Dump Truck Hydraulic Control Valve

Dump Truck Hydraulic Control Valve

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Modified Dump Truck Hydraulic Control Valve, catdumptruck.com | A modified system for a dump truck hydraulic control valve is disclosed. Its various embodiments are described below.

In addition, this article discusses the operation of this valve and the locations of its valves in the system. Several advantages of this valve are discussed as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the invention, continue reading! There are many more advantages of this valve than you might expect! Read on! Here are some of them!

Modified System of Dump Truck Hydraulic Control Valve

Dump Truck Hydraulic Control Valve

The present invention relates to a system for regulating the flow of fluid within a dump truck. A modified system of dump truck hydraulic control valve is disclosed. The system includes a solenoid-actuated valve and a limit switch. The latter is positioned in the cab of the truck. The operator closes the switch 13 and the pilot line 15 in order to interrupt the pump output. The pump relief valve is then positioned in the high pressure mode. This high pressure causes the rod to extend and the dump body 1 to be raised. The operator activates switch 14 to reposition the directional control valve 11.

A first system relief valve pilots the pump’s unloading process. A second relief valve, a two-way solenoid-actuated valve, is located in the truck cab and is remotely controlled. It provides precise manual control of the speed at which the dump body descends by regulating the cylinder discharge. The operator also controls the operation of a manually adjustable relief valve 41. This valve protects the dump truck hydraulic system from excessive pressures.

If the body up lever has excessive play, the cable connection to the pump should be replaced. Make sure the hose is not stuck in the truck’s chassis. It is important to check the cylinder for excessive air. If the cylinder is leaking, replace it immediately. The repair process takes less than 10 minutes. A 9/16” wrench is required. The dog box cover must be removed in order to access the bleeder valve.

The hydraulic control valve must meet the minimum requirements of the local agency. It must be a load sensing valve and must have two o-ring ports. Porting for the hoist section is #16 inlet, 20 outlet, and #4 load sense port, while ports for the rest of the sections are #10 or #12 threaded. The collector manifold must be aluminum or gray anodized.

Various embodiments of the invention

Various embodiments of the invention include a variety of methods and materials used in the practice of the invention. While the specific embodiments are described below, it is important to note that the various embodiments are not intended to limit the scope of the invention. Rather, the embodiments described here are presented as illustrative examples that are designed to help the reader understand the concept of the invention. Various embodiments are intended to be used together, in different combinations, or individually.

Moreover, certain embodiments include certain features, either in combination or in sub-combinations. However, certain features of the invention are not essential to any embodiment. For example, certain features of the invention can be combined in a single embodiment or in sub-combinations. For these reasons, it is advantageous to consider all foreseeable embodiments when drafting the claims. Furthermore, embodiments are not limited to products; they may include other technical features as well.

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Dump Truck Hydraulic Control Valve


The operation of the dump truck hydraulic control valve is important in lowering and raising the dump body. The lowering movement is controlled by the operator by adjusting the flow control valve 22. The operator can also manually control the rate of the lowering action by moving the control lever to a neutral position. If an operator accidentally closes the valve, the dump body can suddenly tilt backward. For safety reasons, the operator must be in the vicinity of the truck during lowering or raising the body.

The directional control valve 11 controls the flow of the hydraulic fluid to the pump 6. The pump 6 is unloaded by the remote pilot relief valve 10. The switch 13 closes the pilot line 15 and repositions the directional control vale to the low pressure mode. The pump’s output is then routed via line 16 into the base end of the cylinder 5. The cylinder piston rod extends, resulting in an elevation of the dump body. The limit switch 14 closes the valve, stopping the lifting movement of the dump body.

The hydraulic circuits of a dump truck may be connected to different auxiliary units and operated differently. The hydraulic circuits can operate separately or in tandem, depending on the operating condition. However, in some applications, the first hydraulic circuit may be connected to an auxiliary unit while in the unloading mode. In this case, actuation of the dump body is secondary to the auxiliary unit. In other instances, the hydraulic circuit may be combined with the auxiliary hydraulic circuit to reduce the number of circuits.

The sleeve 42 is attached to a cable. It is connected to a spring 98, which allows the valve spool 42 to shift to the “lower” position. Hence, it is important to keep the cable in its neutral position. The cable also prevents accidental transmission of forces. In some instances, accidental pull or push may cause the dump body to lower. A dump truck hydraulic control valve is vital to safe work.

Location of the valves in the system

Dump Truck Hydraulic Control Valve

The hydraulic control system of a dump truck is composed of a series of valves that work together to lift and lower the dump body. The remote pilot relief valve 30 operates in conjunction with a directional control valve 11 to set the pump output to a low pressure. Then, the operator closes switch 13 and the pilot line 15 to block the pump output and reposition the directional control valve 11. Lastly, the variable flow control valve 11 closes at the high pressure mode, and the dump body lifts and lowers.

The dump truck hydraulic control system includes a set of valves that regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid to each cylinder. These valves are located in the dump truck’s cab. When the dump truck is in the raised position, the operator adjusts flow control valve 22 to regulate the rate of fluid exhaust. When the bin tip position reaches 50 percent, the regeneration flow kicks in, resulting in a 30% speed increase.

A solenoid-operated valve, or PICV, regulates the flow of hydraulic fluid to the lift cylinders for the dump body. The dump body’s limit switch activates the valve, which then interrupts the circuit between solenoid valves 47 and 100. Similarly, the directional flow control valves control the rate of the dump body’s descent. The PIVC’s are located in the cab, so that the operators can easily see the piping and control system.

A second type of valve controls the flow of hydraulic fluid. A remotely controlled two-position directional valve controls the flow of fluid to the pump. A manual valve is located in the truck cab, and is used to regulate the speed of the dump body’s lowering. If there is too much pressure in the pump, a manually adjustable relief valve protects the pump from excessive pressures. The manual valve is used in modified systems.

Dump Truck Hydraulic Control Valve

Cost of the valves

There are a variety of options for the hydraulic valve on a dump truck. This type of valve is used to regulate the flow of hydraulic fluid. There are many different options available, including pneumatically operated, air-shifted, 3-position, and manual shift options. They are easy to install, with one-inch NPT inlet work ports and 1-1/4 inch NPT return to tank ports. The valves are also rated for 2000 PSI and come with a built-in relief valve.

A typical hydraulic valve for a dump truck is the solenoid-operated regenerative valve, which operates when the force needed to raise a dump truck’s bin exceeds a predetermined value. The solenoid-operated valve connects the head and rod ends of cylinders, receiving hydraulic oil from a low-pressure hydraulic pressure source. The valve then controls the dump truck’s lowering motion.

There are two types of directional control valves: single and double-acting. Two-way valves control flow in one direction, while four-way valves control the flow in both directions. These valves can also start or stop liquid flow. The number of working ports and spool positions indicated on a directional valve are classified by a standard number system. Double-action and single-action valves both have two working ports and spool positions, and a valve with three working ports has four working ports.

The hydraulic pressures in the dump truck lift the truck. These pressures cause the main control valve 35 to return to its normal position. The hydraulic pressures then return the valve to its correct position, where it can perform the LOWER operation without interruption. These hydraulic valves are a vital component for a dump truck, and can make the difference between a successful operation or a disastrous one. So, consider these options before replacing your hydraulic valves on your truck.

Dump Truck Hauling Services

Dump Truck Hauling Services


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