Dump Truck Asphalt Tarps

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Dump Truck Asphalt Tarps, catdumptruck.com | Dump truck asphalt tarps are made of high quality fabric designed to withstand the abuse they take from a dump truck.

Unlike cheaper tarps, dump truck asphalt tarps are durable enough to last for many years. Asphalt tarps for dump trucks are made of high-density polyester that resists tearing. These tarps are also made to be easy to remove for cleaning.

Dump Truck Asphalt Tarps

Heavy Duty Black Mesh

Dump Truck Asphalt Tarps

Heavy Duty Black Mesh Dump Truck Asphalt Tarps are the most popular style of tarp used for hauling asphalt. They are available in various sizes and are perfect for hauling heavy loads. Black PVC Mesh Tarps are the most affordable option, but they are also the least durable. This is because they are made of solid black PVC. As a result, they are half as durable as Mega Mesh, yet are still cheaper than others.

Depending on the type of asphalt load carried on the truck, these tarps should be purchased accordingly. The standard size is 8′ x 16′, meaning a dump truck with a bed of 16 feet would need an eighteen-foot tarp. Moreover, the length can be customized, with two-foot increments available to suit various needs. Buying a tarp with the correct size is essential to protect the truck from heavy impacts.

A typical Heavy Duty Black Mesh Dump Truck Tarp can be used for a variety of applications. They are an excellent choice for hauling sand and rocks. Whether you are hauling plant materials, gravel, sand, or debris, these tarps can handle the job. They can be used to cover dump truck beds, as well. In addition, they are lightweight, so you can move the dump truck around with ease.

Heavy Duty Black Vinyl

Dump Truck Asphalt Tarps

Heavy Duty Black Vinyl dump truck tarp covers provide reliable protection against the elements. These tarps are available in different sizes and types. Most dump truck tarps feature 6′ pockets and a row of grommets spaced about 12 inches apart. The sides and front hems of these tarps are reinforced with webbing. They are designed to fit most standard tarping systems.

Heavy Duty Black Vinyl Dump Truck Tarps are made with reinforced webbing and pockets, which provide extra durability and strength. Xtarps tarps have #5 grommets around the hem, with spaced every two feet. These tarps also come with a 6″ pocket opening, designed for a crossbar. The Xtarps Dump Truck Tarps can be easily attached to most electrical targa systems and can be installed quickly and easily.

Dump Truck Asphalt Tarps

Heavy Duty Black Mesh with Bungees

Heavy Duty Black Mesh with Bungee, also called Tarp Ball Bungees, are a great way to tie down tarps to a canopy without damaging them. These are 8-inch lengths with a 1 inch ball, and they fit most tarps with grommets. They are available in several colors and are available at your local hardware store or online.
Parachute tarps

If your hauling business involves asphalt, parachute tarps are a great option. While parachute tarps are not 100% waterproof, their vinyl top and nylon airbag fabric sides are. This means that even when the load is oversize, the tarp will protect the asphalt and not the truck. However, this type of tarp is not ideal for oversize loads, as it will expose the load to water damage.

These tarps are among the strongest in the industry and are designed for everyday heavy hauling. These tarps can withstand the rigors of asphalt hauling. They also have vinyl lined pockets for added strength. This combination allows for the most effective use of the materials. With this type of tarp, you won’t have to worry about the tarps ripping, as they are highly durable.

When selecting a tarp for your asphalt truck, keep in mind that the length of the bed should be added two feet for ease of use. So, if your bed is 16 feet, you’d need an 18-foot asphalt tarp. Make sure to measure the bed of your truck before purchasing your new tarp, so that you get the best fit. There are many types of tarps available for dump trucks, so be sure to research your needs before making a purchase.

Steel tarps

Dump Truck Asphalt Tarps

When you need to cover the bed of your steel dump truck, the best option is to purchase a new steel dump truck asphalt tarp. Asphalt tarps are designed to protect your truck’s bed from damaging loads. Dump truck asphalt tarps are designed with reinforced pockets for steel arms. They feature heavy-duty hems and grommets spaced evenly. Moreover, you can order bulk orders if your truck has more than one bed.

Dump tarps are available in different materials and specifications. Some of them have side flaps and others do not. These tarps are designed for high-temperature environments. The tarp will not stick to the asphalt when it is placed under it. They feature side flaps that are usually two inches shorter than the tarp. When not strapped, the side flaps naturally fold onto the tarp. On the other hand, the tail flap is 12 inches long and constructed to match the width of the tarp. Dump tarps are secured with brass grommets at each corner and around the hem.

Dump truck tarps are custom-designed for dump trucks and other construction vehicles. Their mesh weave allows air to flow through, eliminating wind resistance and providing versatility. Unlike other tarps, mesh tarps are particularly good for hauling plants, sand, and debris. They are ideally suited to protect cargo loads from damage while on the road. Moreover, these tarps can be installed with a manual or electric tarping system.

Dump Truck Asphalt Tarps

Expandable asphalt tarps

Expandable dump truck asphalt tarps are made for trucks that haul asphalt or other heavy materials. These tarps have a standard Lee style with reinforced pockets for steel arms and double lock stitching. They are available in custom sizes and can be bulk ordered. These tarps are best for dump truck containing hot or heavy loads of asphalt. For best results, measure your existing tarp’s length before making a purchase.

There are many types of dump truck asphalt tarps, including mesh, 18-oz. vinyl and multi-colored PVC mesh. This material is water resistant and comes in seven-foot, six-foot and twenty-four-foot widths. They are designed to fit most dump truck bed sizes, from 10 to 28 feet. The standard tarp width is seven feet, six inches wide, and seven feet, six inches high.

Custom-made Agricultural and dump truck tarps can be used for a variety of applications. These tarps can withstand temperatures down to -50 degrees F and can have a seam overlap of 1.25 inches. They can be customized with seat belt reinforcements and cargo reinforcement. They can also be manufactured to meet your exact specifications. A custom-made tarp can be made from materials such as steel, lumber, landscapes, and other special needs.


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