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Hugger Orange chevy | The dark orange hue was once synonymous with the HEMI engine. The dark orange color became common in the early 1970s on high-performance engines and signified power. Today’s HEMI features ION-colored engines, while Mopar paints its Poly engines aluminum silver.

It’s not as common to see a GM vehicle in a bright orange hue, but the colors still have their place in American automobile history. This article will explore the history of this iconic color and how it has influenced American carmakers.

Orange Chevy

#Hugger Orange

A Hugger Orange chevy is a color that GM introduced in the 1960s and adorned a lot of their muscle cars. Unlike other orange colors, it doesn’t have any metallic flecks, which makes it a unique color to look for in your car.

This color has become a popular choice among muscle car owners, and is seen on some of the coolest restomod builds and muscle cars.

This paint scheme was designed to grab attention, and it does so. Its modern gloss and shine make it stand out, and sporty features, such as a super scoop cowl hood, D80 full-width rear spoiler, and dual racing stripes, are sure to grab attention.

Some of the upgrades are subtle, while others are quite obvious. The Hugger Orange chevy makes a bold statement, and you can’t go wrong with it.

This 1969 Chevrolet Camaro was sold for $12,150 on eBay. It is an extremely rare color combination, and its Hugger Orange exterior is a striking contrast with the Ivory interior. The seller purchased the car in 2005 as a project but hasn’t had much time to finish it.

The car has been in storage in Rogers, Arkansas, for the past 16 years. Despite its unique color, this Hugger Orange chevy is an amazing opportunity to own a piece of history and a classic.

#Hugger Orange is a GM color

One of the most popular colors of the 1970s was Hugger Orange. Introduced by GM in the 1960s, this pure orange was used on many GM muscle cars and race cars. Its unique look is a distinctive color without metallic flecks.

There are many cool examples of Hugger Orange on muscle cars and restomod builds. Here are some of them. To get a better understanding of the Hugger Orange color scheme, keep reading!

The name Hugger Orange derives from a GM advertising campaign for the first-generation Camaro. The stance of the first-generation Camaro was so low and wide that Chevy affectionately dubbed it “The Hugger”.

The distinctive orange tone helped set the 1969 Camaro apart from the Mustang. Its distinctive shade of orange helped to distinguish it from the Mustang. So, while the Hugger Orange paint is a beautiful and unique color, it does not have the highest gloss level.

Orange Chevy

#Hugger Orange is a paint color

If you want a classic look, Hugger Orange is for you. This pure orange was first introduced by GM back in the 1960s. It was used in many GM muscle cars during the 1970s, including race cars.

Because it is so distinctive without metallic flecks, this color has made its way onto a lot of cool restomod builds and muscle cars. Read on to learn why Hugger Orange is so desirable.

If you are considering painting your car a bright color, consider Hugger Orange. It’s more red than Lava Orange, but less red than Jalapeno Red. This paint color is a 2-stage solid color and doesn’t require a base coat.

It goes well with red sealer and light gray. It’s a durable paint that will last well in the elements. Hugger Orange can be applied as basecoat or single-stage paint in a low gloss finish.

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