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Different Types of Dump Truck Salt Spreader

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Different Types of Dump Truck Salt Spreader catdumptruck.com | The hydraulic controls for a dump truck salt spreader are found inside the driver compartment.

The truck’s plow, salt spreader, and dump body are all controlled by the levers. Each of these components has a different sensitivity level, and you must experiment to find the right combination for your needs.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few of the different models available. Also, learn about the different uses for each type of salt spreader.

Different Types of Dump Truck Salt Spreader

Meyer UTG Premium

Dump Truck Salt Spreader

If you’re looking to add some value to your dump truck, consider installing a Meyer salt spreader. Available as Replaceable Tailgate Spreaders (RTG) and Under Tailgate Spreaders (UTG), these spreaders use a self-contained auger with removable spinners to apply sand and salt from four to 40 feet. You can also choose between an electric or hydraulic model.

This spreader is designed for professionals that need an all-season spreader at a reasonable price. Its stainless steel construction ensures years of dependable service in the snow. Its low-profile design also makes it easier to view from the rear window.

This feature is an excellent choice for ice control on a small or medium job. The Meyer UTG Premium salt spreader for dump truck is made to withstand the harsh winter elements.

The Meyer UTG Premium salt spreader for dump trucks has all of the features of the baseline 960. In addition to this, the Meyer spreader includes a hinged bottom door.

The Meyer spreader for dump trucks is also equipped with an Electric Safety Interlock System (ESIS) which disables the auger when the dump bed is opened. You can use your dump bed for other purposes when the spreader isn’t in use.

Aside from dump trucks, Meyer makes a wide range of other spreaders. The Meyer UTG Premium salt spreader for dump trucks is an excellent choice for commercial and industrial use.

Its compact design is easy to attach and enables you to get the job done efficiently and effectively. Meyer UTG Premium salt spreader for dump truck has many options for sizing. You can choose between nine, ten, and eleven feet long models.

Baseline 960

Dump Truck Salt Spreader

A dump truck equipped with a Baseline 96 salt spreader can quickly and effectively apply the salt to parking lots and other areas.

These compact, lightweight spreaders are available with a 96-inch body made of corrosion-resistant 10 gauge stainless steel for years of trouble-free operation.

During non-spreading operations, the dump truck remains functional. Moreover, the spreader’s remote controls are easy to use.

A baseline 960 salt spreader for a dump truck has all of the features of a typical Meyer spreader, with a few additional features. It is a stainless steel spreader that requires 44 inches of tailgate clearance.

The Baseline has a replaceable tailgate spreader for maximum versatility and flexibility. Both spreaders have interchangeable tailgate spreaders to make installation simple. Whether you’re spreading salt or sand, you’ll be prepared to tackle any job.

If you need to treat the sides of walkways and driveways, a Meyer Base Line salt spreader will be your best choice. It comes in two different sizes and fits most 2″ receiver hitches on light duty trucks and SUVs.

This spreader is available in electric and hydraulic models, and comes with a two-year warranty. There are a variety of options for spreading salt and brine.

If your job requires the use of a salt spreader for a dump truck, Henderson Products offers several models with different sizes.

Available in 7′, 8′, and nine-foot lengths, the FSM-A spreader features a hydraulically powered, 7-inch variable pitch auger.

It also has standard top grate screens, rugged stainless steel construction, and six-inch higher sides. Other features include a manual tip-up chute, a light kit, and rubber spill shields.

Dump Truck Salt Spreader


Dump Truck Salt Spreader

If you’re in the business of sprinkling salt on roads, you’ve probably considered investing in an Xzalt dump truck salt spreader.

This device has several unique features, including a seventy-five percent dry-to-liquid ratio, which reduces salt usage while speeding up ice melt.

It can also adjust pattern settings with one touch. Spreaders for one-lane, two-lane, or three-lane applications come with tie-down points, so you can store other equipment in the truck bed.

Commercial applications require large spreaders, such as those for plow trucks and commercial vehicles. Meyer sells commercial-grade spreaders, as well as personal-use spreaders and salt mix.

They also offer heavy-duty slide-in-hopper spreaders and under-trailgate spreaders. If you’re in the market for a dump truck salt spreader, you can browse RCPW’s selection.

The RTG Premium dump truck spreader has an electric motor for easy application of light, free-flowing materials. It can cover 40 feet of snow and ice.

It also offers separate motor controls for the auger and spinner, an 18-inch spinner disc, anti-flow plate, and a spinner stabilizer kit. It also has a 1/2 horsepower stainless steel auger motor and a spinner stabilizer kit.

An Xzalt dump truck salt spreader has a variety of features and can accommodate a large range of vehicles. Its compact size allows for easy installation on utility dump bodies.

It is available in seven-, eight-, and nine-foot sizes. It is the perfect solution for municipalities with a demanding budget. Xzalt dump truck salt spreader comes with optional electric controls, ladders, and pre-wetting system.


If you’re looking for a quality dump truck salt spreader, then look no further than the wide variety offered by Fisher. This company has been making industry-leading snow plows and spreaders for decades.

Its full line of advanced technology spreaders is loaded with standard features. Designed for reliable performance, each spreader is built for years of use. From clearing roads to preventing ice and snow accumulation, Fisher spreaders help you get the job done right.

The poly V-box salt spreader lineup offers quality and durability from Fisher Engineering. Choose from 1.5 cubic yard and 1.8 cubic yard models to suit your commercial fleet.

You can even find models that fit on flatbeds and dump bodies. Dual electric motors provide power to the spinning granules, while the double walled polyethylene construction prevents rust.

Regardless of the type of salt application you need to perform, Fisher dump truck salt spreaders are an excellent choice for any commercial fleet.

For commercial use, a salt spreader is an essential part of grounds maintenance, especially in winter. These devices can be purchased at TruckCraft.

They come with either a tailgate or under-body design. You can also purchase the Snow Dogg Municipal Dump Spreader, which combines the capabilities of a dump truck with salt spreading functionality. These units are available in nine to fifteen-foot lengths and can use bulk salt or sand.




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