Flatbed Tow Truck For Sale Craigslist

Flatbed Tow Truck For Sale Craigslist $9,500 – $90,000

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Flatbed Tow Truck For Sale on Craigslist, catdumptruck.com | If you are in the market for a flatbed tow truck, you are in luck. There are many for sale on Craigslist. These are referred to as slide trucks or rollback trucks and are equipped with an extendable boom and twin winch lines.

Flatbed Tow Truck For Sale Craigslist

Listed at $18,500, this truck is a full-featured tow truck. This particular model has only had two owners and is in Urbana, Ohio.

A flatbed tow truck is the most common type of tow truck, but you can find different types as well. There are integrated tow trucks, which have a boom that lifts the vehicle’s wheels.

They also have wheel lift systems. They are controlled by the tow truck driver from the driver’s seat. Some people are apprehensive about getting hit by a flatbed tow. However, they need not worry. The cars are locked safely and securely.

Flatbed Tow Truck For Sale Craigslist by Owner

Flatbed Tow Truck For Sale Craigslist

  • Tow truck flat bed trailer – $10,000 (Staten Island)
  • 2019 flatbed tow truck – $90,000
  • 1999 Chevrolet 6500 Rollback Tow Truck – $11,500 (Monsey)
  • Chevy Rollback Flatbed Tow Truck – Excellent Cond, Low Miles – $85,900 (Marlboro)
  • 2007 International 4300 Flat Bed Tow truck – $16,500 (Farmingdale)
  • 2002 Ford 450 superduty xl diesel snow/tow truck – $9,500 (Long Island)


Another popular type is the rollback tow truck. These are very popular and are used for many different situations.

They are designed to haul a variety of different types of vehicles, including motorcycles, cars, and even airplanes.

These trucks are equipped with heavy duty mechanical apparatus and can handle difficult tows. To learn more about tow trucks, check out the craigslist app.

2018 Ram 5500 Rollback Tow truck

The most common types of tow trucks are boom trucks, wheel-lift trucks, and lift flatbeds. They have many different uses and can handle all kinds of tows.

The best models can accommodate a wide range of needs and are highly versatile. You can find a flatbed tow truck on Craigslist for a reasonable price. If you are looking for a flatbed tow truck, it’s likely to be available on the Internet.

A flatbed tow truck for sale on craigslist can be a great option for your fleet. The rollback tow truck will provide you with the extra support you need and it will also make your life easier.

Flatbed Tow Truck For Sale Craigslist

You can even save money by using a craigslist app. Then you can save time and money on gas and repairs. You can choose from a wide range of models on Craigslist, including a rollback tow truck.

In the same way, a flatbed tow truck for sale on craigslist can help you towing a car. It can be used in a wide range of ways, including towing.

Its versatility is an important asset for any company and a flatbed is the perfect choice for the majority of people. It is ideal for any type of towing.

Flatbed Tow Truck For Sale Craigslist by Dealer

  • 2017 Hino 740 ROLL BACK ** TOW TRUCK ** WHEEL LIFT ** 85K MILES – $64,990 (South Amboy, NJ)
  • 2017 FORD F550 Superduty 4×4 Diesel Rollback Wrecker/Tow Truck – $84,995 (Richmond)


There are many types of flatbed tow trucks available on craigslist. These tow trucks are equipped with heavy-duty mechanical apparatus that is necessary for towing heavy vehicles.

You can choose from boom tow trucks, wheel lift tow trucks, and rollback tow trucks. Some of these tow trucks combine the features of several different types. These can be used to tow vehicles with a flatbed, while others are used to transport large objects.

In addition to flatbed tow trucks, rollback tow trucks are also available. Some rollback tow trucks are equipped with manual transmissions.

Tow Truck For Sale Craigslist California

These are usually equipped with a 7.3-liter diesel engine and a six-inch tip. The seller has listed the truck in Frankfort, Indiana, and includes photos and a full-time owner’s manual. The rollback tow truck is similar to a conventional tow truck.

Unlike the rollback tow truck for sale craigclist, these ads are less detailed. For instance, a rollback tow truck for sale ad will mention the vehicle’s make, model, and condition.

If a car is listed for sale on Craigslist, the owner can include the price and the location of the flatbed tow truck.

In addition to flatbed tow truck for sale craigalist, there are other types of flatbed tow trucks for sale on craigslist.

For example, a new york “Wrecker” on craigslist can be purchased for just $345. If you’re in Louisville, you can buy a five-wheel trailer for around the same price.

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