1984 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist

1984 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist Seattle & Phoenix

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1984 Chevy Truck For Sale on Craigslist, catdumptruck.com | You can find a good deal on a used 1984 Chevy truck for sale on Craigslist if you know where to look. These trucks are not too common, and the price is right too.

1984 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist

You can also find a lot of parts and pieces for a vintage car for a great price. If you are looking to restore a vintage Chevy truck, then this is the perfect time to do it.

This short wheelbase 1980 Chevrolet C10 has zero rust and is ready for a complete overhaul. It comes with a 454ci big block Chevy engine and Turbo 400 three-speed automatic transmission, but you’ll need to install these parts yourself.

1984 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist Phoenix

1984 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist

  1. 1984 Chevrolet silverado k10 4×4 – $12,000 (Phoenix)
  2. Collectible Chevy 1984 lowrider – $12,000


You could have a muscle truck running in your driveway by the end of the weekend. The price is set at $8,500, but the seller is firm on his price.

This low mileage, short wheelbase 1979 Chevy C10 truck is in great shape. It’s equipped with an eight-speed automatic transmission and a 6.5-foot bed.

This classic pickup was manufactured by Chevrolet through 1998. Its styling stayed virtually unchanged until 1997, so there’s no need to worry about rust. This low-mileage vehicle is ready for restoration. The price is set at $8,500.

1984 Silverado For Sale

In 1980, Chevrolet’s C/K lineup spanned from 1959 to 1998. The most common configuration was the half-ton C10, which was a 6.5-foot bed truck.

Most of the body styles were the same, with the exception of some design choices. The standard cab dominated fleet sales, which was a shorter version of the full-size truck. The shorter version was a more modern and simplified design.

One of the most interesting vehicles for sale on Craigslist is a 1984 Chevy C10 in San Diego, California. It has a non-running small-block V8 engine, but it’s still a very attractive truck.

1984 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist Seattle

1984 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist

  1. 1984 Chevy C10 – $2,000 (Steamboat island)
  2. 1984 Chevy c10 stepside 454. – $13,900 (Vancouver)


The grille is in great condition, and it has little rust. The rest of the vehicle is very presentable and has been kept clean. But it’s hard to believe that this truck was for sale on Craigslist.

Another classic Chevy truck for sale on Craigslist is a 1969 C10 CST in Monroe, GA. It’s a four-door, short-wheelbase model with a 396ci big-block engine.

The seller claims this truck has zero rust and has a clean title. The interior and engine are in great shape, and the grille and seat are both in good condition. The rust is limited to the surface patina and a few flakes of paint.

1984 Chevy Truck For Sale Craigslist

If you are looking for a classic truck, consider a 1984 C10 short-wheelbase. The seller says there’s zero rust, but it’s missing the original LS drivetrain.

The seller’s price is firm, but it’s worth checking out. The LS is the best option if you’re looking for a classic car. Despite its age, it’s not the easiest to start from scratch.

For $8,000, you can purchase a 1964 Chevy truck with a small-block V8 engine. The C10 was the company’s first pickup, and it is still available on Craigslist today.

1954 Chevrolet Truck For Sale Craigslist by Owner

Its style was remodeled from the ground up in the 1990s, but its styling remained the same. Its cab is in good condition, but it is not a classic.

Located in Monroe, GA, this 1984 Chevy truck for sale on Craigslist is offered for $4,900. It has a clean title, and it has been rebuilt several times.

It has new leather seats, a fresh-looking engine, and a new radiator fan. The price is firm at $8,000. The seller is firm on his price of $8,000, so beware of low offers.

Buying a 1984 Chevy truck for sale on Craigslist is a great way to save money. You can find an affordable first-generation model for less than you’d pay for the second-generation Action Line.

There are many options available for a used truck. You can find a 1984 Chevy truck for sale on Craig’slist for $3200. There are some great deals on an old classic car.

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