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Ford Rapid Red – What Are the Differences Between Ruby Red and Rapid Red?

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Ford Rapid Red – What Are the Differences Between Ruby Red and Rapid Red?, | When compared to other colors, Ford Rapid Red is undoubtedly one of the most striking.

This pickup truck looks stunning in direct sunlight. Its metallic structure not only contributes to the extra exterior warmth, but also shields the driver from the sun’s UV-rays.

This means you can feel safe and secure while driving in any weather. But before you decide to purchase a Rapid Red, here are a few things you should know.

Ford Rapid Red – What Are the Differences Between Ruby Red and Rapid Red?

Race Red is a Car For Extreme Conditions

Ford Rapid Red

The Ford Rapid Red is the shade of red that is most suitable for this extreme car. It is slightly darker than Race Red, but it carries the same dynamic qualities.

Rapid Red is more reassuring than Ruby Red, and it is better at absorbing heat. Despite its metallic shine, this color is also available in other shades of red. This is the perfect car for any arduous driving conditions.

Those who want a vehicle that can handle extreme conditions will be thrilled with the Ford Rapid Red. The body of this pickup truck looks spectacular even in the bright sunlight, thanks to its metallic structure.

The metallic color of the body makes it highly resistant to ultraviolet-rays, which is beneficial to the driver. Its appearance is both stylish and rugged. It is an all-terrain vehicle, so it will be a good choice for drivers who enjoy extreme weather.

While Ruby Red is still available, Ford has removed it from its 2020 models and added the Rapid Red color to the mix. This color has an awesome color contrast, with 34% lightness and hues of 354 degrees.

In addition, the Ford Rapid Red has great visibility, making it a car for any kind of weather. Ford has made sure that this car is equipped with the most extreme features and is as durable as it is stylish.

Ruby Red is lighter

Ford Rapid Red

Despite the similarities in the name, the colors of the Ford Raptor and Ruby Red are not the same. Ford Rapid Red has a primary red hue, while Ruby Red has a layer of orange or purple.

The two shades differ considerably in hue, contrast, and lightness. Read on to learn more. But how do you decide between these two car colors? We’ve listed the main differences between these two colors below.

Although Ford does not charge more for its two new colors, Ruby Red has a subtle bronze hue that stands out. The same goes for Ford Rapid Red, which is a slightly lighter shade.

Although the two colors have their benefits, it is hard to pick one. For a limited budget, we suggest Ruby Red. It’s lighter than Rapid Red, but it still looks nice. The new shade, however, is also slightly different from the old one.

While both colors look great in daylight, the darker color will appear more maroon in low light. As a result, Ford uses red car paint that is more expensive than the standard version.

In addition, red cars cost more because they contain special dyes and premium quality. For this reason, Ford uses tinted base and top coat.

This makes Ruby Red look better in low light than Rapid Red. When it comes to color, Ford has some of the most stunning colors.

Rapid Red is deeper

Ford Rapid Red

Although the two red colors are similar, there is a noticeable difference between the Ford Ruby and Rapid Red. While both vehicles have a red main tone, the latter has a purple or orange layer underneath it.

In addition, they differ visibly in terms of hue, contrast, and RGB value. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the right color for your new car. A deeper red can look better on some cars than on others.

While the two red shades are similar, Rapid Red is a darker shade than Race Red. This shade looks more like a wine red and enhances warmth. It has a metallic sheen that enables it to go on in all seasons.

Compared to the more subdued Ruby Red, it does not compete with Rapid Red’s metallic radiance. Both are stunning, but you should choose your vehicle based on the season, as each is unique.

In addition to the heightened hue of red, the Ford Rapid Red pickup truck looks great in direct sunlight. Its metallic structure adds to its exterior warmth and helps keep you from the harmful UV-rays.

Besides, the colors are also more vibrant and shiny compared to the Ford Rapid Red. So, if you are deciding between the two, go for the latter. You’ll be happy with the result. It’s definitely worth considering the upgrade.

It is a Metallic Color

The exterior of a Ford Raptor is the color of luxury. It is similar to Ford Ruby Red, but the latter is slightly darker and has a bright orange or purple tint. Although both are red, the Rapid Red metallic shade is more intense, and gives off a warmer feeling. It is available on a variety of models, and is not only more expensive, but also has a unique metallic shine.

This bold, crimson red color is a bit different than other reds. It is tinted, making it slightly more expensive to manufacture. The un-tinted clear coat is used first, and the tinted clear is placed over it.

Because the tinted base coat is thinner than the paint layer, it is more expensive to produce. Up-charge colors are also prone to chipping, and repairs, re-painting, and color matching will be more expensive.

It Looks Dull in Rainy Climates

The Ford Rapid Red is one of two red colors available for its new models. The other one is Ruby Red. However, these two shades are completely different. Although both are red, Rapid Red has more warmth.

Ruby Red has a rich orange tone, while Rapid Red is duller and lacks the metallic shine of the former. Which is better? Read on to find out! The following are some facts about the two colors.

The Rapid Red metallic color gives the truck a luxurious vibe and costs $295 or more. However, it tends to look dull in rainy climates.

The Rapid Red metallic color offers extra warmth to the exterior and protects it from damaging UV-rays. This color is also available in two shades: matte and shiny.

While the matte finish is a popular option, the metallic finish can be difficult to apply. The car’s glossier finish is more noticeable. The Rapid Red looks better in a rainy climate, but it can be dull in humid climates.

Ford Rapid Red – What Are the Differences Between Ruby Red and Rapid Red?

It is Expensive

The red paint on a Ford is not cheap. It costs more than other colors, as they require special dyes and premium quality. In addition, the color red is in high demand, and that makes it more expensive than some others.

Red is also a popular choice among automakers, and Ford uses a special tinted base and top coat to keep its cars looking classy. However, if you’re a fan of the color, you might want to consider another car color.

If you love the look of a red Mustang, you may want to consider buying a Rapid Red version. This premium color is a stunning color for your car, and costs upwards of $295.

However, if you’re not comfortable spending this much money, you may want to go with a standard red color. A similar color in a standard red car is $3,300. Whether or not Ford Rapid Red is expensive depends on your taste and budget.

Another popular color for the Ford Raptor is Ruby Red. Both of these are beautiful shades of red, but Ruby Red is more expensive. It has a layer of orange and purple underneath the red tone.

Because of these differences, it’s difficult to pick one over the other. Luckily, Ford has added the Rapid Red paint color for 2020 models, but not the Ruby Red. The color is still extremely popular, however, as it offers awesome contrast and hues at 354 degrees.

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