance to maintenance and repair, PilipinasAuto is sure to meet all of your vehicular needs.

If you are looking for a new truck, contact PilipinasAuto now. Or, if you have an existing commercial vehicle, inquire about our services.

Alternatively, you may call PilipinasAuto at (02) 686-6868. We look forward to a fruitful partnership with you. So, let us see which of our vehicles is best for you!

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