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Morooka Dump Truck

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How to Maintain the Performance of a Morooka Dump Truck | Morooka USA landed a dealer in Mexico in 2011 and made its first sale there in 2012.

The company expanded to South America in 2013, and now has dealers in Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Ecuador. The company also has Morooka USA – Rents, which is a part of Dominion Equipment Parts.

Aside from the heavy-duty construction applications, the Morooka dump truck has multiple uses. It can move large volumes of material over marshy and swampy land.

How to Maintain the Performance of a Morooka Dump Truck

Typical Applications

Morooka Dump Truck

The Morooka MST2200VD is the most popular model for North American markets. Its versatile platform makes it suitable for a variety of jobs, from mining to construction.

The MST2200VD has an air-conditioned and heated cab, and it’s ROPS-certified. In addition, it comes with standard features like remote mirrors, backup camera, and video information display.

The cab of the Morooka Track Carriers is designed to ensure operator comfort. It features a climate-controlled cab, ROPS-certified canopy, and easy-to-operate controls.

The larger models come with comfortable seats and climate-controlled cabs. The company’s employees are comfortable thanks to the truck’s ergonomically designed cabs. And while the truck is versatile, it’s also comfortable, too.

Originally, the Morooka carriers were powered by Cat engines. The company analyzed the model’s engine requirements, and ultimately recommended a Cat C7.1 engine with engine-mounted aftertreatment.

The engine meets the latest Tier 4 Final and EU Stage V emissions standards. Therefore, the truck is an excellent choice for a variety of industrial applications.

You can buy a Morooka dump truck directly from a manufacturer in China for a cost below the cost of a similar model in the US or Europe.

Similarly, dumpers are useful for road construction and maintenance. These dumpers can handle a wide variety of materials, including wet concrete and tarmac.

These dumpers can perform work on and off the road, in adverse conditions. It can also handle a variety of jobs that require towing and hauling. This truck’s versatility makes it an essential piece of equipment for any construction site.


A Morooka dump truck’s oil and filter change interval should be based on the type of work it does. Some jobs require regular changes, while others require more frequent checks.

Checking the oil of your machine is important as it helps prevent problems down the road. Also, it’s necessary to regularly inspect and replace the critical parts of your dump truck, including the engine and fuel hoses. Inspecting these parts regularly can help ensure the health and safety of your crew.

Morooka Dump Truck


Morooka dump trucks are designed to be able to traverse the most varied terrain. They are especially useful in areas that are sensitive to the environment, and can accommodate a variety of attachments, from water tanks and Digger derricks to fire fighting equipment and specialty dump bodies.

They can even be equipped with personnel carriers and air compressors, making them extremely versatile in the construction industry. Here are some tips for maintaining the performance of a Morooka dump truck.

Morooka rubber-track carriers are designed to be easy to operate, yet offer the highest level of traction and ground bearing pressure. The dump carrier line ranges in capacity from 5,000 lbs. to 33,100 pounds.

Morooka also boasts the widest range of dump carriers on the market, allowing operators to choose exactly what they need to handle their job. The truck’s Cat C7.1 industrial engine is renowned for its dependability, versatility, and resale value.


With a reputation for reliability, the Morooka brand has been around for nearly a century. This Japanese manufacturer is known as the innovator of Rubber Crawler Products and their HST hydraulic system is reliable and dependable.

They provide their machines to customers around the world, and they uphold a quality and reliability management policy.

With an emphasis on innovation and safety, the Morooka brand aims to provide a safe and reliable product to customers. If you need a dump truck, Magnum Equipment can deliver one in 90 days.

The tracked crawler carrier line is another important area for the company to improve. Morooka’s VDR models have rubber tracks and an upper structure that rotates 360 degrees.

These features reduce surface damage from turning the machine. The MST-3000 model was created in partnership with stream and wetlands restoration company Rosscapes in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania. It weighs around 30,820 pounds, and can carry up to 24,000 pounds of material.

If you need a dump truck with a hydraulic lift, you may want to choose the Morooka 800/1500/2200. They have two different types of dump chutes – hydraulic and manual.

All of them are dependable, and they can haul 29,101 pounds of payload. There are also options available for dump trucks with rubber tracks. If you want a truck with an enclosed single cab, Rent1 can help you find the best deal on a dump truck.

The MST2200VD is Morooka’s most popular model in the North American market. It’s a versatile platform that can function as both a dumper and carrier.

This model comes with features like a heated cabin and ROPS certification. It also comes with a back-up camera. It’s the largest machine from Morooka in Canada, with a Caterpillar C-9 engine.

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