Powered Drives for Dump Truck Tailgate

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Powered Drives for Dump Truck Tailgate catdumptruck.com | A dump truck is often equipped with a tailgate that allows the load to be tipped over without lifting the truck’s sides.

The tailgate can also be used to maintain a 50/50 weight distribution. This feature makes dump trucks ideal for transporting a wide variety of materials.

Listed below are some of the most important characteristics of dump trucks. Regardless of the size of your operation, a dump truck tailgate is an essential part of your equipment.

Powered Drives for Dump Truck Tailgate

#Powered Mechanisms

A powered mechanism on a tailgate helps to lift or lower the tailgate. The mechanism has a lever or lift bar on the top that is connected to a lever or clevis on the sidewall of the tailgate.

The lever is moved to the position shown in FIG. 2 and is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder. A cable attached to the lever enables it to swing and close the tailgate.

The tailgate of a dump truck is attached to the body through two vertical members that are connected by a stop. The vertical member 67 is attached to the end of the lift bar.

The inner plate 66 rests against the terminal support 37. The lift bar extends above the stop, and the tailgate swings open. To open the tailgate, the body of the dump is elevated. This mechanism has a stop.

A powered mechanism on a dump truck tailgate has many advantages. One of the principal objects of the invention is to develop an operating mechanism that will operate reliably and smoothly.

The mechanism utilizes the movement of the truck bed to automatically latch and unlatch the tailgate when it is lowered.

This feature allows for quicker turn-around times to a job site. This mechanism is also highly versatile. The operator can be in the cab while controlling the operation of the tailgate.

#Powered Drive

A Powered drive for tailgate is a unique type of device that allows the dump truck operator to remotely unlatch and position the tailgate. It also provides the capability to pivot the tailgate about a vertical axis.

An operator can remain seated in the truck cab while operating the tailgate. The tailgate may also rotate about a horizontal axis. The Powered drive for tailgate can be an ideal solution for a wide variety of applications.

Powered drive for tailgate uses an air motor that rotates a shaft connected to a gearbox. The gearbox 64 is mounted on the right sidewall rail 56 of the dump truck 10.

Its sprocket matches a tapered sprocket in the tailgate drive. The shaft 50 is powered by a reversible air motor 62 that preferably is between 1/2 to one horsepower.

A Powered drive for dump truck tailgate is a popular way to move sand and salt from a tailgate. This type of dump truck tailgate spreader is available in a variety of sizes, including the largest 96 in. dump bodies.

Its self-contained auger provides adequate ground clearance to the spinner mechanism. It can be added to any dump truck and is perfect for parking lots.

The Powered drive for dump truck tailgate is designed to help employees load more material onto the truck. By loading more material in a shorter period of time, it will reduce trips and save energy.

Moreover, it will improve employee productivity, because the driver will be less distracted by operating the tailgate. This will allow the driver to spend more time on other tasks, such as repairing the tailgate. If a dump truck tailgate is not functional, it could be inconvenient or dangerous.

Powered Drives for Dump Truck Tailgate

#Positioning of Movable Gates

A position for a movable gate on a dump truck tailgate is important to the function of the vehicle. When the tailgate is lowered, it fits into the dump body several feet inboard of the extreme end.

This is advantageous because it increases the overall capacity of the vehicle by maintaining its weight distribution among its axles. Positioning of movable gates on a dump truck tailgate is described in the following sections.

A dump truck tailgate is openable selectively. The dump trailer tailgate may open on the left or right. It may also swing up and down.

The up/down opening is enabled by a latch, which operates as a hinge when closed. Moreover, the movable gate assembly can be opened in either direction if the hinge pins are properly located and positioned. Several advantages can be achieved by designing a dump truck tailgate to accommodate a wide variety of cargo.

Another advantageous feature of the invention is a latch-operating mechanism for the tail gate latch. This mechanism is actuated by compressed air or other fluid pressure.

It comprises a valve that is manually operated and another one that automatically operates when the tail gate is closed.

In this manner, the tail gate latch can be closed and opened with ease. This invention may also be applied to other vehicles, including semi-dump trailers.

The operating mechanism is a flexible design that can be installed on different dump truck beds. It can be installed at different positions on the dump truck bed without requiring modifications to the basic design or construction of the vehicle.

Moreover, it can be operated automatically when the bed is being operated or manually when the bed is in rest. It is essential to carefully inspect and maintain the condition of this part of a dump truck before operating it.

#Weight Capacity

When you are considering the purchase of a dump truck, one of the important things to consider is the weight capacity of the tailgate.

This will help you make the most efficient use of the body of the truck while hauling your load. Besides being useful for storing materials, a tailgate will also protect the road from spills and damage to rubber tires. Moreover, it will help you maximize your productivity by preventing spills.

A tailgate also helps with the overall weight distribution of the dump truck. A dump truck with a tailgate can distribute weight evenly throughout all four tires.

A dump truck without a tailgate would only use 75 percent of the available space, causing uneven dispersion of materials that can affect the operation of the hoist system.

A dump truck with a tailgate can reduce tire costs by 40 percent. Tailgates are also designed to be durable, requiring minimum maintenance.

Ideally, dump trucks should be designed with a certain distribution of weight between the front and back axles. However, dump trucks with a tailgate will change the distribution of weight horizontally, which will affect the overall weight distribution.

To avoid this issue, be sure to check the weight capacity of a dump truck’s tailgate before you buy one. This way, you can determine how much weight you can safely dump with a particular tailgate.

While the weight capacity of a dump truck tailgate varies, the typical load capacity is eleven tons. Other proportions can also benefit from the invention.

As long as the weight distribution is maintained on the same vertical center line, it will increase the durability of the dump truck.

Further, it will reduce the frequency of grading and tire damage. This article will discuss the various factors to consider when choosing a dump truck.

Powered Drives for Dump Truck Tailgate


Using a tailgate on a dump truck is a great way to increase the efficiency and safety of your off-highway delivery fleet. Not only does a tailgate provide a convenient way to unload and load bulk materials, but it is also a great way to protect your truck’s tires and suspension system from damage. Tire costs have increased 250% since 2009, so adding a tailgate to your truck could boost your profitability.

The cost of a dump truck tailgate can range from $300 to more than a thousand dollars. The cost depends on the size and weight of your dump truck, as well as any installation kits that may be necessary.

The tailgate is also important because it improves overall weight distribution. Without a tailgate, uneven dispersion of material on the tires causes them to be more prone to damage and reduces the hoist system pressure by fifteen to twenty percent. In addition to increasing overall truck productivity, tailgates also help to reduce tire costs by up to forty percent.

Another great feature of tailgate customization is its ability to tie into truck fleet methodologies. For example, a tailgate may be built to the same height as the sideboards, creating a uniform height around the bed.

Some trucks even feature cushion pads to lessen the blow of the tailgate in rough conditions. These cushion pads will protect the components inside of the tailgate and extend their life.

And, if you’re looking for an easy way to make your dump truck tailgate work better for you, look no further than Trailer Parts Superstore.

A dump truck’s tailgate weighs between fifty and 150 pounds, depending on the type of truck you have. The Chevrolet Colorado’s tailgate, for instance, weighs fifty-four pounds.

The GMC Canyon’s EZ-Lift & Lower tailgate, weighs sixty pounds. Other popular tailgates include the locking tailgate and the Nissan Frontier. The tailgate weight is also a big factor.

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