Ford Expedition Lifted

Ford Expedition Lifted – Part 2

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Ford Expedition Lifted – Part 2, | In this article, we’ll review the Rough Country 2-inch strut kit and the ReadyLIFT 69-2831 SST lift kit.

Read on for a comprehensive review of each. You’ll also learn about the benefits of each type of lift. This article is part one of a series examining the options available for raising your Ford Expedition. This article will help you decide which option is best for your Expedition.

Ford Expedition Lifted

ReadyLIFT 69-2831 SST lift kit

Ford Expedition Lifted

The ReadyLIFT 69-2831 SSS Ford Expedition lift kit provides a mild 3″ lift and is designed to work with your vehicle’s standard shocks and CCD dampers.

It features CNC-machined billet aluminum front strut extensions, heavy-duty fabricated steel rear coil spring spacers, and front CCD wiring harness brackets.

ReadyLIFT’s SST lift kits offer no permanent modifications, and come with all hardware and installation instructions. This lift kit also includes a limited lifetime warranty to ensure that your vehicle will work as designed.

You must have a valid license to install a Lift Kit. Before you install your Lift Kit, check to see if the vehicle’s specifications allow for it. In some states, certain modifications are illegal and require a permit.

If you’re unsure of your vehicle’s specifications, contact your local government and ask for guidance. ReadyLIFT recommends using Nitto tires and Wheel Pros wheels, but please note that there are no guarantees. Make sure you get the right fit by testing your vehicle and wheels before you install your Lift Kit.

Rough Country’s 3-inch strut kit

Ford Expedition Lifted

For a bolt-on suspension lift for your Ford Expedition, try Rough Country’s 3-inch struth kit. It features forged aluminum front upper control arms and a corrected ball joint angle.

Installation is quick and easy, and the kit is backed by a limited lifetime replacement warranty. The 3-inch lift kit will not impact the factory ride quality, and you can expect a smooth, level ride.

The Rough Country 3-inch strut kit will give your Expedition more ground clearance and remove the nose-down look from the factory.

You can also make sure that the rear wheels will be centered inside the wheel well after installing this kit. This suspension lift kit is durable and innovative, and will make your Expedition stand proudly above the rest of the competition.

The kit includes the parts needed to install the struts and upper and lower control arms, and it can be installed quickly and easily.

The 69-2831 SST lift kit leverages the parts from the original 69-2830 3″ SST lift kit, while adding new steel brackets and hardware. This lift kit provides a mild lifted stance, and you can install 35-inch tires with no problems.

Note that this lift kit is not compatible with Timberline edition models, and you must have factory-installed electronic CCD shocks.

Ford Expedition Lifted

Rough Country’s 2-inch strut kit

Ford Expedition Lifted

The Rough Country Expedition lift kit offers a great deal of versatility and style. Its innovative design allows for easy installation without modifying the vehicle’s factory suspension.

The kit features forged aluminum upper control arms with a corrected ball joint angle, preserving factory-like suspension geometry. And since the lift kit is easy to install, even a novice should be able to complete it in a day or two.

Another kit, the 69-2831 SST Lift Kit, adds mild lift with no compromise to safety. It leverages components from the original three-inch SST lift kit, while adding new steel brackets and hardware.

The kit requires factory-optioned electronic CCD shocks. It may not be suited for all-terrain vehicles. However, it works for most vehicles.

ReadyLift’s 3-inch strut kit

If you’re in the market for an aftermarket suspension lift kit for your Ford Expedition, the ReadyLift 69-2831 3-inch strut kit is the perfect choice.

Its components include CNC-machined billet aluminum front strut extensions and heavy-duty fabricated steel rear shock tower spacers. In addition, the 3-inch lift kit comes with the appropriate wheel offsets and rear-spacing brackets.

The ReadyLift Expedition lift kit is designed to fit 2003-2017 Ford Expeditions without rear air suspension. It has not been tested on vehicles with the optional mechanical load-leveling system.

Due to this, ReadyLift cannot guarantee proper fitment or operation of the Load-Leveling system after installation. The company also backs its products with a ReadyGuard 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

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