How to Choose Dump Truck Tire

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How to Choose Dump Truck Tire | When it comes to choosing dump truck tires, you have a few things to consider.

Durability, cost-effectiveness, and fuel efficiency are four factors to keep in mind. Stability is another factor to consider when choosing a tire.

There are also other factors to consider as well, such as the type of dump truck you are purchasing. Goodyear has introduced its RM-4B+ Off The Road (OTR) tire range for rigid dump trucks in EMEA.

How to Choose Dump Truck Tire


Dump Truck Tire

The durability of dump truck tires depends on several factors. The type of load and driving conditions are the primary factors in determining how long tires should last. Tires with aggressive treads may not be appropriate for certain applications.

Similarly, standard tires on dump trucks may not be able to withstand the high pressure encountered on the work site. Here are a few tips for ensuring the long life of dump truck tires. You can check them on a regular basis.

RDTs and ADTs have different application types and may spend the entirety of their life cycle at one location. RDTs are used in mining operations such as coal, gold and copper.

ADTs, on the other hand, are more widely used for construction purposes such as road building and major dam projects. Most heavy dump trucks use ADTs. Both types are durable and versatile, so make sure to consider them carefully.

Overinflated tires can affect their life by decreasing the amount of tread in contact with the ground. Overinflated tires may also cause less traction on the road, making them more susceptible to snags and impact fractures.

Also, since rubber is a poor conductor, it can accumulate heat. Tires should be inflated according to recommended load-speed inflation pressure to maintain a balance between heat generation and dissipation.

Deviating from this recommended pressure can lead to high pressure. Additionally, tires’ durability depends on their speed and the distance hauled.

This study contributes to the existing knowledge regarding the durability of dump truck tires. It also highlights the need for a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms in tire aging.

It explains why a good quality tire is necessary in such applications. The quality of the rubber should not only be durable but should also have a long lifespan.

This article discusses some of these concepts in further detail. There are several ways to increase the life of dump truck tires.


Dump Truck Tire

The total cost of ownership for a dump truck can increase by as much as 30 percent if the tires are replaced every ten thousand miles. However, the impact of these tires on fuel economy is less apparent.

Though fuel efficiency depends on a variety of factors, tires play a significant role in fuel efficiency, especially in long haul operations.

The average cost of fuel per hundred thousand miles is about $43,000, and every percentage point reduction in fuel consumption translates into nearly $430 in savings.

The cost-effectiveness of dump truck tires depends on several factors. The hauling conditions, load and vehicle type all influence the choice of tires.

Unlike conventional truck tires, dump truck tires must meet rigorous standards and utilize sophisticated manufacturing and engineering processes.

Rigid dump truck tires have a standard base size and may be narrower or wider than articulated tires. For these trucks, customer service and support are essential factors in determining the cost-effectiveness of the tires.

Aside from traction and cut resistance, dump truck tires must be fuel-efficient. Most truck drivers spend the majority of their time on the highway, so fuel efficiency is crucial.

The company Bridgestone makes tires that offer decent fuel-efficiency and good traction in mild off-road conditions. By the way, Michelin also has a brand of lug-type drive tires that offer good fuel efficiency and decent traction.

In addition to durability, OTR tires should be long-lasting. Changing tires too often will be costly. To reduce tire wear, truck tires should feature low-rolling resistance technology.

These tires require less engine power to maintain a constant speed and may save as much as three percent of fuel. This can add up to substantial savings for mining operations.

The University of Arkansas Ball Hogs have developed a new way to recycle waste OTR tires. The University of Arkansas Ball Hogs use the old tires as liners for a ball mill.

A ball mill is a large cylindrical vessel that contains metal balls in a cascanning motion. The metal balls grind the material that is fed into it.

How to Choose Dump Truck Tire

Fuel efficiency

Dump Truck Tire

The government has mandated the development of “super-fuel” truck tires that go beyond the SmartWay designation. Fleet managers should specify tires made of premium casings.

They should also follow fuel-efficient tire specs for other wheel positions. For example, dump trucks that use standard tires may not get as much fuel efficiency as heavy-duty ones.

In addition, they may lose grip sooner than heavy-duty trucks. Nonetheless, the government’s recent regulations are encouraging truck makers to develop more fuel-efficient tires.

In addition to their environmental benefits, fuel efficiency has other advantages for the truck fleet. By replacing old tires with fuel-efficient ones, you will save a significant amount of money on fuel.

High-quality tires also reduce noise and vibration, which are important for the driver’s safety. They also provide traction and grip for the driver. These tires also enhance the overall safety of dump trucks. Fuel-efficient tires can increase the profitability of a fleet.

Another important factor to consider is the tires’ resistance to air. Underinflated tires can increase the rolling resistance by 20 percent, which can slow down a dump truck or cause a tire blowout.

These problems can be frustrating for both the driver and the customer. Proper tire inflation is essential to reduce fuel consumption in a dump truck.

Additionally, low-resistance tires can help reduce aerodynamic drag. If you’re looking for the highest fuel efficiency, consider spec trucks.

While tires may seem to be expensive, they can drastically affect operating costs. A high-efficiency dump truck tire will save a fleet more than $26,000 in a year.

This cost reduction can be attributed to many factors. The drivers’ behavior is a significant factor in fuel efficiency. Whether a driver is experienced or new to the industry, he or she is a significant influence on operating costs. Good drivers can increase fuel efficiency by as much as a third.


To improve the stability of dump trucks, their tires must be designed to have high load capacity and low rolling resistance.

The lateral stiffness of a dump truck’s tires is low, which results in “snake shape” instability. Michelin Earthmover, a tire manufacturer located in Lexington, South Carolina, has introduced a new off-the-road (OTR) tire range for dump trucks.

It features five new sizes, including a 63-inch version. Its tire design is aimed at improving traction and stability, as well as handling rougher terrain and faster speeds.

Dump truck tires need to provide exceptional tread wear and traction, as rigid dump trucks are designed to haul heavy loads over long distances.

The Magna MA04+ Giant tire, for example, has a unique E4 tread pattern that improves its traction and conforms to physical obstacles while preventing pattern rupture.

Its reinforced shoulders provide increased stability and the aggressive extra deep tread pattern provides long, even tread wear, superior traction, and cooler running performance.

Tire damping is another important factor that affects the stability of a dump truck. In some cases, it is difficult to determine the stability of a dump truck based on the eigenvalue analysis, which neglects damping terms.

However, this analysis still shows that heavy trucks are more susceptible to instability than other vehicles. If the axles are prone to instability, then the truck should be modified accordingly. In this way, its braking performance and overall efficiency can be increased.

Tire dealers should be aware of the latest trends and technology in the dump truck market. A better knowledge of dump truck tires will lead to increased profits and service revenues for the tire dealer.

This knowledge is important in making a sound business decision, and it will also ensure the loyalty of customers. While tire dealers may not always have the best knowledge about the latest tires available on the market, stocked dump truck tires will help them reap high profits.

How to Choose Dump Truck Tire

Sidewall Markings

There are many things to look for in a dump truck tire, and sidewall markings are just as important. DOT Codes are molded into the sidewall of the tire and are required by the U.S. Department of Transportation. The letters “DOT” are followed by two numbers or letters that represent the manufacturer of the tire.

The last four numbers on a tire represent the build week and year, and the rest of the numbers are marketing codes that manufacturers can use at their discretion. In the event of a tire recall, this information will be very useful.

Tires have a large amount of information written on the sidewall. This information includes the manufacturer, tire size, load rating, and construction.

Additionally, the size is identified by a three-digit number. The letters on the sidewall are often followed by a letter that tells what type of construction the tire has. For example, “R” means radial, and “B” indicates a bias tire.

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