International Dump Truck For Sale

International Dump Truck For Sale

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International Dump Truck For Sale, | Whether you need a single axle or tandem dump truck, you’ll find an international dump truck for sale online.

This type of vehicle is commonly used for construction and demolition work. It can be found in a variety of colors and specifications and will come with an affordable price tag.

If you’re looking to save money on a used dump truck, you should consider purchasing a pre-owned one. There are a number of reasons to buy an international dumper.

International Dump Truck For Sale

International Dump Truck For Sale

International dump trucks are often considered the top of the line. They are known for their durability and are perfect for many applications.

This makes them an excellent investment. These trucks are renowned for their longevity, making them a popular choice for construction and demolition sites.

You can also find them on the Internet, making it easy to find the best deal for your needs. This type of truck is available for sale by almost any company that requires a high-quality truck.

Whether you need a single axle or tandem dump trucks, you’ll find a variety of models to choose from. This International 7400 series HD 6 wheeler has an M11 Cummins engine and a six-speed Allison transmission.

This dump truck is low-mileage, has a 40-kilogram gross vehicle weight, and has a complete brake job and new big rubber. It has a total of 84K miles and is in excellent condition.

International Dump Truck For Sale

This International 7400 series HD six-wheeler comes with an M11 Cummins engine and a 6-speed Allison transmission. It has a GVW of 40K and a 10 ft dump bed.

The cab mounts have been rebuilt, and the cab has minimal rust. The DT 466 diesel engine is a great choice for heavy-duty work. It also has a full brake job and big rubber.

The S-series was produced by International Harvester, which later became Navistar International. The S-Series is a series of medium-duty trucks and light-duty trucks. Its cab architecture is similar to that of the A-series.

The A-series is the same but for more heavy-duty applications. These vehicles are similar in their size and have many similarities. However, they are not designed to be interchangeable.

The S-series is a series of medium-duty trucks from the International group. The S-series is made by International, which was then a subsidiary of Navistar.

Its name came from the S-Series’ design. This model was designed for use in construction and other heavy-duty applications. The S-series was renamed as a result of an increase in demand for the truck’s high-capacity hydraulics.

International Dump Truck For Sale

The International S-series truck is a series of medium-duty dump trucks. Its M11 engine is paired with a 9-speed Fuller-transmission. The cab’s interior was also refurbished, with a new exhaust and brake drums.

Aside from being a great choice for heavy-duty projects, the S-series was also widely used in the construction industry. These types of trucks are a great value for construction-related purposes.

International dump trucks are ideal for construction-related activities. The company’s cabover truck has a cab that is similar to a bus, and is often used in mining operations.

The ACCO bus chassis, in turn, is similar to the S-series but is unrelated to the ACCO cabover truck, which was produced by various manufacturers, including IVECO. It was built with the same occupant structure as the S-series and was the longest-lived North American product.

The International S series was a popular model in the mid-2000s. The S-series had a long production run compared to its truck counterpart, which was introduced three years after.

Unlike the ACCO bus chassis, the S-series was unrelated to the ACCO cabover truck in Australia. Its cab over truck, however, was produced for 47 years and was named after the Australian company.

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