Lifted Chevy Blazer and Why it’s Worth It

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Lifted Chevy Blazer | Are you looking for a way to lift your Chevy Blazer? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, I’ll explain the process of how to lift a Chevrolet Blazer and why it’s worth it. I’ve personally lifted my ’79 Blazer and have never looked back.

I hope you enjoy reading this article and have a lifted Chevy Blazer! There are many benefits to lifting your Chevrolet Blazer.

Lifted Chevy Blazer

#1986 Chevy K5 Blazer Cheyenne

If you are looking to purchase a 1980s SUV, this 1986 Chevrolet K5 Blazer will suit you just fine. This Cheyenne is in good running condition, but could use a few cosmetic upgrades.

This vehicle is listed on Collecting Cars, a website that requests a fair amount of detail from sellers. As with any auction, you must do your research and ensure the information provided is accurate before you bid.

This truck is a perfect project vehicle for the off-road enthusiast. The owner spent plenty of time and money to transform this 1986 Chevrolet K5 Blazer into the vehicle of his dreams.

He even enjoys taking it on off-road adventures and taking it on the trail. The price on this vehicle is reasonable considering its high level of customizing and versatility. There are a few factors that you should know before you start working on your 1986 Chevy K5 Blazer.

Its suspension was improved. The lowered suspension made it more comfortable for long-hauling trips. The 5.7-liter V8 was upgraded to a TBI system.

It also received improved brake linings. The front and rear axles were replaced by DANA-44s. The transmission had a new, 100-amp alternator, and a new braking warning light on the dashboard.

In addition to its great handling and great looks, the Chevrolet K5 Blazer was a tough truck. The second-generation model incorporated the tailgate and rear hatch glass into one unit.

This meant that the glass panel could retract inside the tailgate. The tailgate was operated manually, or powered by an electric motor.

However, the electric motor was prone to overheating and the drive cable was similar to that of a speedometer and often failed under heavy abuse.

If you are looking for a lift for a Blazer, you can consider the following options:

#1991 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne

This classic ’91 Chevrolet K5 Blazer features a 5.7 350 V8 engine, Silverado package, and power options throughout. It was a locally owned truck when it was lifted 2 inches.

It rides on 33-inch all terrain tires wrapped around rally wheels. The exterior is rust free, and it retains its factory jack. The interior is pristine with Valore upholstery. The convertible top is removable.

The 1971 and 1976 model years brought few changes to the K5 Blazer. A 1981 styling refresh introduced stacked quad headlights and full-bar grille. It also received anti-lock brakes.

Despite the minor changes, the vehicle remained nearly identical throughout its long run. The 1991 K5 Blazer Cheyenne was lifted by the same company as the ’74 and ’76 models.

This truck is a unique example of a classic. The first generation K5 Blazer was built from 1969 to 1972, alongside many other muscle cars. The 5.7-liter V8 engine shared the same platform as the Camaro, Chevelle, and Nova.

This model had part-time four-wheel drive and a rear-wheel-drive system. The first generation K5 Blazer is now worth up to $35,000 or more.

The 1980s Blazers were incredibly popular and offered more comfort and convenience than their 1970s counterparts. Even the early throttle-body fuel injection made this car a success.

The Blazer had many minor updates as well. It received a new front bumper, a redesigned windshield, and a new 5.7-liter V8 engine with TBI throttle body injection.

The Blazer’s engine had non-asbestos brake linings. It had a 100-amp alternator. Moreover, the Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne received two new colors: black and white.

After a lengthy period in the production of the full-size Chevrolet Blazer, GM redesigned the K5 line. The 6.6-liter V8 became available only with four-wheel drive, and Chevrolet introduced an optional 6.2-liter Detroit Diesel engine.

It improved fuel economy and reliability. The Blazer spawned another vehicle, the GMC Yukon. It was a wildly popular truck for the military.

Lifted Chevy Blazer

#1979 Chevy K5 Blazer Cheyenne

When the 1979 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne was first introduced, it was a high-end model. The Cheyenne trim package was the top option and offered a wide variety of features.

Among these were textured-metal door panels, matching brown molded plastic, and a removable hardtop. The interior of the Cheyenne was equally attractive. There are also cupholders and a front storage box.

While the first versions of the K5 Blazer were well-received, their competition quickly stepped up their game and released new models.

The Jeep Cherokee and Ramcharger were launched shortly afterward, and the Blazer was no exception. Other notable features of the 1979 Blazer were an improved fuel door, a sleeker hood, combined headlights, and various trim delights. It also had a new steering wheel and improved technology.

While the first two generations of the K5 Blazer were powered by four-banger V-8 engines, the Cheyenne model received a turbocharged, 4-banger engine and an NP205 automatic transmission.

Although this K5 Blazer was produced only until 1982, it was the last of the two-door Blazers. Its stout stance and aggressive styling were enough to attract the attention of car enthusiasts.

While the interior of the ’79 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne isn’t trailer queen-perfect, it’s still an excellent example of the blending of restored and original parts.

The paint is driver-quality, and it’s a definite upgrade over the average Chevy paint. The Cheyenne body trim and white hardtop make this truck appear much more attractive. The interior shows little signs of abuse, despite the fact that the driver seat is torn from 38 years of cramming in.

The second-generation K5 Blazers produced over ninety thousand units. Although the first-generation model was discontinued, the 1979 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne shaped the production of the second generation.

The original Chevrolet K5 Blazer was produced by Chevrolet and GMC. This first-generation model used the pickup’s first-generation body form. The second-generation used the S-10 body style.

#1986 Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne

If you’re in the market for a used truck, you’ve probably seen the many ads for a vintage Chevrolet K5 Blazer Cheyenne. They look good, and the vehicle’s six-inch lift is impressive.

This vintage Chevrolet also has a set of 39.5″ super swamper tires, and has sub-woofer hookups and dual battery systems.

However, it does have a few shortcomings, including a bent passenger-side hood and misplaced gauges in the cluster. Basically, this vehicle needs a new home!

The rear hatch glass and tailgate were merged into one unit in the second generation of the K5 model, and this allowed the glass panel to retract inside the tailgate.

The glass panel could be retracted by either the tailgate’s manual crank or an electric motor. Unfortunately, both mechanisms were prone to frequent overheating.

In addition, the electric motor drive cable, which was similar to that of the speedometer, would frequently break under heavy abuse.

Among the changes made to the K5 Blazer in 1990 were the introduction of four new colors and the removal of the “K5” emblem.

The car also gained a 5.7 liter V8 engine with a TBI throttle body injection system, a new odometer, and power mirrors. The engine was also upgraded, with new heavy-duty intake valves, and improved brake linings.

Despite its many modifications, this K5 Chevy Blazer is a classic pickup truck, and it looks great, too! The boxy body and no-nonsense look of this Chevrolet Blazer are still in place, but the truck has been extensively rebuilt with new paint and upholstery.

The interior is finished in Navy Blue and features aftermarket 15-inch Ultra modular wheels. Added to this are Yakima roof bars and a heavy-duty WARN winch.

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