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Dually Ford Ranger catdumptruck.com | The first dually-equipped truck was the Ford Ranger, which was introduced in 1968.

Centurion, a company that produced Ford trucks, built this truck for the government. It had unique wheel setup and Brass knuckles.

However, not all Rangers are dually-equipped. Some were built with a spacer in front, making them duallies in appearance. However, this model was not offered in the United States.

Dually Ford Ranger

#RICKA Conversion Kits

RICKA conversion kits for the dually Ford Ranger were sold by JC Whitney but are no longer available. These kits allowed owners to bolt on a second wheel to the rear axle while retaining the stock front wheel.

RICKA conversion kits did not use fender flares, as traditional duallies did. Instead, the kit used the standard 5-lug wheel on the rear axle. This setup allows the driver to drive the truck in a dually configuration while retaining the stock front wheel.

The red dually fender does not follow the body line on the bed side like it does on the other trucks. It could have been designed for a different truck.

The Ranger below has different fenders, but the same shape. The fender does not extend up to the body line, which means it may have been for a different truck. This is a typical case of a modified truck.

#Centurion Offered a Dually Ford Ranger

Until 1999, the Ford Ranger was not available with a dually setup. Centurion produced dually F-350s with front wheel spacers and rear dually wheels mounted on the front to avoid rubbing brakes and springs.

They later offered this conversion as a full-size Econoline van and may have briefly offered a dually Ranger. These dually Ford Rangers would have had the traditional dually wheel and fender flares.

The interior of the truck was customized with a custom overhead console and walnut trim, a fold-down center console with cup holders, and power windows and locks.

The truck was also fitted with a five-digit odometer, a Cobra CB radio, and a JVC CD stereo. The exterior of the truck is remarkably clean, with little rust or corrosion.

Inside, the tan leather seats were also nicely trimmed. The wood paneling was Centurion-stamped and looks very nice. The seller also installed a VCR and a CB radio.

After the success of the Ford Ranger, Centurion realised that there was a market for a larger truck. Ford wasn’t interested in competing with the Chevy Suburban, so the company made changes to the Centurion Classic that would make it more than just a Ford.

The company also replaced some of the fiberglass components with steel for increased strength and durability. It’s not surprising that the Centurion Classic has long been remembered as an icon of American truck design.

Dually Ford Ranger

#Unique Wheel Setup

One unique wheel setup for the Ford Ranger is a black set with directional spokes. This setup provides a more aggressive look than the stock wheel setup. It also allows for wider tyres.

This setup can be combined with coloured flares for even more customization. A custom Ford Ranger can be bought from a custom modification company or you can build one yourself. Here are some tips and ideas to make your Ford Ranger stand out.

If you want to increase the off-road performance of your Ford Ranger, you can consider purchasing custom wheels. If you want to give it a rugged look, choose custom wheels with larger diameters.

If you don’t want to spend money on custom wheels, you can go for a set with 33” tires. These rims can be bought from a local wheel and tire shop. However, if you want to upgrade the wheel size, you will have to spend more.

The front wheels of a 1998+ Ford Ranger will not fit the front wheels of an earlier model. This is because the center hole is too small to pass the locking hub.

In that case, you can hire a machine shop to make a hole bigger to accommodate the wheel. In addition to buying new wheels, you can also replace your old tyres with bigger ones. There are many affordable tyre and wheel packages available from companies such as Ozzy Tyres.

#Brass Knuckles

The quiet redneck lives between two houses and works at Full Throttle Repair. He takes pride in his dually diesel pickup, which he has modified to his own specifications.

He wears old, soiled clothes, wears stud earrings, and sports a tattoo on his left sleeve. And to top it off, he also has brass knuckles on his left hand.

While many Rangers were sold with a traditional dually setup, there are some Rangers that have an unusual wheel setup. This setup requires a spacer in the front to mount a rear wheel.

Some of these duallies might have been sold as duallies, but Centurion also produced the full-sized For Bronco and Econoline Cruiser. But, the unique wheel setup is not common.

Dually Ford Ranger

#Septum Ring

The dually Ford Ranger is one of the most popular vehicles on the market, and this truck is no exception. It has been modified to become a dually diesel pickup, with a Septum ring to indicate its ownership.

The truck’s dual tires carry more weight than single tires, and have higher weight ratings. The weight ratings on the tires are determined by their design and size. The dual tires are a better choice when hauling heavy objects.
Full sleeve tattoo

A full sleeve tattoo on a Dually Ford Ranger might be the perfect choice for a pickup truck. After all, it will surely catch the attention of fellow motorists.

However, before you go out and get one for yourself, read on to learn about the history of this custom truck. The quiet redneck lives between two houses and works at Full Throttle Repair.

He also owns a dually diesel pickup truck that has been adapted to a truck-like appearance. Despite this, he isn’t exactly a rock star.

Rather, he’s a quiet redneck, wearing stud earrings, brass knuckles on his left hand, and older stained clothes. Of course, there’s the full sleeve tattoo, but who’s he?

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