73 87 Chevy Truck Air Conditioning Kit

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How to Install a 73 87 Chevy Truck Air Conditioning Kit catdumptruck.com | Can transform your vehicle from a hot, stuffy machine to a comfortable air conditioner.

Each unit is custom-designed for each model to fit the truck’s existing holes in the firewall and dash, and comes with everything you need to install it.

Each unit includes a preformed hard line, condenser, and a Sanden 508 air conditioning compressor, complete with engine mounting brackets. This kit also comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, duct hose, and wiring for easy installation.

How to Install a 73-87 Chevy Truck Air Conditioning Kit

SureFit system

The SureFit system for is a complete, bolt-on conversion that will provide air conditioning, heat, and defrost for your vehicle.

This unit mounts directly to existing holes in the dash and connects to the factory air conditioning control assembly. The kit includes all mounting brackets and hardware, louvers, duct hose, and wiring harness. Some SureFit systems may not be compatible with some in-dash speakers and radios.

The SureFit system is engineered to fit your specific model. It is fully engineered for a particular application and does not require any fabrication.

For the quickest installation, you must call the manufacturer to make sure that the kit will work with your vehicle. If you are unsure, you can call the manufacturer to discuss the specific model of your truck.
Larger coils

A ’73-87 Chevy Truck air conditioning kit includes two separate coils. This means that you will experience faster air flow.

The coils are always bigger than the other kits, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of a ’73-87 truck air conditioning system.

The two coils are 20 percent bigger than the other kits, so you can enjoy the benefits of a ’73-87 Chevy truck air conditioning kit.

Extra Pulleys

If you’re planning to add an air conditioning system to your ’73-87 Chevy truck, you may need some extra pulleys. A 73-87 Chevy truck air conditioning kit should come with two separate coils.

Each one is about 20% larger than the original kit to provide faster airflow. It also includes a trim plate for the passenger side dash and a Receiver drier that mounts to the front of the condenser.

For a Chevy truck, you can get an extra set of pulleys for your air conditioning kit from Vintage Air. You can buy a kit for your truck’s year of manufacture, make, and model.

This includes the pulleys for your air conditioning compressor. The brackets must match the size and length of the engine pulleys. Similarly, the location should match the location where you’d like to mount your compressor.

If you’ve swapped engines or have an accessory drive system, you can find a kit that doesn’t include a compressor. All kits use the R134A refrigerant.

How to Install a 73 87 Chevy Truck Air Conditioning Kit

Interference With Some Radios

While it is possible to install an aftermarket air conditioning kit on your 73-87 Chevy truck, it may be possible to have problems with certain radios. Several radio manufacturers have different wiring styles, and some kits will cause interference with some radios.

Is designed with two separate coils. Each one is 20% larger than its predecessor. The larger coils also provide better air flow.

Most 1963-77 GM cars and trucks use a three-terminal radio socket. This style was also used in some pickup trucks and cars from that year.

This style was used until 1972, but was also used on some cars. The following applies to GM pickup trucks and cars manufactured between 1973 and 1977:

If you’re in the market for an aftermarket air conditioning system for your 73-87 Chevy truck, you’ll want to look for the correct part for your vehicle.

For example, you may need a Chevy truck air conditioning kit if your car has a small-block Chevrolet engine. When shopping for this part, make sure to check the brackets, length and engine pulleys, and mounting location of the compressor.

If you’re swapping engines or have an accessory drive system, you can opt for a kit without a compressor. All kits use the same R134A refrigerant.

Most 73-87 Chevy truck kits will have two separate coils, and these are 20% larger than other kits. This means faster airflow.

This is important because the airflow will be much greater than if you just used the same size coils as the stock ones. You can also choose if you’d like to make your truck more comfortable all year-round.

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