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The Military Dump Truck

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The Military Dump Truck | The M917A3 Military Dump Truck is a great way to transport heavy items to and from a job site. This type of truck is built specifically for the military and can be adapted to carry a variety of different equipment.

It is also able to take care of a wide variety of tasks, such as towing, carrying crates, and hauling debris. As a result, it can make for an excellent addition to any military vehicle collection.

The Military Dump Truck


Military Dump Truck

The M917A3 military dump truck is designed to meet military transportation requirements while also providing comfort features for Soldiers. Its standard features include air conditioning, power windows and lifting eyes.

Mack Trucks Inc. (Mack) is a manufacturer of heavy-duty dump trucks and was recently awarded a $296 million contract to produce 683 M917A3 HDTs for the US Army.

The initial order will be split between active, reserve and National Guard components. This is the first new truck for the Army in twelve years.

Mack trucks are built in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The company’s experience center is located nearby. They invested $6.5 million to create a dedicated HDT production line.

Mack’s M917A3 dump truck is based on the commercial model Mack Granite, an all-wheel-drive 8×8 dump truck. The truck is available with a standard cab or a heavily armored cab.

Mack’s MP8 13-liter turbocharged diesel engine develops 440 horsepower and can start at -40degC. It is mated to a six-speed Allison automatic transmission. The body is equipped with eight cross-member frame rails.

The truck can carry up to 54,000 pounds and has a GVW of 94,500 pounds. During serial production, the trucks were tested in a variety of weather conditions.

Nonhardened parts did not survive. In addition, the truck was designed with seventy percent to eighty percent of off-the-shelf components.

The truck is expected to be delivered in October 2020. Production is scheduled to continue through August 2022. After that, follow-up orders will help Mack complete its goal of producing more than one thousand M917A3 heavy dump trucks.

Mack will begin producing Heavy Dump Trucks in June 2021. The first production models will be displayed at the Association of United States Army show in Washington, D.C. and at AUSA 2022, which will be held at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

The M917A3 military dump truck will be used for maintenance, construction and sustainment missions. Engineer units will operate the dump trucks on road and infrastructure maintenance missions. While these tasks require a heavy-duty truck, the Army wanted to keep maintenance costs low.


Military Dump Truck

The Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles (FMTV) is a family of diesel-powered U.S. Army supply trucks. It is manufactured by Oshkosh Corporation and is available in three variants.

These include the 5-ton dump, a wrecker, and a military cargo variant. They are designed to replace M54, M809, and M939 MTV 5 Ton Trucks.

FMTV vehicles are supported by the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS), a THAAD system, the CAMEL II Unit Water Pod System, and the Warfighter Information Network – Tactical (WIN-T).

They are also used to support the European Deterrence Initiative. Currently, the FMTV Family of Vehicles is in use at 68 locations worldwide.

These vehicles are built using common components to reduce maintenance and operating costs. Among other features, they are armed with a 7.62mm or 5.56mm machine gun.

Moreover, they incorporate an electronic data bus and a central tire inflation system. Their cabs are armored and feature three point seat belts. Designed to be operated on both primary and secondary roads, FMTVs are used for local missions and unit resupply.

In June 2012, the US Army installed 16,752 trailers with FMTVs. As of December 2010, the US National Guard had a fleet of 3,700 trucks. Since 2011, the US DoD FMS has announced deliveries for a total of 7,400 trucks.

A few FMTV export orders are rarely officially announced. These orders are covered by assorted US Foreign Military Sales awards. Other countries, such as Australia, have developed FMTVs for their national needs.

The FMTV is a strategic military vehicle that is deployed on C-5 and C-17 aircraft. It performs unit resupply, local haul, and line haul missions.

Moreover, it is capable of performing other missions in combat. Using common parts and engines, the FMTV lowers its operating and maintenance costs.

FMTV is a versatile and effective vehicle that enables the United States Army to meet its tactical mobility requirements.

It is designed for use on both primary and secondary roads and can be adapted to different mission profiles. With a high operational readiness rate, it is capable of carrying out its duties without delay.

The Military Dump Truck

Mack Granite ATC-40T

Military Dump Truck

Mack Granite is one of the most successful heavy-duty vocational trucks in the world. It can be customized to suit any local application.

From 6×4 to 8×6, Granite has a variety of options. You can choose between lift axles, tandem-steer axles, and volumetric concrete mixers. This truck can also be fitted with an armored cab.

The Granite series has been in production since 2001. Mack is known for its long hood, low profile hood, and extra heavy-duty chassis. It can be used for both construction and non-construction jobs.

Currently, there are over 1,000 vehicles in the Army’s 1,000-truck fleet. These are used in a wide range of missions, including maintenance, laying roads, and maintaining landing strips. In addition, military trucks are needed to repair supply routes and build helipads in Afghanistan.

The US Army has identified a need for a new heavy dump truck. The Mack Granite ATC-40T was developed to meet that need.

Designed to meet the performance requirements of a Type 1 medium crane, the ATC-40T is built on a commercially available Mack Granite chassis.

Mack Defense was awarded a contract in May for the production of 99 military trucks. As part of the contract, Mack invested $6.5 million in building a dedicated production line for HDTs. Full scale production is expected to begin in 2020.

During the development of the M917A3 HDT, Mack has also developed heavier rear axles and increased suspension ride height. Combined with an armored cab, the vehicle offers a number of features that meet both Army payload and mobility needs.

The cab can be customized with advanced electronics, including an alarm to lockout, a load moment indicator, and thermostatic body heater control.

An optional armored cab was designed by TenCate Advance Armor, Inc. That cab protects the crew from blasts and artillery shell splinters.

Mack Granite is one of the best-selling vocational trucks in North America. The Mack Granite Series is flexible enough to customize to local requirements, with a choice of either day or armored cab. With a heavy duty chassis and lift axles, it is able to carry up to 92,000 pounds.

Mack MP8(r)

Mack Trucks has been selling heavy duty trucks to the military since 1911. The company has designed and manufactured military specification tactical trucks, buses and special vehicles for the military. These models are used around the world in a variety of combat, logistical and support missions.

Mack Defense, LLC is a subsidiary of Mack Trucks that specializes in the sale of military and commercial vehicles to Federal/Ministerial customers worldwide.

Mack Defense produces several different types of military-specified rigid trucks that can be modified for off-road capability, air transportability and tactical missions. Its products include the 60-ton Mack Granite truck and the Sherpa Carrier 2-to-4-ton (4,814 to 3,629 kg) 4×4 armored cargo truck.

The US Army has awarded a contract to Mack Defense to manufacture an army-specified military dump truck. The first production model will be delivered in September 2021, and will be built at the Allentown facility in Pennsylvania. According to Mack, the truck will be mated to an Allison 4500 Generation 5 six-speed automatic transmission.

This truck will have a 48-inch flattop extended cab that allows the driver to walk through the cab. An armoured cab system will be installed by JWF Defense Systems.

The vehicle is based on the Mack Granite axle-forward construction grade chassis. Additional enhancements include increased ride height suspension and heavy-duty rear axles.

The Granite is available in a troop carrier, tanker and 4-door personnel carrier. Other enhancements include a drop-in armoured cab and force protection capabilities.

The M917A3 HDT will also feature Jankel BLASTech seating to reduce the impact of blast. A chemical agent resistant coating is also included.

This vehicle is designed to serve the US Joint Forces, as well as the US Army Reserve. Mack will begin producing the next generation of armoured trucks to the US Army units by May 2025.

Throughout the war, Mack had produced a limited number of its trucks for the US Army. Prior to entering the war, the company tested several models with the Army. Eventually, it was the MM917 that won the contract.

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