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P0175 Chevy Silverado Trouble Code catdumptruck.com | If you’ve noticed that your vehicle has a trouble code of “P0175,” it’s important to know what this means and what causes it.

In this article, you’ll learn what the symptoms are, how to get it repaired, and whether your Silverado is still covered under the factory warranty. To fix this code, you’ll need to take your vehicle to a mechanic.

P0175 Chevy Silverado Trouble Code


You may have received a service engine soon light on your Chevrolet Silverado, but the problem could be much simpler. The P0175 code indicates that your fuel injection system isn’t mixing fuel and air properly.

It could also mean a problem with the air filter or the mass air flow sensor. If you can’t figure out what’s wrong, there are a few tips to troubleshoot the problem.

A malfunctioning oxygen sensor may be sending this code. The code indicates that there isn’t enough oxygen in the exhaust gases. In some vehicles, this condition can lead to severe engine damage.

Without this sensor, your engine may be running too rich or too lean. In some cases, this code is even harmful to the catalytic converter. Here are some common symptoms and what you should do if you get a P0175 code on your car:

A dirty fuel injector is one of the most common causes of a P0175 code. If the injectors aren’t working, there could be another reason. Fuel leaks may be preventing enough oxygen from entering the chambers.

Another possible cause is a faulty mass airflow sensor. In either case, you should inspect the fuel trims, ignition switch, and spark plugs.

Before you attempt to diagnose the P0175 code, you should check other engine codes first. The first two codes should be fixed before you move onto the next one.

Otherwise, you may be wasting your time and money. A P0175 code can be a warning of a much larger problem. Symptoms of p0175 Chevy Silverado


If your 2017 Chevrolet Silverado has the code P0175, it’s time to know what it means. This trouble code is often caused by an issue with the air-fuel mixture, or the mass air flow sensor.

The mass air flow sensor measures the amount of air entering the engine. When the sensor is bad, the air-fuel mixture is off. That’s why it’s so important to check it to make sure it’s working correctly.

The cause of P0175 code can be quite easy to identify. The oxygen sensor is a critical component of the engine, and is often located on the bank 2 side of the engine.

When the sensor is over reporting the air-fuel mixture, the computer is misguided into thinking that there’s more air than is actually entering the engine. When this happens, it squirts more fuel into the combustion chambers than it should.

This error code doesn’t affect your driving ability directly, but the underlying issues it reveals could be costly. If you drive with the code, the engine will operate inefficiently, which will cause the car to waste gasoline.

The problems can be in the fuel system or the vacuum system, which may lead to more serious engine issues down the road. If you have a P0175 error code, it’s best to take it to a mechanic who can properly diagnose and repair the issue.

The most common cause of the P0175 error code is a faulty fuel injector. The injector is not working correctly when there’s not enough oxygen in the engine.

Other possible causes include dirty or faulty fuel trims, or a vacuum leak. Check your spark plugs as well for soot buildup. If these problems do not fix the issue, you should replace the O2 sensor.

P0175 Chevy Silverado Repair

Repair options

If you’ve noticed that your Chevrolet’s check engine light has been illuminated, you should look for a few different reasons why it’s displaying the P0175 code.

One possible cause is a faulty vacuum cleaner, which you can find out how to locate using YouTube. Another likely culprit is a bad mass air flow sensor.

This component calculates the volume of air entering the engine, and if it’s faulty, it’s possible that the air/fuel mixture is off.

Another possible cause of this code is a faulty fuel injector or mass air flow sensor. These parts are easy to replace and should be replaced.

Another possible cause of P0175 Chevrolet Silverado trouble code is that the air/fuel mixture is too rich. An engine running rich has trouble breathing and it may not be firing properly.

To check this, place a block-off plate under the EGR valve. You should also check the camshaft timing. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you can check for fouled spark plugs.

The oxygen and fuel sensors are also common culprits. In order to solve this problem, the PCM needs to properly balance the fuel-air ratio in the engine. It may have a leak or dirty mass airflow sensor.

The mass airflow sensor can be the cause as well, so make sure you inspect it thoroughly. The air/fuel ratio may be too rich in bank two. A faulty mass air flow sensor is also another potential cause of P0175.

FIXD can also help you identify other codes that may be related to P0175. You may need to address these before you can address P0175.

Checking the vacuum lines for leaks is a good idea, but it may be difficult to hear when the engine is running. If this doesn’t solve the problem, you may need to clean the mass airflow sensor. If all else fails, the fuel tank is the most likely culprit.


The first sign that your vehicle is suffering from a P0175 trouble code is a service engine soon light. This code can also be caused by an air fuel mixture issue.

Your vehicle will likely display this problem if the mixture is too rich or too lean. You can diagnose the problem yourself with the help of a YouTube video. If you are unsure how to check for this code, here are some tips to troubleshoot it.

First, make sure the issue isn’t related to your vehicle’s warranty. If it’s not covered by the warranty, you can always try repairing the problem yourself. You can even try locating a mechanic yourself to save on labor costs.

However, you should avoid trying to do this yourself unless you are a mechanical expert. If you are a beginner, it’s not a good idea to attempt this. You may not be able to figure out the problem or repair it correctly without the help of a mechanic.

Another problem that can occur is a malfunction in the cooling system. A coolant temperature sensor can be faulty, or the thermostat could be stuck open.

A car that’s abnormally cool is running rich because the ECM is programmed to do so. A thermostat stuck open may also result in this issue, which means that your vehicle will never reach a comfortable temperature. You may not even notice that your vehicle is running rich until it gets warm.

Another way to diagnose a P0175 problem is to contact the manufacturer for a warranty repair. Most warranties only cover the parts of your vehicle. It’s also worth noting that a faulty engine can void your vehicle’s warranty.

Chevrolet recommends you take your vehicle to a reputable repair shop to ensure that you’re receiving the best service. If you don’t, you’ll likely end up spending thousands of dollars to get your vehicle fixed.

Repair shops

A technician who can diagnose the P0175 error code for a 2018 Chevy Silverado costs an average of $75. The cost of labor depends on the vehicle make, engine type, and location. Most shops charge between $75 and $150 an hour.

To avoid being surprised with an unexpected bill, try to bring your vehicle to the shop at the same time that the problem first manifested itself. If you aren’t comfortable taking your vehicle to a mechanic, here are some tips to help you choose a shop:

Check the cooling system. The cooling system is vital to the proper operation of the engine. When the engine is running abnormally cool, the ECM automatically runs at a rich rate. If the thermostat is open or faulty, the vehicle will never warm up properly, resulting in a rich condition.

This will cause the engine to run poorly and waste a lot of fuel. The fuel and vacuum systems are prone to leaking and need to be replaced if you encounter this error.

The P0175 code may also occur as a result of a vacuum leak. A vacuum leak can be easily detected by a YouTube video, while the mass air flow sensor is responsible for measuring how much air enters the engine.

Bad fuel injectors and a bad mass air flow sensor can also lead to a misfire. If you have a faulty air-fuel mixture, your mileage may be severely reduced.

Besides replacing the injector, your mechanic should check the O2 sensor. If it is working properly, the sensor will indicate the underlying issue and help you find a solution for the problem.

Ultimately, repairing the error code in your own car is not a good idea, since it requires specialized equipment and mechanical knowledge. However, if you want to save money on labor, you can also try fixing the issue yourself.

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