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Ford Ranger Bed Size in 2021 | The Ford Ranger has three different bed sizes. The SuperCab (r) version is shorter, with a bed that’s only five feet long.

The 5-foot bed is attached to the SuperCrew cabin, which seats five passengers. The 5-foot bed has a volume of 43.3 cubic feet, and is capable of carrying up to 1,770 pounds. It’s a great choice for hauling large objects, like boats, and allowing you to carry multiple people.

Ford Ranger Bed Size

SuperCab Bed Length

Whether you need a large bed for hauling larger items or a smaller one for carrying smaller things, you can find the perfect size for your needs in a Ford Ranger.

The bed length of a Ford Ranger varies according to the model you choose, but the SuperCab offers an extra foot of bed space.

In addition, you can customize the bed size with genuine Ford accessories, such as a bed liner, Tonneau cover, storage box, and more. Listed below are the dimensions of the Ford Ranger bed in 2021.

The bed length on a Ford Ranger is available in a five-foot bed and a six-foot bed. Both of these bed lengths attach to the SuperCab cabin, which seats five people.

Combined, they have a maximum payload capacity of 1,860 pounds. If you’re hauling a heavy load, a six-foot bed is the best option, and a five-foot bed will accommodate larger cargo items without feeling cramped.

The Ford Ranger SuperCab bed length is a crucial feature to consider when deciding on the right truck for your needs.

The Ford SuperCab has the most cargo space among midsize pickup trucks, while the SuperCab offers a bed that’s nearly six feet long.

A 6-foot SuperCab bed length will make hauling equipment much easier. It’s also a great option for hauling large items when traveling in Anoka.

Aside from the SuperCab bed length, the Ford Ranger is available in two cab styles, the RegularCab and the SuperCrew.

The regular cab has a six-foot bed, while the SuperCab features two full front doors and two rear half doors. However, the SuperCab has a six-foot bed. With these two options, the truck can haul a lot of cargo.

Ford Ranger SuperCab bed length

You might be wondering how long the Ford Ranger bed is. If you are planning on hauling a small payload occasionally, a supercab would be the way to go.

The truck’s bed measures 72.8 inches long by 44.8 inches wide by 20.8 inches high. A SuperCab can accommodate up to five passengers. Its bed size also differs from base model, but whichever one you choose, the SuperCab bed is the most spacious.

The Ford Ranger comes in four-seat and five-seat body styles. The four-seat SuperCab offers more rear legroom and a full-sized rear door. Its 5-foot bed is also shorter, but it is also paired with a roomier rear seat.

Nonetheless, you will give up cargo room if you go for a superCrew. The cab’s overall length is similar to that of a crew-cab model.

The bed length will determine the interior space of the Ford Ranger. The 2022 model will come with either a five or six-foot bed. A bigger bed size will require a larger SuperCab or a smaller four-seat SuperCab.

A five-foot bed will allow you to have a more spacious interior with a SuperCrew cab. The SuperCab model will be available in 2023 and will be the off-road variant.

The Ford Ranger is one of the best-selling compact pickup trucks on the market. Its maximum payload capacity is 1,860 pounds, and it can tow up to 7,500 pounds.

Its bed length will allow you to tow a big trailer or even a camper in Anoka. The SuperCab’s maximum payload is the highest of any pickup truck in the class, making it the perfect vehicle for towing heavy loads.

Ford Ranger Bed Size

SuperCab Bed Width

When it comes to bed dimensions, the Ford Ranger Super Cab offers a large cargo bed with plenty of room for your gear.

With a maximum payload capacity of 1,860 pounds, the SuperCab is a great choice for hauling heavy loads to and from Anoka, MN.

Towing capacity is also a big advantage, with up to 7,500 pounds. You can even customize your truck with bed liner to make it more customized for hauling your goods.

The Ford Ranger is available in three body sizes: regular cab, extended cab, and Super cab. Each model has a different bed width and length.

Regular cab pickups come with a 6 or seven-foot bed width, while the SuperCab offers a 6.5-foot bed width and two full doors on either side. In addition, the SuperCab features a 6-foot bed with two full-sized doors and a rear half-door.

The Ford Ranger comes standard with a five-foot bed, and it has an option for a six-foot bed. It also comes with a four-wheel-drive system, though it’s not recommended for dry pavement.

There is also an available locking rear differential, which unlocks more traction control modes than the standard system. A towing package is available for the Super Cab, as well as a 4.3-foot towing capacity, and Class IV hitches.

The Ford Ranger is a highly versatile vehicle that’s popular among many people. With its rugged looks, it is incredibly versatile. The bed width can help you haul more and store more of your gear.

At Sunset Ford St. Louis, we have created a useful guide that outlines different bed widths on each model. You’ll find one that fits your specific needs! When you visit our dealership, make sure to ask about the 2021 Ford Ranger Super Cab bed width.

Ford Ranger Bed Length

If you need a bed to haul heavy goods, the Ford Ranger has two different bed lengths – a five-foot box and a six-foot box. You can even opt to have the bed extended to accommodate extra passengers.

While the six-foot box is designed for heavy items, the five-foot box is perfect for everything from small items to a full-sized bed. Aside from being spacious, the bed length of a Ford Ranger makes it easy to haul cargo, too.

The Ford Ranger is available in three body styles, a regular cab with a four-foot bed and a SuperCab with a six-foot box.

In addition to these two styles, the shorter SuperCab models feature optional flared rear fenders called Flaresides. In terms of bed length, the SuperCab is the largest of the three. Its bed is also nearly five feet longer and four inches narrower than that of the Ford F-150.

Depending on the model, the Ford Ranger bed length differs from one model to another. The inside length of a 1995 Ford Ranger truck bed is 61.0 inches, while the volume of the cargo box is 37 cubic feet.

In comparison, the truck bed length of the 2021 Ford Ranger is 72.8 inches in regular and seven feet in long bed configurations.

The overall dimensions of the 2020 Ford Ranger bed vary according to generation, so make sure you measure the bed length before making the purchase.

A midsize pickup truck, the Ford Ranger is an excellent choice for those in Elk River, Alberta, as well as those who enjoy off-roading and construction sites.

Its spacious interior and advanced performance features, combined with its massive bed size, make it an ideal vehicle for a wide range of needs.

Whether you need a pickup truck for work, play, or recreation, the Ford Ranger will provide you with the comfort and efficiency of a full-size pickup.

Ford Ranger Bed Size

Bed Configuration

The third generation Ford Ranger received numerous updates during its production run. Among them was the rear end, which was extended over three inches rearward.

Also, the grille and headlamps were restyled to match the F-150’s. In 1995, the Ranger was no longer available with a FlareSide bed.

The new truck introduced several standard and optional features, including vinyl upholstery, a bench seat, tinted glass, steel rims, and rearview mirrors.

The next-generation Ford Ranger will feature a longer wheelbase. The company hasn’t announced plans to bring the extended wheelbase configuration to the rest of its range, but spy photos indicate that it will.

It’s unclear if the vehicle will get this configuration in the U.S. market, but other markets are expected to see the same option. In addition to the Ford Ranger, Toyota, GMC, and Chevy also offer long-bed crew cab configurations.

Whether you’re a construction site worker in Rice Lake, WI, or an off-roading enthusiast, the Ford Ranger is a great truck to drive.

With its spacious interior, advanced performance features, and massive bed, the Ford Ranger delivers the versatility of a full-size pickup truck.

If you’re in the market for a new Ford truck, consider all of the available options and decide which model is right for you. There’s an ideal Ford Ranger for everyone. Just make sure to choose the bed configuration that’s right for you.

Besides the SuperCab model, the Ford Ranger is also available in five-seat SuperCrew models. The SuperCrew offers two full front doors as well as a rear half door. It also features a 6-foot bed.

This means that you can haul more gear than you might normally, but you also sacrifice some cargo space for comfort. When comparing the SuperCab with the Ranger, the latter offers the best value for your money.

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