Jacked Up Chevy Silverado

Jacked Up Chevy Silverado – The Road in Snow

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A Jacked Up Chevy Silverado Has Trouble Gripping the Road in Snow, catdumptruck.com | While heavy snow is falling in parts of the United States, a jacked up Chevy Silverado seems to be having a hard time gripping the snowy street.

A short video clip posted on Twitter shows the lifted vehicle spinning its rear wheels. Snow and ice cover the pavement, which is why the lifted Chevy Silverado has trouble gripping the road. The video is a bit embarrassing, but you’ll want to watch the clip to see what you’ve been missing.

Jacked Up Chevy Silverado Has Trouble Gripping the Road in Snow

Jacked Up Chevy Silverado

There is a right way and a wrong way to jack up your car, and it’s important to follow the proper procedure to ensure your safety and that of your passengers.

This article will go over the proper jacking points and other tips to use when jacking up your Chevy Silverado. It also discusses how to properly use jack stands and a wheel chock to help keep your car from rolling while you’re working on it.

To begin jacking up your Chevy Silverado, park on a solid, flat surface. Next, find the factory jacking point, which is located slightly off-center on both sides of the vehicle. Generally, this point is six inches behind the front wheel.


Once you’ve located this location, lift the car using the floor jack until it’s at the side jacking point. Once you’ve lifted the car to the side jacking point, remove the floor jack. To center the axle, use the rear jacking point.

Once the wheel jack is in place, you’re ready to jack up your Chevrolet. You can use a jack kit with a removable cylinder to remove the wheel or tires. To ensure that it’s level, the jack kit must align properly with the recessed angle.

Once you’ve done this, you can adjust the wheel hook to your desired level. You’ll then need to turn the yellow knob in the opposite direction of the previous rotation. Make sure the chalk is connected securely to the jack. It should also not rattle or move while it’s not in use.

Jacked Up Chevy Silverado

After you’ve chosen the best jacking point, you need to carefully position the jack. Once you’ve placed the jack on the jack stand, you’ll be able to lift the front end. Make sure the jack saddle lines up with the differential and cross member. Then, pump the jack handle until the front wheels lift off the ground and the vehicle is at the height you want.

Remember to always lock the jack before driving. The jack may be confused with the parking brake if you don’t unwind it completely. When you’re finished, place it back into its storage area and re-jack the car. Be sure to secure the vehicle before driving, as it may fall off while you’re driving. Once you’ve done this, make sure to turn off the engine before attempting a tire change.

When jacking up a truck, it’s important to place wheel chocks under each wheel so that they don’t slip out from under the vehicle. Be careful not to use a quick release handle or you’ll risk damaging your vehicle and hurting yourself or someone else underneath. Also, make sure that you’re working with a proper jack stand for the height of your truck.

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p0154 Chevy Silverado

Before you begin jacking up your Chevy Silverado, make sure you have the proper equipment for the job. You’ll need a floor jack, a jack stand, and some jacking rope. The Pro-lift model is especially useful since it can lift up to 7,000 pounds of weight. Don’t forget to use a level when using jack stands, because a wrong jacking point can result in a disastrous outcome.


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