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Custom Dump Truck | If you are looking to add a unique look to your dump truck, then you are at the right place.

You can get a custom paint job to make it look more professional and give it an edge over the competition. To get the right look, you should visit a flash dry paint booth that is approved by the DEQ and has the appropriate equipment to fit your truck’s size.

Other accessories you can add to your custom dump truck include storage compartments, tool boxes, hitch plates, coal chutes, electric power units, ladders, spreader aprons, tailgate bumpers, tarp hooks, and more.

Transfer Dump Trucks are a Type of Custom Dump Truck

Custom Dump Truck

A transfer dump truck is essentially a standard pickup truck with a cargo container on a separate trailer. This design maximizes maneuverability and capacity. These trucks are a combination of a standard truck chassis and a trailer with a separate hydraulic system.

These dump trucks can transport many different materials, including gravel, sand, asphalt, wood chips, dirt, and other materials. They are commonly used in construction sites.

A haul dump truck can carry from forty to 400 tons of material per load, and the breaking point depends on the size of the truck. Most haul dump trucks are twin-axle vehicles, while bigger haulers may have three axles.

These heavy-duty haulers are not typically used on public roads, and are reserved for onsite use. Haul dump trucks may come with two different types of offloading mechanisms, including hydraulic front lifts that shift the dump box.

Another type of custom dump truck is called a pup truck. This style of truck is similar to a transfer dump truck, but it pulls a second dump trailer.

This second dump trailer is called a pump trailer, and it is designed to have a hydraulic ram that self-unloads the load. They are ideal for hauling construction debris and loose objects. They are also highly versatile and can handle large volumes of freight.

The standard dump truck is a combination of a tractor and trailer. The dump truck is mounted to a frame and has a hydraulic ram system to raise and lower the bed.

The dump box may be lowered or raised, and the tailgate can be base or top-pivoted. Other types of dump trucks feature a pressure-driven tailgate that raises and lowers the back end when the truck is empty.

Double Bottom Dumps

Custom Dump Truck

A Custom dump truck with double bottoms is a versatile piece of equipment. Unlike traditional dump trucks, which are swiveled around and positioned to dump a load from two angles, double bottom dumps allow the driver to lay materials in windrows without leaving the cab.

This design has its disadvantages though, such as difficult backing. Butte Sand Trucking Co.’s double bottom dump trucks typically carry over 27 tons of material.

A custom dump truck with double bottom dumps has a longer bed to carry heavier loads. It also has more headroom, allowing the driver to load and unload more material in less time.

These trucks are also more durable than other dump truck options, allowing for more heavy-duty operation. A Custom dump truck with double bottom dumps has more power, which is a must for a commercial operation. It is possible to choose a double-bottom dump truck, as long as it is wide enough to handle the load.

In terms of range, bottom-dump trucks are most commonly used in the coalfields of the Powder River Basin. A large percentage of these trucks are 150-tonne units, although many are over 15 years old.

A wide range of manufacturers is represented in these markets. Some companies are developing larger, double-bottom-dump trucks with capacities up to 500 t. One manufacturer has developed a concept that could allow trucks with double bottom dumps to carry up to 210 tons.

Bottom-dump trailers are also popular in the window and asphalt paving industries. They offer a more accurate mat with fewer seams.

This type of custom-made dump trailer is versatile, but does have limitations when it comes to materials. A double-bottom dump trailer is the perfect solution for a variety of situations.

It can be loaded by a loader and emptied quickly. A bottom-dump trailer is easily maneuverable and can handle material as large as 21 yds.

Custom Dump Truck

Semi end dumps

Custom Dump Truck

A new type of semi-end dump can be spec’d on custom dump trucks, allowing the truck to move the load out of the gate without elevating the bed.

Newer end dumps can also feature “live bed” technology that moves the load out of the gate without elevation. Some end dumps can also feature more generous belt widths than the standard 36 inches.

In addition, some end dumps come with Load Sense Belt Tensioning, which automatically tightens the belt to match the load and then releases tension to unload the truck.

An end dump trailer is often the best choice for contractors delivering construction and demolition debris. Due to their heavy-sided design, end dump trailers can handle a wide variety of difficult materials.

These trailers also tend to have higher sides than other dumps, which can mean more cubic yardage. However, it’s important to remember that a high-sided trailer does not necessarily translate to more weight.

If you’re hauling a lot of heavy materials, you’ll want to consider a steel-sided end dump trailer. While steel dump trailers can carry more weight, aluminum dumps are more durable and last longer.

The semi end dump is a special type of tractor-trailer combination that has a hydraulic hoist in the trailer itself. This type of dump truck has a large payload and is usually unstable when it’s raised in the dumping position.

By contrast, a transfer dump truck is a standard dump truck pulling a separate trailer. A transfer dump truck is used for the transfer of construction aggregate, gravel, sand, wood chips, triple mix, or similar materials.

Mack Granite

If you have the budget and the need for a customized dump truck, the Mack Granite is the answer. Its brawn, stability, and versatility make it ideal for local heavy-duty work.

And its smooth ride carries its load evenly, keeping your business moving forward. You can customize your truck for specific applications, such as paving, hauling, and demolition. The Granite can also be ordered in a standard cab or with a custom body.

Bruder has produced an impressive toy dump truck inspired by the real-life Mack. This toy dump truck features a replica engine, inclineable bed, tilting hood, and opening back door.

It has realistic features, and is designed to last for years. The Mack Granite toy dump truck is approximately 13″ long, 5.5″ wide, and 6.2″ high.

The toy dump truck’s interior features a realistic replica of the driver’s cabin, including folding mirrors, a payload dump sound, and a cab with a working hood.


For almost 80 years, Peterbilt has been a standard in the commercial vehicle industry, producing heavy-duty, vocational, and medium-duty trucks.

From hauling, to dumping, to forestry work, to the service industry, these trucks provide value, dependability, and pride for owners and operators.

Peterbilt trucks are also supported by industry-leading aftermarket programs and a dedicated network of independent dealerships.

From dump trucks to commercial utility vehicles, Peterbilt offers a complete range of truck customizations and services to fit any need.

The Peterbilt 579 Ultra Loft began life with the “Black Out” package and Roadworks chrome package. Then, it was upgraded to a Peterbilt 579 Ultra Loft in 2020.

Its interior was trimmed in the classic style of Peterbilt, and its chrome-accented cab and hood were designed to complement its work-ready function. The Peterbilt 570 is an exemplary truck for construction and vocational use.

With a 123″ BBC, the 367 is a rugged workhorse built to handle any job. Optimum fuel economy and an all-wheel-drive option make this a dependable, well-performing workhorse.

A PACCAR MX-13 engine and a full range of suspensions make the 367 the ideal dump truck. Peterbilt provides the axles and components necessary for various applications.

How to Get a Class A Dump Truck License

Class A Dump Truck

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