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Komatsu HM300 Compact Dump Truck

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Komatsu HM300 Compact Dump Truck | The Komatsu HM300 is a compact loader that is built to handle a variety of tasks.

Its powerful engine can produce up to 6,000 pounds of pressure when it is in operation, and a remote monitoring system helps keep the truck in good shape. When it comes to features, the HM300 has a payload meter, as well as a KOMTRAX telematics system.

Komatsu HM300 Compact Dump Truck

Payload meter (PLM)

Komatsu HM300

Komatsu’s HM300-5 articulated dump truck delivers improved fuel efficiency and increased payload. This model is EPA Tier 4 final emissions certified. Its high payload capacity matches hydraulic excavators from 30- to 60-ton class. It features a new cab and remote monitoring technology.

The HM300-5 is powered by a 324 hp Komatsu SAA6D125E-7 engine, which provides excellent performance. It features a six-speed automatic transmission, which is also part of Komatsu’s K-ATOMiCS system.

It uses synchronized engine speed and electronic engine control, which eliminates shift shock and torque cutoff. During slope climbing, the transmission selects the most appropriate gear based on the vehicle speed.

The Komatsu HM300-5 tractor cab features an easy-to-reach and rounded front dash panel. It also offers enhanced visibility and a center-mounted high back seat. A three-point seat belt and an auxiliary input are also available.

Using the KOMTRAX remote monitoring system, operators can check key operating data and receive warnings, maintenance alerts, and other information. They can also monitor ambient air temperatures, AdBlue/DEF levels, and diesel exhaust fluid.

This information can be accessed through a web-based interface or via a mobile app. In addition, Komatsu’s Traction Control System helps provide correct traction when ground conditions worsen.

The KOMTRAX remote monitoring system also features an auto idle shutdown function. This helps improve operating costs by automatically shutting off the engine when it is not needed. Also, detailed data can be downloaded directly to a PC.

HM300-5 trucks are designed for hard rock mining. Their rigid box structure and frame is built with heavy-duty steel to handle the rigors of these tough jobs.

Moreover, the HM300-5 offers a wide range of options for customizing the machine to match the operator’s needs. With a redesigned front dash panel, a separate rear view monitor, and a large LED multi-language display, the operator can keep track of the machine’s operating records in a variety of languages.

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Other features on the HM300-5 include a hydraulic retarder system, a payload meter, and a forward-facing training seat.

The HM300-5 is ROPS/FOPS Level-2 certified. And, owners of this machine will benefit from Komatsu’s three-year/2,000-hour complimentary maintenance program.


Komatsu HM300

The Komatsu HM 300-5 articulated dump truck features a 324 horsepower Komatsu SAA6D125E-7 engine. This machine offers improved fuel efficiency and better maneuverability, as well as increased body capacity, payload, and loading height.

It is also equipped with the Komatsu Traction Control System, which automatically provides optimal traction on soft ground.

Komatsu’s HM300-5 articulated dump truck is built to meet the needs of heavy-duty applications, including loading and unloading construction materials.

The high-quality suspension system ensures a smooth ride and reduced pitching and vibration, which helps to prevent material from spilling.

In addition, the cab’s unique design allows for easier service access. Moreover, it has an electrically powered tilt function that simplifies transmission access.

The HM300-5 tractor cab has ROPS/FOPS level 2 certification. It includes a redesigned front dash panel, easy-to-reach switches, and a heated air ride seat.

It is also equipped with a separate rear view monitor. A separate auxiliary input has been added to the monitor panel, so an operator can connect a smartphone.

Another unique feature of the Komatsu HM300-5 is its integrated payload meter. This system transfers data via the Komatsu telematics system.

Operators can easily monitor the weight of loaded material in real time, ensuring that the machine’s performance meets or exceeds expectations.

The Komatsu HM300-5 is available with K-ATOMiCS, a six-speed fully automatic transmission with a synchronized engine speed.

The system eliminates the shift shock that is typically experienced with conventional transmissions, as well as the acceleration caused by slope grades. It is also equipped with a torque cutoff, which ensures smooth downshifts and a shortened transmission range.

The HM300-5 is also available with a Komatsu KOMTRAX remote-monitoring system. This system allows users to monitor key operating information, such as the vehicle’s ambient air temperatures, diesel exhaust fluid levels, and maintenance alerts. Furthermore, it allows operators to view their machine’s records through a web-based platform.

The HM300-5 is also equipped with Komatsu’s EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System). This software is integrated into the machine’s on-board diagnostics system, providing greater monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities. Using wireless technology, the system continuously monitors all critical systems.

Remote monitoring system

Komatsu recently introduced two new articulated dump trucks, the HM300-5 and the PC240LC-11. Both trucks were presented at a recent trade show.

The machines featured an advanced electronic control system that provides total control of the equipment in all types of conditions. They also have a high degree of efficiency in fuel consumption and are environmentally friendly.

In addition, both models feature a redesigned front dash panel with a rounded design. They come with a heated air ride seat and easy-to-reach switches.

There is an integrated payload meter that shows the payload and loaded material weight on a high-resolution LCD monitor. These features provide an enhanced productivity while minimizing operator fatigue.

Additionally, both models are equipped with KOMTRAX remote monitoring technology. This remote monitoring system allows machine operators to access information and data from anywhere in the world.

With the use of a smart phone or web, they can access detailed machine performance data. It helps to increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the availability of machinery.

The KOMTRAX system comes factory-installed on almost all new Komatsu construction equipment. It offers unprecedented visibility for fleet managers and operators.

Using a smart phone, operators can connect to the Komtrax Mobile application to view the real-time status of their machines.

The system gives managers and operators an array of important operating information, including air temperature, exhaust fluid levels and diesel exhaust gas concentration.

Moreover, both of the Komatsu machines have an EMMS (Equipment Management Monitoring System). The KOMTRAX telematics system enables fleet managers to access detailed data from their machine through the Komatsu website.

Komatsu’s HM300-5 articulated dump truck is a highly efficient machine, featuring a Komatsu SAA6D125E-7 engine.

The engine is certified as an EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standard, which reduces emissions and fuel consumption without sacrificing performance.

The HM300-5 is equipped with a six-speed fully automatic transmission. This is complemented by the hydro-pneumatic suspension, which minimizes pitching and increases durability and smoothness.

It also offers a 30.9 US ton payload. Moreover, the cab features an auxiliary input, which allows the user to connect a smartphone.


The Komatsu HM300 has been upgraded with the latest KOMTRAX remote monitoring technology. This helps to maintain optimal machine performance and ensures optimal fuel efficiency. In addition, it provides a heightened level of safety.

The Komatsu HM300 is a versatile articulated dump truck that offers maximum performance and efficiency. It also features Komatsu’s advanced truck transmission system.

Additionally, it includes a Komatsu Traction Control System, which applies brakes to slipping wheels, and is able to detect tire slippage, which can result in loss of load.

A Komatsu K-ATOMiCS six-speed automatic transmission also helps to improve efficiency. Moreover, it eliminates shift shock, ensuring smooth downshifts.

KOMTRAX telematics allows users to monitor pressures, diesel exhaust fluid, and ambient air temperatures. In addition, it allows fleet managers to access detailed data online. These data can be used to help maximise machine tracking, prevent breakdowns, and improve production.

The HM300’s advanced electronics system manages airflow, fuel injection, and aftertreatment functions. It is equipped with Komatsu’s high-pressure common rail (HPCR) fuel injection system. Moreover, the HM300’s engine is EPA Tier 4 Final emissions certified.

The Komatsu HM300 has a 53,470 kg gross vehicle weight and 30.9 US tons of payload. It has an enhanced cab with rounded front dash panel and easy-to-reach switches. Also, it has a 7-inch high-resolution LCD monitor. Its cab tilts back for ease of access to the transmission.

This machine is complemented by a Komatsu K-ATOMiCS system, which synchronizes engine speed while climbing slopes.

This eliminates the acceleration and shift shock that can occur when the grade of the slope is uneven. It also features an electronic system, which enables the vehicle to select the right gear, regardless of the speed.

Another highlight is the Komatsu HM300’s Auto Idle Shutdown function, which helps to reduce operating costs. Moreover, it can be configured to shut down the engine when the operator is not using the truck.

Lastly, the HM300’s Komatsu Advanced Transmission with Optimal Modulation Control System helps to minimise fatigue.

The Komatsu HM300 can be paired with a wide range of Komatsu hydraulic excavators. They range from five-to-7.5-ton wheel loaders, and 30-to-60-ton class hydraulic excavators.

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