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Chevy Cruze p0496 – What to Do If Your Chevy Cruze Has the P0496 Code | If your Chevrolet Cruze is experiencing the P0496 engine code, there are many things you can do to repair the problem.

This article will help you understand the symptoms and causes of this problem, as well as possible repairs. We also provide troubleshooting tips for common problems.

Read on to learn more about this issue. It could be a common problem with your Chevrolet Cruze. So what should you do?

Chevy Cruze p0496


Oftentimes, a Chevy Cruze can develop a P0496 code, which indicates a malfunction with the evaporative emission control system.

This code can be caused by a number of problems, including a faulty PCM, improper wiring, or a bad fuel cap. To diagnose a P0496 code, first check for simple causes, such as loosening the fuel cap.

If you suspect that your Chevrolet cruze is having P0496 problems, a qualified mechanic can help you determine the underlying cause of the problem.

A qualified technician can diagnose a P0496 fault for a minimum of an hour’s labor. Most shops will apply the diagnostic fee to any repairs they perform.

You can then estimate the cost of the repairs and seek further advice. You can also call a reputable auto repair shop to check your Chevrolet cruze for P0496 code.

Another problem that may be causing your Chevy Cruze to have a P0496 code is the fuel tank pressure sensor. This sensor is located inside the fuel tank and is responsible for capturing the fuel vapor.

This fuel vapor ignites in the engine during the normal combustion process. Regardless of the cause, the Chevrolet Cruze computer will identify this problem and throw the P0496 trouble code if it detects it is not working properly.

If the fuel pressure indicator light is flashing and the vehicle will not start, the fuel tank pressure is a problem. If it is higher than the specified range, the purge solenoid valve is likely to be to blame.

Checking the fuel tank pressure is important because this can cause engine damage in the long term, as high pressure in the fuel system can lead to an underpowered engine. A faulty purge solenoid valve is another source of code P0496.


A common problem with a Chevrolet Cruze with the P0496 trouble code is the vapor canister purge valve. It can cause the vehicle to run at a slow idle speed, or not at all.

Replacing this part is a relatively simple process. To get to it, first remove all the clips that hold it in place. To replace the valve, watch the YouTube video below.

One of the most common mistakes that mechanics make during vehicle diagnostics is replacing a component that does not cause the problem.

This problem could be something as simple as the fuel cap not being tightly attached to the fuel tank. Or, it could be an EVAP purge volume control valve problem.

While a replacement of an EVAP purge volume control valve might seem like an obvious solution, it is often not. Instead of replacing the EVAP purge valve, check to see if a hose is loose or if the fuel tank is too full.

The Malfunction Indicator Lamp illuminates with the P0496 trouble code. There are no other noticeable symptoms other than the P0496 code illumination.

However, some people experience a hard start or a crank condition. A rich engine condition can also occur. If not addressed, it can cause further damage. Most P0496 DTC issues can be resolved with a purge solenoid valve repair, but this requires proper diagnosis.

If you have the P0496 code on your Chevrolet Cruze, there are several causes of this trouble code. The most common cause is a malfunctioning purge valve.

The purge valve in the charcoal canister can be broken or obstructed, or it could have a flaw. Other causes are poor electrical connections or a faulty EVAP purge volume control valve.

Chevy Cruze p0496


If you’re experiencing trouble with your Chevrolet Cruze’s EVAP system, you may be dealing with the ‘P0496’ code. While this error code usually means nothing more than a malfunctioning EVAP system, it can also mean something more serious.

In the case of this error code, it’s important to find the right repair shop. You can use to find a reputable auto repair shop, and many of these shops have certified technicians.

Regardless of the type of repair your vehicle needs, they’re sure to be able to give you the best estimate possible, and they’ll provide you with a minimum 12-month warranty.

This code indicates that something isn’t working properly. Your car’s Evaporative Emission Control System is preventing fuel from escaping from the engine, causing smog.

When you experience the problem, your Malfunction Indicator Lamp will illuminate, but you’ll experience no other symptoms.

However, some people experience problems with starting their vehicles, and may even have crank condition or rich engine conditions.

While these may not be serious problems, they can lead to long-term engine damage. To fix this problem, you’ll need to replace the purge solenoid valve, which is one of the most common fixes for this error code. The repair will require proper diagnosis.

In most cases, a malfunctioning EVAP system is the culprit. It collects fuel vapor from the fuel tank and sends it to the intake of the vehicle, where it ignites in the combustion process.

If the purging isn’t happening as expected, the computer will notice this and throw the P0496 code. While there are several possible causes for this trouble code, this is the most common one.

While the cause of code P0496 isn’t always the same, you should consider that the issue is low-priority. While it can be difficult to start the vehicle, it’s not detrimental to the engine.

It can be due to a broken purge valve or a clogged EVAP hose. Even if you can start the vehicle, the EVAP system may not be functioning properly.


If you have received a P0496 diagnostic trouble code on your Chevrolet Cruze, there are several things that you should check first.

This code is a symptom of a serious problem, and you should seek assistance from a mechanic if you suspect this is the cause.

One mistake that mechanics commonly make is replacing the evaporative emission control system components, when there is no obvious problem. You can test this code yourself with a high-end scan tool. If the light does not come back, it’s likely a sensor problem.

Once you know what the problem is, you can proceed with repair. In some cases, one or more repairs may be needed to solve the problem.

Typically, these repairs will involve the replacement of a hose or a damaged EVAP purge volume control valve. Regardless of the cause, you’ll be required to pay for relevant parts and labor. You’ll also want to get a price quote before any repairs are performed.

If the code is caused by intermittent failure of the vapor canister, the solution may be to replace the valve. This is a relatively inexpensive part, and it’s easy to replace.

If the problem persists, it’s time to consult a manual and replace the vapor canister. A YouTube video that walks you through the procedure will demonstrate how to check the condition of the valve and replace it.

The most common cause of the P0496 code is a defective Vapor canister. This valve can cause the engine to struggle with idle speed.

If you’re experiencing this problem, the best solution is to replace the purge valve, which should take no more than an hour.

The replacement price ranges from $20 to $45. However, you should always consult a professional if you suspect your vehicle is suffering from a malfunction or need repair work.

If the problem still persists after you have fixed the other common issues, you can take your vehicle to a mechanic. Most repair shops charge an hourly fee to diagnose the problem, which may vary from vehicle to vehicle.

This fee may be included in the price of repairs. However, this charge is generally not applicable if the repair will be more expensive.

Often, a technician will recommend you get the car checked by a qualified mechanic, or try a DIY solution if you’re unsure.

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