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Lifted Ford Transit | You have probably heard of people who have lifted their Ford Transit, but do they really know what they’re talking about? The first thing to keep in mind is that any lift will have negative effects on the vehicle’s safety and overall appearance.

The more lift you give your vehicle, the higher it will go, but not so much that you’ll start noticing problems. To avoid these problems, lift your Transit by only a few inches.

Lifted Ford Transit

Traxda lift

If you want to give your Ford Transit a little extra oomph, consider a Traxda lift kit. These complete lift kits come with everything needed to get your truck elevated, including the strut extender, jack stand, and U bolts.

These kits are easy to install and safe for your vehicle. You can even choose between a front or rear strut extension kit, as you do not need compression springs.

Topo 2.0 front and rear suspension kits are a great way to add lift to your Ford Transit. These lifts provide an additional 1/2″ of lift while offering great damping control.

In addition, they feature a coil spring perch welded to the strut body at a higher height than the factory strut, allowing you to preload the coil spring for extra 1/2″ of lift. This kit will also fit your single and dual rear wheel vans.

Foes Kit

There are a few differences between a Foes kit and a VC kit for lifting your Ford Transit. VC kits are designed to be more complicated to install and they include more parts.

VC kits use a proper lifting method that doesn’t stress ware items. If you are planning to add additional mods in the future, you may want to buy a VC kit. However, VC kits cost more.

Unlike a Sprinter, a Ford Transit is relatively easy to work on and cheaper than a Sprinter. This means it can use a lift, but the biggest difference between a Foes kit and a Sprinter is repairability.

The Foes kit costs $1,400, and it works on vans from 2015 and later. If you’re thinking of lifting your Transit, consider a Foes kit if you want a higher ground clearance.

Designed to improve ride quality and ground clearance, the Topo 2.0 suspension lift kit for a lifted Ford Transit is made of two key components.

The first component is the Blue Coil, which offers the same ride quality as the OEM lift coil. The Red Coil, on the other hand, has higher compression travel, which provides an even more aggressive ride. These components are designed to work together to give you the best ride and handling you can get.

A suspension lifting kit will provide a 2” lift, allowing for 245/75r16 tires. With these tires, you’ll gain more ground clearance and can have more aggressive treads on your Ford Transit.

Added traction is a huge advantage for your Transit, and this kit will eliminate any “floating” sensation that you’ll get when driving your Transit over bumpy roads. If you have any plans to haul heavy cargo, consider installing a Foes kit for lifted Ford Transit.

Lifted Ford Transit

WeldTec Lift

WeldTec designs started out with a dollar and a dream, and has grown to become one of the best American van outfitters today.

Not only do they manufacture top-tier suspension components, but they also have a variety of unique accessories and kits for your vehicle.

In addition to their impressive line of van accessories, WeldTec is a favorite among DIYers because of its extensive video library and contests for customers.

The Coastal Cruiser lift kit is a great option for those who want to run 265x70x17 tires. It is a great fit for Ford Transit builds and requires no modification.

The kit also comes with a spacer, block, and other parts for a complete lift of two inches. Bigger tires can add an additional three inches to ride height, so a kit like the Agile STS kit can improve the ride quality of your van without causing the car to become too tall.

Traxda Kit With Bilstein B6 Struts

If you want to upgrade your van’s suspension and increase the level of comfort, a Ford Transit Traxda kit with Bilston B6 struts will help.

These struts have been engineered with a monotube design to deliver fade-free performance. They also feature a piston that responds to road conditions with unparalleled sensitivity.

They are incredibly effective for specific applications, and they can help your van achieve a significant improvement in handling and ride quality.

A Ford Transit Traxda kit with Bilston B6 struts provides an extra 1/2″ of lift and a significant improvement in damping control. The new strut is longer than the OEM strut, which increases the likelihood of CV joint bind.

It also has a wider stance and is compatible with the single and dual rear wheel van models. You’ll get a true 2.0-inch suspension lift, so you can go from a standard height to a high-riding ride.

Volkswagen Transporter BlueMotion

The new generation of Volkswagen Transporter is currently under development. Spy pictures reveal big design changes, such as an additional pillar between the front door and windshield.

It rides on VW’s MQB platform, which makes it compatible with gasoline, diesel, and plug-in hybrid power. Inside, the new BlueMotion version boasts a redesigned cabin. Driver assistance systems include a driver monitoring system with audio and video signals.

Although it lacks storage space, the VW Transporter Bluemotion retains the good features, decent drive, and solid RVs of the previous model. Its cabin is a bit cramped, however, compared to some of the newer competitors.

And while it does not boast the space and storage space that its competitors can boast, the Bluemotion’s attempts to reduce fuel consumption are quite genuine.

Fuel costs are one of the biggest expenses associated with owning a car, so any extra effort to reduce fuel consumption should be welcomed.

With the T6.1 model, the line up has been simplified and the Trendline trim has been discontinued. The Startline trim remains the entry-level model, and the Highline and Sportline will continue to be the flagship models when the 2020 models are launched.

The Volkswagen Transporter range is available in various shapes and sizes, and comes in long and short wheelbases, three roof heights, and several alternate body styles. Some variants are even California camper vans.

Besides the car range, Volkswagen also makes commercial vehicles. The T5 range is primarily sold in Germany, the United Kingdom, Taiwan, Russia, France, Turkey, and Singapore.

Although sold in North America and Canada, the T5 range is available in over 100 configurations – van, single cab, double cab, chassis truck, drop side, and more. If you’re in the market for a new van, be sure to visit a VW dealership.

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