Electric Tarp System For Dump Truck

Electric Tarp System For Dump Truck

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Electric Tarp System For Dump Truck catdumptruck.com | If you own a dump truck, investing in an electric tarp system is well worth the money.

These systems simplify the process of tarping and save you time. You can buy one for your dump truck or dump trailer and start saving time today! Here are some benefits of purchasing one:

Pioneer Tarp System for Dump Truck

Electric Tarp System For Dump Truck

The Pioneer electric tarp system for dump truck has been in the business since 1967, and has a wide variety of options for applications and industries.

You can find a large selection of Pioneer dump truck parts at Mountain Tarp, including cables, roller assemblies, hoses, and crossover bars, as well as electrical parts, chains, and gear boxes.

All of these parts can make your job much easier. You can easily install and maintain your tarp system by following the instructions.

Pioneer’s patented tarping system was the first of its kind. It helped set the industry standard for truck tarping systems.

Its Rack ‘n Pinion(r) system is the preferred tarping system for major national haulers, and has a long history of reliable performance. Pioneer’s tarping systems can be found in light-duty, medium-duty, and heavy-duty versions.

The Pioneer electric tarp system for dump truck comes with a 3-year replacement warranty and features an all-purpose tarp design for up to 20’ bodies.

It comes with a ground level crank or an electric direct drive motor, and comes with a 3 year replacement warranty. Its high-quality design, durability, and warranty are sure to earn your business. You can easily contact a local dealer for service and repair if necessary.

A high-quality Pioneer electric tarp system for dump truck can save you time, money, and effort by maximizing the working space of your dump truck.

In addition to being durable, they also provide friendly customer service and factory installation know-how. They even offer easy-to-replace components and parts and can install them in your dump truck with just a few clicks of your remote. The Pioneer electric tarp system for dump truck provides many benefits to the owner and his company.

Roll-Rite ALC-DB Series Electric Tarp System

Electric Tarp System For Dump Truck

Designed for the modern dump truck, the Roll-Rite ALC-DB series systems mount directly to the frame of the vehicle and feature industry-leading wireless tarp controls.

They’re capable of covering most open top bodies and containers and use select tarp fabrics. The systems are backed by a comprehensive five-year warranty.

And unlike manual tarps, Roll-Rite tarp systems are completely automated, so you don’t need to worry about operating the system.

These systems are available in two styles: manual and electric. Electric versions feature Rite-Lock arm technology and a wireless controller.

These systems are ideal for both dump trucks and trailers, and can be used with either solid or mesh tarps. Besides the electric tarp systems, these tarp systems also provide replacement tarps for all tarp systems.

Electric tarp systems are extremely efficient. Because you don’t have to get out of the cab to cover or uncover a load, the system is easy to use and can be installed in just a few minutes.

The ROI for these tarp systems can be realized in weeks. Plus, you won’t need to take off your clothes to cover or uncover your load, saving you time and money.

The cost of one additional load per day is easily reflected in the reduced time and effort required to haul the extra loads.

Steel Protector+ Automatic Tarp System

Electric Tarp System For Dump Truck

The Steel Protector+ Automatic Tarp System for a dump truck is an excellent option for longer applications. This semi-automatic system can hold up to 28 feet of tarp and features galvanized end plates and housing that are resistant to corrosion.

The system can be installed on all types of dump trucks and meets all state laws and regulations. The Steel Protector+ Tarp System is available in various colors, sizes, and designs for every application.

Harps offers a variety of dump truck tarp systems, including steel and aluminum tarp systems. Other options include mesh vinyl tarps and aluminum systems. Carolina Tarps provides high-quality tarps at competitive prices.

Customers can compare prices to find the best tarp system for their needs. You’ll find the Steel Protector+ Automatic Tarp System for dump truck the most convenient option.

The Steel Protector+ Automatic Tarp System is available in manual and electrical models. The automatic version includes a high-quality, durable electric motor with a three-year warranty.

Besides the automatic version, the manual system has the only one-hand crank assembly in the industry, which is easy to install. The manual system comes with a built-in friction brake and a self-locking mechanism.

Electric Tarp System For Dump Truck

Buyers Products

When it comes to purchasing an electric tarp system for your dump truck or trailer, there are several different types of products to choose from.

There are two main types of dump trailer tarp systems: manual and electric. These options will provide the maximum amount of protection for your valuable cargo while also increasing safety.

These systems are made with high-torque gear motors that are compatible with both manual and electric tarp systems.

In addition to a wide range of options, you can also select from a variety of accessories that will complete the look and functionality of your trailer or truck.

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