1979 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist

1979 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist by Owner

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1979 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist, catdumptruck.com | Looking for a cheap, running, and reliable 1979 Chevy Truck for Sale Craigslist? You’ve come to the right place. With 18 active results, you can save 63% off the retail price, according to Couponxoo.

1979 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist

It’s the most common online discounting tool, and a great way to make the most of this deal is by searching for coupon codes. Whether you’re shopping for a new car or a used truck, you’ll find some of the best bargains here.

The truck was first produced as a half-ton pickup in the 1950s, and came with the small-block Chevy engine. The C10 was available in various body styles, including the short-wheelbase model.

It was also available with slab-sided style-side, contoured step-side, and crew-cab compartments. The standard cab was the most common type of pickup truck in the 1960s, but the modern day crew-cab configuration has become a popular choice.

1979 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist by Owner

1979 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist

  • 1979 Chevy Truck Short Bed$5,000 (Renton)



This 1969 Chevy truck for sale on Craigslist is in a very good condition, considering its age. It has a short-bed and fleet-side design.

The 5.7-liter LM7 engine and Turbo 350 trans are in great shape, and the only major flaw is the minor rot on the driver-side drip rail. It is a very nice truck for a reasonable price.

The C10 is the first-generation model of the venerable Chevy. It comes with a 5.3-liter small-block Chevy engine, a manual transmission, and a rear-wheel-drive system.

1979 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist

It’s not as expensive as the second-generation Action Line models. However, the truck’s interior is fairly clean with little to no rust or mold. The seller is including a ton of sheetmet and seat covers for a very reasonable price.

The first-generation C10 is one of the most popular classic cars. It features a 6.5-foot bed and a non-running small-block V8.

The second-generation Action Line version features the same interior with no arms. If you’re looking for a cheap, reliable C10, this could be the perfect purchase for you. So, get your hands on a low-mileage 1979 Chevy truck and save money!

Chevy C10 Budget Build Complete Restore

This 1979 Chevy truck for sale on Craigslist is in St. Cloud, Florida. It’s a classic square-body pickup with a 5.3-liter LM7 engine.

The car’s interior is mostly in good shape, but there are some rust spots on the floorboards, seat covers, and door jambs. The seller is also including a ton of sheetmet and seats.

If you’re looking for a classic truck, then consider a 1969 C10 CST. The third-generation model is a spruced-up version of the C10 with a non-running small-block Chevy.

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It’s a later Action Line model, and it has many up-trim bits, including a wood bed. The owner is selling the car with a lot of extra parts, but it’s still in good condition.

When looking for a craigslist C10, consider the condition of the exterior. The truck’s exterior has light surface rust, a moldy-green grille, and a peeling coat of repaint.

It’s a short wheelbase and roller, and the seller is including a ton of parts, including a bench seat and a ton of sheetmet.

You’ll be happy to know that this C10 is a long-wheelbase, classic car with a 396ci big-block Chevy engine.

1979 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist – 1979 Chevy LUV series 9 pickup dealership promo film

This truck has a very solid interior, but it needs a new wooden bed and a rebuilt small-block. The seller has also listed a ton of sheetmet and a bench seat, which are very desirable for a C10.

The classic Chevy truck is the current king of affordable performance. This box-like profile resembles classic muscle cars and responds to hot-rodding tricks like a mid-level LS V8.

You can also get a lot of aftermarket parts for your 1979 Chevy truck. If you want to get the most bang for your buck, the classic truck is the way to go.

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