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7 Axle Dump Truck catdumptruck.com | The 7 axle dump truck features 4 steerable lift axes and a double frame. The truck is equipped with a 475 HP C15 Twin Turbo Caterpillar engine and an 18-speed Eaton/Fuller transmission. This model has 677K miles and new tires.

The Goodyears that are installed on the truck are made in the USA. Other features of the 7 Axle Dump Truck include a fitted bed liner and a single 95-gallon fuel tank. It has a Cobra 40 channel CB radio with dual glass antennas, as well as dual door mount Spot Lights.

7 Axle Dump Truck

#Strong Arm(r) Trailing Axle

The Strong Arm(r) trailing articulating axle is the most effective attachment for your seven-axle dump truck. This unique product allows you to add extra length to your truck and increase the number of tires on the ground, thereby increasing its carrying capacity while maintaining federal weight limits. Strong Arm’s innovative design also eliminates the need for costly welding. It is manufactured by Strong Industries.

The design of the Strong Arm was conceived during the 1980s, and it was developed in the early 1990s. The initial design involved a twin arm attached to the truck frame.

The Strong Arm trailing axle was the result of a collaborative effort between Brooks and Fred Smith, a senior engineer for Strong Industries. The first Strong Arm trailer axle was sold to Tesco in May 1993.

A truck’s maximum gross weight is determined by the number of axles and the distance between the first and last axle. A strong arm, however, can increase the truck’s gross weight to help it maneuver more efficiently.

The Strong Arm(tm) allows you to increase payload capacity by seven tons without sacrificing the versatility of your truck. The Strong Arm also adds 11 to 13 feet of length, which can make a 7-axle dump truck extremely versatile.

The Super Dump from Strong Industries is a robust dump trailer with two new trailing axles. Strong Arm’s unique design allows it to extend its axle on command, allowing you to carry more payloads and gross weights.

With the Super Dump, you can haul payloads equivalent to two dump trailers while enjoying the maneuverability of a tandem dump truck. The Super Dump is also a great choice for spread jobs, wind rowing, asphalt paving, and more.

#Double Bottom Dump Truck

The different types of dump trucks have different configurations, and choosing the right one depends on your particular needs.

For example, you can choose a double bottom dump truck for moving large quantities of material, or a half-round style for hauling smaller quantities of material.

There are several advantages and disadvantages to both types of dump trucks. Learn more about them to find the perfect one for your business. Here are some of the pros and cons of each.

Dump trucks come in many different models, including standard trucks with a fixed bed and a separate, attached trailer.

They may have a fifth-wheel connection to connect to a variety of trailer types. Standard dump trucks feature a hydraulic ram system that raises and lowers the bed during dumping, with the tailgate swinging up or down depending on the build.

These trucks have a short wheelbase to improve maneuverability and are equipped with a front-steering axle. Many models feature additional axles, which may be necessary for heavier loads.

The weight capacity of a dump truck depends on its axle configuration. For instance, a double bottom 7 axle truck will be more than enough to transport up to three tons of materials.

A double bottom dump truck is more flexible and maneuverable than its smaller counterpart. Because it’s designed to fit in tighter spaces, a double bottom dump truck may be able to reach higher heights than a conventional dump truck. In addition to a longer bed, a double bottom dump truck features a patented design that makes it easier to load.

Another type of dump truck is the triple-bottom dump. This is similar to the bottom dump, but has an extra trailer for greater hauling capacity. A triple-bottom dump has two full trailers.

The bottom dump has a clamshell gate that allows the driver to place material into windrows without leaving the cab. As a result, it’s perfect for transporting multiple types of materials at one time.

7 Axle Dump Truck

#Load King Tri Axle Dump Truck

The tri axle dump truck is bigger than the average dump truck. It can carry up to 10 to 16 cubic yards of loose material. The tri axle dump truck can dump up to 15 cubic yards of stone, topsoil, dirt, and mulch.

A tri axle dump truck can carry up to 16.5 cubic yards of gravel. The tri axle dump truck can also haul up to 20 tons of gravel. It also has a higher capacity of 120 gallons of fuel.

A new tri axle dump truck costs around $100,000-$150,000. The weight limit of a tri axle is 54,500 pounds, which is about 24,700 kilograms.

However, a 63-foot five-axle dump truck can carry up to 80,000 pounds, which makes it the perfect vehicle for hauling smaller loads over shorter distances. The pay scale also includes the cost of fuel.

If you are hauling more material, you may want to consider the 16-18-foot Load King tri axle dump truck. With a standard length of 16-18 feet, it is ideal for hauling sand, large aggregates, and riprap.

The 16-18-foot model can handle 16 to 19 cubic yards of material, which is a great amount for a dump truck. Its length is also an important factor to consider.


An IntelliTruck 7 axle dump truck has all the features and benefits of a new truck, including a more advanced on-board control system, streamlined custom components, and robust mobile electronics.

The truck is easy to operate, thanks to the IntelliTruck Control Monitor, the industry’s most user-friendly system. The truck’s Super Dumps are especially beneficial for concrete and asphalt paving applications. They also feature a patented hydraulic dump system, making them particularly useful for these types of applications.

The International HX520 is a 7-Axle Super Dump with a Cummins X15 engine and Allison Automatic transmission. Its 17-1/2-foot dump body is capable of carrying over 25 Tons of payloads under federal and state bridge formulas.

The truck is equipped with an IntelliTruck Control System, Everlift Automatic Mud Flaps, and GPS Mapping & Navigation, for enhanced safety and convenience.

#Super Dump

There are several benefits to buying a Super Dump 7 axle dump truck. These trucks are highly effective for heavy-duty jobs. They feature a trailing axle that can lift up to 13,000 pounds.

These trucks are popular in urban areas because they are easier to maneuver through narrow streets. They are also more profitable than other dump trucks because of their higher payload capacity. This makes them a good choice for asphalt paving projects.

A trailing axle makes loading and unloading a breeze. Unlike traditional tandem trucks, Super Dumps have a trailing axle that trails 11 to 13 feet behind the tandem axle.

This allows them to stretch the outer bridge measurement and increase the gross weight allowed. Federal standards set standards for truck size and weight. A Super Dump has a gross weight of 80,000 pounds, which means it can carry a substantial payload.

The Super Dump is especially useful for concrete and asphalt paving applications. Its advanced onboard control system provides trouble-free operation and increased productivity.

The truck is also easy to operate thanks to its IntelliTruck Control Monitor. Its streamlined custom components make the truck very reliable and convenient to operate.

The Super Dump is also the most profitable choice for concrete and asphalt paving projects. In addition to its great payload and efficiency, it also features a long life cycle.

The Super Dump is more profitable than a straight dump truck. It can carry up to twice as much payload as a typical tandem dump truck. It also meets federal weight regulations, which makes it a great investment.

Its cost may be higher than a traditional dump truck, but it is more than compensated for by increased revenue. So, you should seriously consider investing in a Super Dump. There are a few important factors you should consider before purchasing a Super Dump 7 axle dump truck.

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