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Bell Dump Truck Specifications

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The Bell Dump Truck | A Bell dump truck is a heavy duty vehicle used for hauling material.

These vehicles are popular amongst people who work in construction sites, and can be found in all types of industrial environments. Its construction ensures that it can carry heavy loads with ease, and is suitable for short trips as well.

The Bell Dump Truck

Fuel efficiency

Bell Dump Truck

Bell Equipment’s Articulated Dump Trucks are one of the most reliable and fuel efficient on the market. They come with a wide range of standard features including: Downhill Speed Control, Tip Safe, Neutral Park Brake, On-Board Weighing Systems, and a regenerative brake charging system.

Among other features, Bell ADTs offer a quieter cabin and superior comfort. They also offer a high power-to-weight ratio, which is a key factor in their outstanding performance.

The E-series articulated dump trucks by Bell are designed to deliver uncompromising safety standards, low daily operating costs, and increased productivity. They are also available in a variety of models, each with its own unique characteristics.

For instance, the B30EUMPER, Bell’s flagship model, has a fuel efficiency of up to 60 to 70 litres per day. That is significantly better than the other models in its class.

Its chassis is made of high strength alloy steel, which reduces the powertrain stress. It also has an electronically activated “Traction Control” that ensures the truck engages its interaxle differential lock when needed.

Other features include on-board diagnostics, a tilting cab, and an inclinometer. Additionally, the new model features a backup camera and an additional rear-facing camera on the A-pillar.

With the growing focus on fuel efficiency in the heavy equipment industry, the shift towards less thirsty machines is becoming a reality. This means that there are more opportunities for manufacturers to provide products that reduce the carbon footprint while improving overall efficiency.


Bell Dump Truck

The safety of a Bell dump truck is a priority for the company. Various features, such as on board weighing, are designed to ensure loader operators achieve the correct payload for the job. Other features include a hill assist function to prevent uncontrolled movement on slopes.

Bell’s Articulated Dump Trucks are some of the most technologically advanced trucks on the market today. They offer optimal comfort, durability and long-haul performance. In addition to their exceptional performance, these machines have a high power to weight ratio.

One of the most important features of Bell’s Articulated Dump Trucks is their unique tip safe feature. This prevents the rear bin from lifting out of the bed, reducing risk of accidents.

Another innovation is the Cat 725’s assisted automatic hoist, which lowers the truck bed with a controlled descent. This technology reduces the amount of operator input required to operate the truck.

Using data from the Fleetm@tic function, Bell’s Continuous Improvements (CI) team can analyze the number of hours each machine is used. This information can be used to identify underutilized units in a fleet, and to maximize productivity.

Bell Trucks has also made a commitment to developing autonomous driving technologies. Through a partnership with Pronto AI, they plan to make this technology available to their customers in the U.S. and Mexico.

Some of the other features of the new E series range include a safe tip function, automatic gear shifts, an auto engine retarder and an anti-slip system. All of these safety innovations are designed to ensure the operator is protected, both inside and outside the cab.

The Bell Dump Truck

Recognisable design

Image Bell Dump Truck

Whether you’re looking for a classic earthmoving dump truck, an all-purpose 4×4 ADT, or a high performance ADT for your next project, Bell has an articulated solution for you. Using the latest technology, you can enjoy a range of benefits including the ability to operate in extreme weather conditions, best in class ground clearance, and optimal vehicle weight.

For years, Bell has been the world leader in articulated dump trucks. Today, its D-series models stand as a testament to the company’s dedication to providing superior quality products and service.

The new Bell B45E articulated truck takes the D-series’ proven performance and efficiency and pairs it with the best in class power to weight ratio. With a power output of 523 hp at 1700 rpm, the mighty B45E can tackle even the most challenging of earth moving jobs. Its redesigned dump body has a standard capacity of 45 tons.

The new B45E is equipped with some impressive features, including a unique tailgate, an auto tailgate, a spring steel strap for maintaining a positive seal, and a unique front suspension damping system. This unique chassis design improves performance in rough conditions and minimizes vibrations.

Bell offers its new B45E in a variety of configurations, including a single-axle and a two-axle version. Both models are backed by a complete line of warranty support, parts, and service.

Bell’s B45E is an ideal choice for hauling heavy loads, especially for ambitious production schedules. Its standard cab, accompanied by a suite of driver-related assistance systems, provides a great deal of visibility and comfort.

Body configuration

The new Bell Equipment B45E 4×4 articulated dump truck entered the market in April. It is designed to provide customers with a cost-effective transport solution for niche applications.

This new model was developed by using Bell’s high-volume technology. The B45E is designed to meet the needs of customers who need a smaller, more affordable option to the company’s popular B60E.

The Bell B45E 4×4 features an all-wheel drive system. The engine is an inline six-cylinder Mercedes-Benz designed for off-highway use. The transmission is a seven-speed Allison automatic.

The 4×4 articulated hauler has the capacity of a standard 6×6. Compared to rigid-bodied peers, the articulated body allows for higher production, higher utilisation and less overall cost.

The standard payload of the new dump truck is 45 tons. An upgraded hitch joint allows for full oscillation and articulation. In addition, the redesigned dump body features a lower center of gravity to ensure stability on soft terrain.

A new tipping bin provides a higher-capacity, longer-life tipping feature. It has a maximum tipping height of 6.4 meters and a tipping angle of 55 degrees.

An under-body hydraulic tipping ram helps to make this operation easier. There is also an optional body heating that minimizes carry-back when tipping.

Other notable driving performance features include Automatic Traction Control, Torque Converter Lock-Up, Keyless Start, Hill Assist, and Auto Park Application. These innovative features are based on real-time data collection from sensors.

The Bell Dump Truck

Tires in constant contact with the ground

When it comes to heavy duty trucks, Bell Equipment is not your ordinary manufacturer of trucks and trailers. The company has been around for a little over a quarter of a century, and is still chugging along in the rat race.

From its state of the art tooling to its state of the art technology, Bell is well positioned to meet and exceed the demands of its most discerning clients.

With a portfolio of over two hundred and sixty articulated dump trucks and other heavy duty products to choose from, the company’s extensive line of commercial vehicles has a solution to fit any need.

In addition to a host of impressive features, Bell offers a plethora of benefits to its customers. For instance, Bell provides its operators with an industry leading warranty, with a five year or six year unlimited mileage coverage, whichever comes first.

On top of that, the company offers an array of incentives to encourage its dealers to stay on top of their game. Likewise, Bell has a solid customer service and sales rep network, ensuring that customers receive the attention and service they deserve.

To ensure that its newest product offerings are as dependable as the rest of its fleet, Bell offers a full complement of aftermarket and OEM services.

From warranty repair to maintenance and service, Bell’s service team is ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way.

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