What Is a Side Dump Truck?

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What Is a Side Dump Truck? catdumptruck.com | A side dump truck is a type of truck that you can use to haul things from one place to another.

It is not the same as an end dump truck, which has a higher side, but both are used for the same purpose. They also allow you to increase your hauling capacity without sacrificing maneuverability.

End Dump Trucks Have Higher Sides Than Side Dump Trucks

Side Dump Truck

End dump trucks are ideal for loading and unloading larger loads, especially in the agricultural industry. These trailers are equipped with hydraulic rams that allow for the body of the trailer to tilt onto its sides for easy, fast and safe offloading.

They are ideal for transporting rough materials, including demolition rubble. They also work well for hauling large amounts of building material. Compared to belly dumps, they are cheaper and offer a faster unloading cycle.

Because they are designed with heavy-sided architecture, end dump trailers can handle harsh materials, such as concrete and asphalt. Some models are made of AR400 abrasion-resistant steel. Other trailers are manufactured from aluminum.

Most standard dump trucks have a front-steering axle and a rear steering axle, but can have additional axles added to lift more weight.

In addition, they have a bed that is hydraulically adjustable. Standard models have a small wheelbase and can be equipped with a fifth wheel, which is a connector.

Side dump trucks, on the other hand, feature a built-in dumping mechanism. The trailer can dump while it’s moving, and the tailgate is retracted or raised depending on the model.

While they are safer than end dumps, they are not as stable during the unloading process. This may be an issue if the truck is not positioned properly or the load is not deposited at the proper angle. Moreover, they can be very expensive to insure.

However, if the haul is long and you don’t need the speed of an end dump, a side dump may be the best choice. You can also configure the trailer to run in trains in states that permit doubles.

Transfer Dump Trucks Increase Hauling Capacity Without Affecting Maneuverability

Side Dump Truck

If you’re looking to haul large loads, you need to look at transfer dump trucks. They offer improved loading and maneuverability for construction and aggregate hauling.

Compared to a standard dump truck, these vehicles boast more hauling capacity, a larger payload, and the ability to carry a variety of materials, including gravel, sand, and dirt.

In addition, they can operate on normal roads. These trucks can be used in the construction industry, as well as on farms and in mining.

The main difference between a standard dump truck and a transfer dump truck is the cargo container. While a regular dump truck has a two-axle dumping trailer, a transfer dump truck has a separate, movable cargo container.

This cargo container allows the truck to transport other materials, such as wood chips. Aside from carrying the load, it also acts as a stabilizer for the truck.

Transfer dump trucks are usually referred to as off-road trucks, as they are built to handle rough terrain. The standard size is a six-wheeler, while larger models can be built with up to eight wheels.

They have the capability to carry up to 60 tons of load, which is much more than you’d find with a standard dumper. For added hauling power, they have a trailing axle that can lift off the ground when the truck is empty.

There are many different types of dump trucks, and each is suited to a specific job. Some are better suited for soft soils, while others are more suitable for the mining industry.

It’s important to consider the weight of your load and the terrain you’re working on before deciding which one is best for you.

SmithCo Dump Trailers Offer Superior Stability and Safety

Side Dump trailers

SmithCo side dump trailers are a rugged and practical design that offers superior stability and safety. They can handle a variety of materials.

The SX3 Three-axle side dump trailer is one of the most versatile trailers on the market. With the ability to dump both sides, it makes unloading and dumping operations more efficient.

SmithCo started manufacturing side-dump trailers in May 1994. They produce one model per week, with a payroll of around $5,000.

However, it has been reported that Smithco sells fewer than half of the number of trailers it produced at the beginning. Despite that, Smithco has more orders than it can fill.

The company claims its side-dump trailers aren’t infringing on any patents. It argues that it cannot be enjoined from producing trailers because it has not actually sold an infringing product.

Circle R claims that Smithco’s side-dump trailers infringe on their ‘214 patent. Specifically, they argue that the patent is invalid under the “on-sale” bar.

Smithco has countered with its own patent-related affidavits. One of them is by Greg Smith. Another is by Joe Garthright.

In addition to Smith’s ‘214-related affidavit, the company submitted a photo of a side-dump trailer, which purported to demonstrate the ‘214’s aforementioned equivalence to a Smithco side-dump trailer.

While there are a few similarities between the SmithCo and Circle R trailers, they are not identical. As for the patent’s ‘a-must-have’ features, Smithco’s model includes a hydraulic system and a frame.

SmithCo’s trailers are designed to allow the operator to stay in the cab. This obviates the need to back up or touch the load.

In addition, SmithCo’s trailers feature a 92-degree right-side dumping pivot, and a 95-degree left-side dumping pivot.

Arne’s Manufacturing Brand of side dump truck

Arne’s Manufacturing produces a lot of different types of trailers. Some of their products include trailers with unique features. These include a side dump truck with a central torque tube.

This technology is 10 years old and has been proven to help prevent the trailer from falling over during the dump cycle. You may be interested in purchasing one of these if you are in the market for a dump vehicle.

The Arne’s side dump trailer has many different features that make it an appealing option to commercial trucking operators. It includes flared I beam cross member flanges and a tensile flange that is 100,000 psi.

Other features include a cylinder location, stiffener ribs, and 8-inch channels between suspension hangers. They also come with a three-year warranty on the dump box. A five-year warranty is also included on the main frame rails.

The most important benefit of this type of trailer is the fact that it can be used in a wide variety of applications. Its main uses are in the construction, agricultural, and oil production industries.

Jet brand of side dump truck

The Jet brand of side dump trucks is known for their stability. They are also available in different sizes. In addition to the standard tub length of 34 feet and 36 feet, they can be made in various axle configurations.

The company also provides other commercial equipment, including boat trailers, grain hopper trailers, and drop deck trailers. They also have a strong history of providing quality trailers with high resale value.

Their testing procedures ensure the best reliability possible. Depending on the region you live in, weight regulations can also affect your decision on which trailer to purchase. If you want to get a better idea of what kind of trailers Jet has to offer, call them for more information.

The Jet brand of side dump trucks are designed to eliminate the center divider and provide superior stability. In addition, their patented Trunnon Mounted Inverted Hydraulic Cylinders reduce acceleration during dumping.

Also, the rounded exterior tub corners are built to promote a smooth release of the load. Another advantage is the ability to lay a row of aggregate without the use of a blade. This is especially important in the western United States where oil fields and building roads are common.

The JET brand of side dump trucks are designed to carry up to 23 cubic yards. These trailers are designed with a smooth, rolled tub, a rounded design that replaces the center divider with external supports, and four maintenance free tub pivots per side.

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