Dump Truck Hits Bridge
Dump Truck Hits Bridge

Dump Truck Hits Bridge in Iowa, Virginia and Massachusetts

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Dump Truck Hits Bridge in Iowa, Virginia and Massachusetts catdumptruck.com | A dump truck hit a bridge in Iowa, according to the Iowa State Patrol. In another case, a dump truck hit a bridge on the Virginia Turnpike.

According to the Iowa State Patrol, the truck’s bed was up when it hit the bridge. In another incident, a dump truck hit a bridge in Massachusetts.

While the circumstances of these incidents are unknown, it’s important to remember that they are all separate incidents.

Iowa State Patrol Says Dump Truck Hit Bridge

Dump Truck Hits Bridge

A dump truck struck a bridge north of Huxley on Saturday afternoon. The driver was taken to a local hospital with leg pain. It’s unclear what caused the truck’s box to accidentally activate.

The truck didn’t have a warning light in its cab. The crash closed I-90 in both directions, and the Iowa State Patrol said there was significant delay. Drivers are advised to plan their route accordingly.

The accident occurred shortly after 6:30 a.m. Thursday near Huxley. Nelson was cited for driving a vehicle with an excessive height.

No other vehicles were involved in the crash, but the driver was taken to the hospital. The incident is being investigated by traffic homicide investigators.

Although Haskins was in Florida this week to train with his Steelers teammates, it’s still unclear if he will play a role in the upcoming season.

Georgia State Patrol Says Truck Hit Bridge Because Bed Was Up

A dump truck driver killed when his dump truck crashed into a bridge in Georgia last week has been charged with commercial license and traffic violations. Authorities are still investigating what caused the truck to hit the bridge and the reason for the accident.

They believe the bed flew up while the truck was driving down the road. In the previous version of this article, the county of the crash was mislabeled. We regret this error.

A dump truck was traveling west on Interstate 16 when it suddenly slammed into the overpass and caused the bridge to shift more than six feet.

The crash caused traffic on the highway to be shut down for several hours and shut down a section of the interstate. Drivers were advised to take alternate routes after seeing the accident on their news feeds.

The crash is believed to have caused structural damage to the bridge, so the overpass needs to be demolished to reopen.

The accident closed both directions of I-16 and detoured traffic for the day. The bridge deck was shifted six feet over the interstate and had to be replaced.

The accident has caused severe traffic backups in the area. It has closed the westbound lane between Macon and Savannah.

This lane is vital for safety and freight traffic. While the roadway is closed, it is expected to reopen Saturday afternoon.

GDOT crews shifted traffic in the area and prepared the bridge for demolition. The full reopening was expected to take nearly a week, but a day earlier than anticipated.

The crash has caused thousands of cars to be diverted to alternate routes. The reopened bridge will require a new bridge. You can read more about the crash and what to do to prevent it from happening again.

Virginia State Patrol Says Dump Truck Hits Bridge Because Bed Was Up

Dump Truck Hits Bridge
Dump Truck Hits Bridge

A Virginia dump truck struck an overpass and lodged itself under it Tuesday, forcing both lanes of traffic to shut down. Police say the driver of the 1998 Kenworth accidentally engaged the truck’s bed while driving on the interstate.

The bed then raised and hit the bridge, wedged between the interstate and the overpass. The truck driver, Earl Vaughan, was cited for reckless driving and was taken to the hospital.

Massachusetts Turnpike Dump Truck Hits Bridge

The Massachusetts Turnpike has been closed for several hours after a dump truck that was towing an excavator crashed into a bridge.

The dump truck was overturning on the eastbound side of the highway at 10 a.m. when it struck the bridge’s inside guardrail. The dump truck caused a massive backup of vehicles, which continued for at least five miles.

The highway was closed on both sides while police cleared the scene and airlifted the driver to Baystate Medical Center.

The driver of the dump truck was not injured, but a man in his 80s was taken to the hospital. The truck driver did not stop at the scene. Police pulled him over shortly after the crash.

The driver of the dump truck was not injured in the incident. Police are investigating the cause of the crash. As of Tuesday afternoon, Route 30 remains closed in both directions. It is unclear whether the dump truck was speeding or was hit by another vehicle.

The accident took place early this morning, near the IHOP in Brighton. A dump truck driver was traveling in the inbound lane of the turnpike when he lost control of his vehicle and slammed into a train.

A man whose car was hit by the truck was detained by police. There were no other injured parties, but State Police are investigating the incident.

The Massachusetts Turnpike is closed for three weeks while MassDOT considers an alternative to the current route. This option would preserve train lines, Soldiers Field Road, and bike and pedestrian paths.

The drivers of both vehicles suffered minor injuries. The Chevy Equinox continued to drive north on Route 70, and the Peterbuilt Dump Truck began to veer to the right.

The driver of the Peterbuilt Dump Truck tried to steer the vehicle, but the collision caused the truck to roll over, spilling nearly three thousand pounds of sand onto the highway.

The drivers of both vehicles, Luis A. Cruz of Lowell and Joseph W. Cook of Cambridge, Massachusetts, were taken to a local hospital.

Vermont State Police responds to Two Separate Crashes Involving Five Vehicles

On Sept. 13, Vermont State Police responded to two separate crashes involving five vehicles. One of the crashes involved a car that was off the road. Police stopped the driver for a motor vehicle violation and discovered signs of impairment.

The driver, identified as Siena Damon, was arrested and charged with Driving Under the Influence. She has an upcoming court date in Washington Superior Court on Oct. 15.

The first incident involved a crash between a 2008 Toyota Rav 4 and a 2018 Honda Accord. The driver of the Toyota Rav 4, a 23-year-old Waterbury resident, was uninjured, but showed signs of impairment.

He was cited with DUI refusal and will appear in Washington County Superior Court-Criminal Division on Oct. 14. The second crash involved two vehicles and involved multiple people.

The first crash involved a three-car chain-reaction crash near the Sunflower Natural Foods Market in Waterbury. A southbound 2014 Toyota Tacoma rear-ended a stopped 2008 Volvo XC90.

Both drivers were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the crash. The driver of the Toyota, Romelson Meresse, of Lynn, Mass., was issued a civil violation ticket.

In a second crash, the Vermont State Police responded to two separate crashes involving five vehicles. One of the crashes involved a car in Waterbury, and state police responded to the scene of both incidents.

The troopers who responded were able to find the driver of the car at a local Mobil. The driver, Jesse T. Koslowski, had been suspended from driving five times for a criminal offense and failed to appear in court on six prior occasions.

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