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Dump Truck Cover catdumptruck.com | A conventional dump truck consists of a bed 12 and two side walls extending from the rear to the front.

A cab shield (20) is attached to the front wall 18 and partly covers the roof of the truck cab. Two hollow lateral support members extend from the cab shield to the side and rear walls.

A dump truck cover, as its name implies, covers all or most of this area. It is designed to protect the truck cab and the load from the elements.

Dump Truck Cover

#Roll*Rite’s Easy Cover(r) 575

The Roll*Rite Easy Cover(r), 575 for dump truck is designed to meet DOT safety standards and provide a safe and easy cover.

This product includes all-metal construction, alumimum arms, PowerPack side mount springs, Ultra-HD adjustable one-piece swing arms, and a self-locking gear system. Aero systems are currently on a two-week lead time.
Aero’s Easy Cover(r) 575

The Aero’s Easy Cover(r) 57.5 dump truck cover features an electric motor, tarp arms and wind deflector. The aluminum arms are adjustable to accommodate different lengths of dump trucks.

The tarp housing is pre-assembled and requires no welding. It is an excellent solution for hauling aggregate materials, sand or other materials with a large width. The cover is fully adjustable to fit dump body shields and comes with bungee cords to secure it.

The Aero’s Easy Cover(r) 576 tarp is the industry’s premier front-to-back dump truck cover. It is adjustable to accommodate a variety of truck lengths, from 14′ to 17′.

It can protect the cargo and the vehicle over the long haul. Aero’s Easy Cover(r) 575 tarp is available for dump trucks up to 53 feet.

#Aero’s Flip Tarp(r) 575

The PowerPack Side Mount springs and alumimum arms of Aero’s Flip Tarp(r) model 575 dump truck cover provide unparalleled protection for your cargo over the long haul.

The adjustable arms are pre-assembled and feature a one-piece wind deflector, and the system requires no welding or drilling. The Aero Easy Cover system can replace older AeroForce F2B tarp systems and is covered under a 3-year warranty.

Pioneer tarp systems are designed to withstand the harshest conditions in the agricultural and transportation industries.

They are available in hydraulic, electric, manual, and manual systems and are remarkably versatile. The Flip tarp system is the most popular front-to-back dump truck cover on the market.

It can fit dump trailers up to 104″ wide and 40′ long. Aero’s Flip Tarp(r) 575 dump truck cover is available in different sizes and configurations to suit your specific needs.

The electric motor is the most powerful and dependable in the industry. It features an optional wireless control, allowing the operator to control the system without ever leaving the truck’s cab.

The manual models feature the industry’s only one-hand crank assembly, a built-in friction brake, and a self-locking mechanism. The Roll-Rite Electric Tarp System offers heavy-duty and light-duty tarp systems.

This dump truck cover is an excellent choice for your business’s needs. Aside from protecting your cargo, Aero’s Roll Tarp is designed to improve your truck’s appearance.

It is durable and fits most dump truck tarp systems. The roll-up covers have bungee cords and side flaps and measure up to 12 inches on both sides. The Flip Tarp can be purchased from Aero or a dealer.

The Roll-Matic (r) 575’s automatic tarp arm retracts the tarp into its housing with an electric motor. A 61-1/2″ Short Awning Support Arm Assembly and Aero’s Arm-Steel Inner are also available at low distributor direct prices. You can also choose between a 3-1/8″ extended output shaft and a wide tarp system.

The TARTEC Electric Tarp Conversion is another option. It features a unique motor mount, which allows the roll tube to flex and move over heaped loads while reducing the stress on the pivot arm and drive components.

The roll tube is mounted at a height between two and three feet above the top of the container. The motor mount prevents pinch points while the roll tube is flexing over heaped loads.

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