Atlantic City Truck Meet

Atlantic City Truck Meet – Registering, Sponsors & Location

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2022 Atlantic City Truck Meet | The 2022 Atlantic City Truck Meet has been a long time in the making.

What are its dates and Sponsors? Where will it be held? Are there events held during the meet? Read on to learn more. Listed below are some details about the event.

To attend, you must register online. Registration closes at the end of June. You must be a truck owner or a truck enthusiast to participate. Whether you’re a truck owner or a truck enthusiast, you’ll want to attend the show.

Registering For The 2022 Atlantic City Truck Meet

Atlantic City Truck Meet

The 2022 Atlantic City Truck Meet will take place on July 30-31 at Bader Field. The event is free to attend and features hundreds of trucks from all over the country. It also features a bikini contest.

The event attracts over 14,000 people and is expected to generate $4.3 million in economic impact. If you are interested in attending, make sure you register today! After all, you don’t want to miss out on this fun event!

In addition to the Truck Meet, the Atlantic City Sports Commission is hosting the AVP Junior Nationals Beach Week in July 2022.

This event will feature beach volleyball games featuring kids of all ages competing for the ultimate beach volleyball title.

This event is expected to generate more than $1,655,000 in economic impact and generate over 2,000 room nights. The event is expected to bring about 60,000 visitors to Atlantic City, generating 1,624 room nights in the area.


Atlantic City Truck Meet

If you are interested in promoting your business and attracting potential new customers, consider becoming a sponsor of the 2022 Atlantic City Truck Meet. The show was a success last year, and organizers plan to make the event an annual occurrence.

The Truck Meet is the largest truck show on the East Coast, and this year’s event was even more exciting for the show’s sponsors. You can become a sponsor of this unique event by filling out the form below.

To become a vendor at the 2022 Atlantic City Truck Meet, fill out an application. You can mail it to the Atlantic Area Chamber.

If you are interested in running an activity booth, you can complete a separate application for that purpose. Alternatively, you can apply to be a food vendor or craft vendor.

You can even participate in a craft or activity booth. After you are approved, you can start promoting your business at the event.


Atlantic City Truck Meet

The Atlantic City Truck Meet is slated for Bader Field in the summer of 2022. It is the largest truck show in the North East and is free to attend for spectators.

This event will feature different truck designs, bikini contests, and much more. It is estimated that the show will generate around $4.3 million in economic impact.

Organizers plan to hold the show every year. If you’d like to see all the trucks, be sure to check out the website for updates.

The show will feature a variety of trucks, including lifted and lowered trucks, Jeeps, Broncos, and SxS/UTVs. Besides trucks, there will be awards for Best in Show, Best Paint, and Best Suspension.

You can even win cash and prizes for your truck’s best features! Taking part in this show will let you display your truck to a large audience of truck lovers.

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