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Ford Ranger Pre Runner Mods | The Ford Ranger is one of the most popular SUVs, but what is it’s secret? Not much, really.

This SUV has a turbocharged 2.3L I4 engine that makes 270 horsepower and 310 lb-ft of torque. It also uses FOX and BDS suspension components, and BFGoodrich KO2 tires.

Ford has made it even more capable with a variety of mods. The XBOX Ranger by ADD, for example, has a 6-inch lift and BDS suspension. It also has customized bumpers and Ford Performance by Borla exhaust.

Ford Ranger Pre Runner Mods

#2004 Ranger

The 2004 Ford Ranger Pre-Runner has many desirable features. Its widebody fenders and full cage from front to rear provide excellent clearance for huge rims and 35-inch BFG mud terrain tires.

This truck has the ability to go anywhere and do everything you could hope it could. Its interior is comfortable, too. Ford’s renowned reliability has helped it remain popular for years. But it hasn’t lost its nimble nature.

The four-door body style is the most appealing of all the 2004 Ford Ranger models. Its long wheelbase and rear-hinged doors make it the most versatile vehicle in its class.

Its sleek design, rounded edges and wide stance make it very appealing. However, its lack of cargo space limits its use in the city.

The bed length, in fact, varies greatly between pickup models. You can choose between the long and short-bed styles, and depending on your preference, you can choose between regular or SuperCab body style.

The ranger had been around for years, but the latest generation is set to replace the Ranger and is expected to be even more appealing.

Its payload was rated at 1600 pounds, and it came with two drivetrains – a rear-wheel-drive unit and part-time four-wheel drive. Among the latest model, the 2004 Ford Ranger XLT, which was a new trade-in for a brand new truck, has a long-term history of engine and transmission issues.

#2003 Ford Ranger

The 2004 Ford Ranger Pre-Runner belongs to Kalil Bushala. The truck is nicknamed Black Widow, due to its wide stance and bulging fenders.

Since it was purchased in 2010, Kalil has worked on modifying the vehicle. Despite its name, the truck has undergone quite a few changes.

Read on to learn more about the modifications he’s made to his vehicle. Read on to find out how Kalil made the truck unique.

The Ford Ranger falls short of modern pickup truck standards, owing to its bulk, noisy engine, cramped cabin, and unattractive design. Its only pluses are its compact size and useful bed.

The 2003 Ford Ranger Pre-Runner is the last year of production for the truck. According to Ford Authority, this vehicle has received mostly excellent reliability ratings, based on owner comments. There are no recalls for the 2003 model year, and the mileage on this model is low.

The third-generation Ford Ranger underwent a number of major design changes. In the face of the truck, the grille was restyled

It was now characterized by a lower hoodline and added taillamps and parking lamps. In addition, the sideview mirrors were replaced with a rectangular design. The Ford Blue Oval was now centered in the tailgate, and the cab was widened by almost three inches.

#2002 Ford Ranger

The second generation of the Ford Ranger has been redesigned with a new aerodynamic profile. The ranger was available with a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine, or an optional 145-horsepower 3.0-liter V6.

The truck also featured an optional four-wheel independent suspension and an upgraded transmission. For those who prefer a higher-performance vehicle, there is an optional Raptor trim.

Nick’s truck is not stock, but it has a wide stance and big sand tires that make it look much different than the stock Ford Ranger. It started life as a regular 1995 Ford Ranger.

He sold his previous prerunner and went the co-pilot route for a few years, but decided to jump back into desert racing. He plans to add a supercharger in the future.

While a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine is standard on all models, the ranger is capable of taking up to 39-inch wheels. This means that it can handle a full-size set of tires with ease.

A lightweight hood and fenders will help clear the huge wheels, while still allowing for reasonable suspension travel. For added performance and comfort, there is an optional four-wheel-drive kit.

#2005 Ranger

There are many upgrades available for the 2005 Ford Ranger Pre-Runner. It’s fitted with Baja Designs lighting and McQueen fiberglass body panels. Both of these features help increase the pickup’s stance.

The pickup rolls on 17-inch Method wheels with 37-inch BFGoodrich all-terrain tires. For the most part, this truck is ready to tackle any trail or obstacle.

And if you’re looking for a truck that’s even more capable of handling your adventures, this is the perfect vehicle for you.

The engine is a 4.0L V6 and runs a C4 three-speed gearbox with a reverse manual valve body. It also has a cambered race kit. Suspension comes standard with two King shocks per wheel: one coilover and one three-tube bypass.

Travel is 17 inches up front and 26 inches in the rear. A 5.0L V8 is optional. Whether you’re looking to add extra suspension travel, this is the truck for you.

#2006 Ford Ranger

The Ranger Pre-Runner is an off-road vehicle that has the look and feel of an off-road truck. It comes with an incredibly wide stance, huge tires, and a wide-body fender.

This truck weighs in at a bit over 6,200 pounds. And it’s street legal in all 50 states, thanks to its wide-body fenders. There’s a slew of upgrades for the pickup, including a full cage front and rear.

The ranger has three engine choices, including a 2.3-liter inline four with 143 horsepower and 154 lb-ft of torque. The 4.0-liter can tow up to 5,740 pounds.

Depending on the engine, all models offer two-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive. The ranger also comes with several different body styles. You can choose the XL, STX, Sport, or XLT body style, as well as the Power Equipment Group.

#2007 Ford Ranger

A new version of Ford’s rugged pickup truck has been released in America. Called the 2007 Ford Ranger Pre-Runner, this pickup has been given a facelift that accentuates its rugged look.

The 2.3-liter engine and five-speed manual transmission make for an easy driving experience. The truck’s standard features include anti-lock brakes, a tire pressure monitoring system, a 510-watt Pioneer audio system, leather seating and a 60/40 split bench seat. The suspension travel is seventeen inches up front and 26 inches at the rear.

For the 2007 model, many changes were made to the truck’s exterior. In addition to the updated interior, the grille now features a three-slot design and features a large Ford Blue Oval centered in the tailgate.

Also, the front end of the 2007 Ford Ranger was widened and received a redesigned bumper and fender skirt. The new front fascia features a revised grille and updated headlamps. The rear fascia also has a larger Ford Blue Oval emblem.

#2008 Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a four-door SUV with a boxy design and rugged styling. Its standard features include a five-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel independent suspension.

The 4.0-liter V6 offers solid acceleration, while the base four-cylinder is underpowered. While it can handle off-road situations, the ride and handling on pavement is not impressive, particularly compared to other vehicles in its class.

A 2008 Ford Ranger Pre-Runner is a capable off-road truck and most aftermarket off-road equipment companies have built prerunner kits.

The Ford Rangers stand a step below full-size trucks equipped with stock V8 engines. Selecting the proper suspension setup is an important part of any prerunner build.

Aftermarket companies such as Kamburg, Dixon Bros, and HM racing design offer mild-to-wild suspension kits ranging from 15 inches to 24 inches.

The Ford Ranger was first introduced in 1983 and has undergone only one major redesign. Its current design was unveiled during the first term of Bill Clinton, and it gained a beefier frame in 1998.

The Ford Ranger has been lagging behind its larger competition, including the Chevrolet Colorado/GMC Canyon, Dodge Dakota, Toyota Tacoma, and Honda Ridgeline. Fortunately, a few manufacturers have made the Ford Ranger Pre-Runner an affordable, capable vehicle.

#2009 Ranger

The Ford Rangers are among the best-selling compact trucks in North America. Available with either an inline-four or a V6 engine, the ranger’s performance is impressive.

The 2.3-liter engine is capable of 143 horsepower and 154 pound-feet of torque. Other notable features of the Ford Ranger include two-wheel drive and a 6,000-pound towing capacity. It is also equipped with an automatic transmission.

The Ford Ranger has four trim levels. The regular cab and SuperCab are equipped with a 6-foot or seven-foot cargo bed. The FX4 Off-Road Package adds gas shocks, skid plates, and larger all-terrain tires.

The Ford Ranger is offered with six or seven doors, leather seats, and a 290-watt Pioneer audio system. In addition to standard features, the Ford Ranger is available with four different trim levels.

In addition, the FX4 Off-Road Package is designed for serious off-roading and adds gas shocks, skid plates, and larger all-terrain tires.

The exterior of the Ford Ranger is the same as in the previous generation, but new colors and trims are available. Its front seats are more comfortable than ever, with deep sculpted backs and new fabric options.

The legroom behind the seats is not nearly as large as some of its rivals, but back seats can be used for short trips and are not suitable for adults. The audio system is outdated and lacks safety features.

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