88-98 Chevy Truck Steering Column #Repairing

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How to Repair an 88-98 Chevy Truck Steering Column catdumptruck.com | If your 88-98 Chevy truck’s steering column is in need of repair, this article will show you how to replace the EVO sensor, install a non-delay 2 speed column switch, and lower the steering column bracket.

By following these steps, you can have a new steering column in no time. These steps will help you restore the steering column to like-new condition and make your truck look better than ever.

88-98 Chevy Truck Steering Column


If your 88-98 Chevy truck’s steering wheel is loose or sloppy, it may be time to take it apart and repair it yourself. If you have to use the steering wheel to maneuver, you’ll need to fix the loose part first.

The steering shaft connects the steering gear to the steering column. It’s a common problem on early models, but you can fix it yourself and save yourself money by fixing it yourself.

First, check the intermediate steering shaft. GMC Sierra and Silverado steering shafts can be re-greased, but this is not a long-term solution and will have to be done every time you change the oil in your truck.

If you find a bad steering shaft, you can replace the two-piece steering shaft for around $250. You should also check your horn.

#Finding a replacement for the EVO sensor

If you have a faulty EVO sensor in your 88-98 Chevy truck, you can easily fix it yourself. You only need to pay $100 for the sensor and do the repair in about 20 minutes.

To remove the EVO sensor, simply unscrew the retaining clips. The sensor is a thin, black doughnut with a diameter of three inches.

It attaches to the steering column with three clips. To remove the sensor, unplug the steering column’s power cord and pull up the lower part of the column until you can pull it out.

Then, simply slide the steering wheel slightly to the left and tighten the nut with your fingers. Once you’ve removed the old EVO sensor, you’ll have to install the new one.

If you’ve tried everything but haven’t been able to get the EVO sensor to work, then the problem is most likely the EVO sensor in your steering column.

The EVO system is a system in which the power steering pump has a full flow at low speeds, and less at higher speeds.

This can be very problematic if you’re constantly driving at high speeds, since it can lead to hose problems. If you’d rather not deal with this problem, you can delete the EVO system and install a power steering pump without the EVO sensor. You can also purchase delete kits for your EVO power steering pump.

The power steering system’s problem is caused by electrical and software issues. The problem has led to a recall of over 690,685 vehicles.

The driver may notice that the power steering assist stops working temporarily and reverts to normal after a brief period of time.

This may make the steering wheel feel heavy and unresponsive. If the steering wheel is not fixed, other electrical systems can become disabled.

88-98 Chevy Truck Steering Column

#Finding a non-delay 2 speed column switch

There are a few ways to find a non-delay 2 speed column shift for your 88-98 Chevy truck. If your ignition switch is the culprit, you may need to replace the ignition switch.

If you have a donor truck, you can simply swap the tilt column with it. However, make sure to watch the tilt knuckle closely, as it can become loose and damage other parts if not replaced correctly.

#Finding a lowering bracket

If you want to lower the steering column of your 88-98 Chevy truck, you should purchase a lowering bracket. This is an essential upgrade if you’re planning to add larger wheels or take your truck off-road.

You can also purchase a swivel column mount for your truck. Either of these options will give you a unique interior feel.

88-98 Chevy Truck Steering Column

#Finding a swivel mount

If you’re looking for a new mounting solution for your 88-98 Chevy truck’s steering column, you’re in luck. Finding a swivel mount for the steering column is easy, but a few things you’ll need to know about your truck’s base will help you find the right one.

To start, you’ll need to remove the steering wheel, which can be tricky, but can’t be avoided. Next, remove the turn signal and key switch assemblies. Finally, remove the plastic collar that covers the pivot pins.

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