1947 Ford Truck For Sale Craigslist – Project by Owner

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1947 Ford Truck For Sale Craigslist, catdumptruck.com | I bought a ’47 Ford for parts on Craigslist for $600 a few months ago, but I knew I needed a bit more.

1947 Ford For Parts For Sale Craigslist

It had a cool color and a great story. Plus, it was too cheap to pass up! Here’s what I did with it. Here’s a short history of this truck and why I decided to buy it.

A 1948 Ford F4 pickup truck is on Craigslist for $16,000, with a single post. It’s in El Reno, OK, near the I-40.

This is a crew cab with a manual transmission and overdrive. It’s the perfect pickup for those looking to build a hot rod or for people who want a big, heavy-duty truck.

1947 Ford Truck For Sale Craigslist – Project

1947 Ford For Parts For Sale Craigslist

  • 1947 ford p/u project / rat rod$5,000 (Jamestown)



If you’re in the market for a classic Ford truck, this is the perfect vehicle. You’ll get all of the features you need in a modern vehicle, and it’s affordable.

It has a full sized engine, so it’s ready to take on any job. And it’s not just pickup trucks, though. You can also find classic cars and trucks on Craigslist, including vintage Fords.

A 1946 Ford F-150 is for sale in El Reno, Oklahoma for $12,450. A 1949 Chevrolet G30 box van is for $6,850 in West Hartford.

1947 Ford For Parts For Sale Craigslist

Another 1946 Ford truck is for sale on modesto craigslist. The seller lists it under cars+trucks. This one got 1 like and 0 dislikes. It also has a lowered price, which is a big plus.

A 1950 Ford F-Series is a popular pick-up truck with the classic, fat-fender design. It’s an iconic vehicle that everyone has seen.

If you’re looking for a classic, you’ll want to see it in person and drive it around the neighborhood. And if you’re looking for a classic, a ’47 F-150 will be a good choice.

Ford Shop Truck

If you’re looking for an old truck, consider a 1967 Chevy S10 for sale on craigslist. You can also buy a 1947 Ford F4 for sale on craigslist for $20.

Besides being a great vintage pickup, this truck is still functional. You can take it to a local garage to get repairs. You can even use it as a taxicab or work van!

You’ll find a wide variety of classic Ford trucks for sale on Craigslist. From hot rods to monster trucks, you can find the perfect truck for you.

1947 Ford For Parts For Sale Craigslist

The 1949 Ford F4 is a classic, and is listed on craigslist for $9,500. It’s also available for less than $10. It’s a great pick-up truck for work.

This 1948 Ford F4 is in pristine condition, with a few minor dents and dings. It is a classic, fat-fender truck. The seller is in El Reno, OK, near I-40 and Manning city of atlanta.

It has a manual transmission, and a 6-cylinder engine. The seller also includes a spare. A tractor is an excellent way to haul heavy loads, so consider buying a’real’ tractor.

1940 Ford Pickup For Sale Craigslist

The interior is another great feature. The paisley vinyl seat is trimmed in brass fasteners, and the fire hose seat is made from a legit fire hose.

It’s described as “ass heaven” by the owner, Jeff. Other notable interior features include railroad spike door handles, custom leather door pulls, and AutoMeter gauges. The ratchet shifter is a must-have for this vintage truck.

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