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Mitsubishi Dump Truck | Mitsubishi has many options when it comes to dump trucks. For small companies, single axle dump trucks are an excellent choice.

They can be used for landscaping and smaller construction projects, as well as for road maintenance. Larger agricultural concerns can also benefit from a Mitsubishi dump truck.

The following three models are available to meet the needs of a wide range of companies. Listed below are the features, specifications, and benefits of each Mitsubishi dump truck.

Mitsubishi Dump Truck Features, Specifications & Benefits

Canter Guts

Mitsubishi Dump Truck

The Mitsubishi dump truck Canter Guts was introduced in June 2002 and was renamed to the Canter 15. This truck was a compact pickup with various bed heights.

It was also equipped with reduced tire dimensions on the driven rear axle. This truck had a 1,997cc gasoline engine, which made it the first cab-over model with an instrument panel. Its interior space was also larger than the average truck in its class.

This pickup truck is available in different body styles, such as flat-body or long-bed. It was available with power gate and aluminum-bodied body.

It was not available as a utility vehicle, but was a good option for companies who wanted to minimize transportation costs and environmental impact.

Its gasoline engine was able to clear the 2005 Gas Emission Regulations and was certified as an ultra-low-emission vehicle.

The vehicle was also equipped with a 5-speed manual transmission or an ELC four-speed automatic transmission. This pickup truck was discontinued in May 2008.

The Mitsubishi Canter is a popular light commercial vehicle. It offers ample payload capacity and 4WD capability. However, the lighter Canter Guts model is not as heavy as the Canter series.

However, it has versatile maneuverability and usability. Depending on the year and variation, it may include a radio system with 2 speakers. Some models even include an air bag for the driver. Its weight also contributes to its compact size.


The FEA51 Mitsubishi dump truck is a light-duty commercial vehicle that is part of the Daimler Trucks line. Originally marketed as the Colt Diesel, the model has since been renamed to Canter.

The name “canter” comes from the English word for horse gait, emphasizing the ‘thoroughbred’ nature of Mitsubishi trucks.

After the DaimlerChrysler-Mitsubishi alliance, the company closed its MMC distribution network in Europe, but kept its sales rights. The next year, the assembly will begin.

This model has a manual five-speed transmission and an old Mitsubishi engine. It is available in several models with various gross weights, from 3.5 tons in Japan to 12 tons in Europe.

The name can also be interpreted as the gross weight in hectopounds. For instance, the FV50VX is a dump truck with a gross weight of 13 tons. However, this model is not available in the US.


The Mitsubishi FEB71CL dump truck has a diesel engine that is a four-cylinder, 1,800-rpm design. The truck is powered by an efficient Mitsubishi 4M engine, which replaces the mechanical injection system with electronic diesel control.

This resulted in improved efficiency and emissions. The truck’s power and fuel economy are also excellent. In short, this truck is an excellent choice for most construction and road maintenance businesses and smaller agricultural concerns.

The Canter is a light-duty commercial vehicle manufactured by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation. It was previously known as the Colt Diesel.

It was originally introduced in 1963 and is part of the Daimler Truck brand, which is a division of Daimler AG. The Mitsubishi Fuso Canter’s name is derived from an English word for horse gait, emphasizing the ‘thoroughbred’ nature of its manufacturer.

After the Daimler-Mitsubishi alliance, Daimler closed its MMC distribution network in Europe, but it retained its sales rights.

This pickup truck is available with varying bed heights and a lower tire size on the driven rear axle. The FEB71CL is powered by a diesel or petrol engine with a manual five-speed transmission with overdrive.

Its weight is metric and can be adjusted to suit the job. Its naming system is similar to that of the Daimler company in Europe and Australia. For the most part, these trucks are equipped with a double cabin and independent front suspension.

Mitsubishi Dump Truck Features, Specifications & Benefits


The FECX1 Mitsubishi dump truck is a light commercial vehicle manufactured by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America, Inc.

The truck was first manufactured in 1963 and is currently sold by Mayan Foolad, the official distributor for Mitsubishi Fuso trucks in Iran.

The FECX1 is a Euro V standard vehicle designed specifically for the Iranian market. As of 2017, assembly will begin. The Mitsubishi Fuso Canter has been renamed to “Canter” in Indonesia.

The FECX1 is equipped with the latest engine technology. The truck is capable of carrying up to 6.5 tons of cargo. Its new diesel and petrol engines are more powerful than the old ones.

The FECX1’s hydraulic power steering makes it very easy to drive. It also has a double cabin with independent front suspension. The FECX1’s payload capacity and fuel efficiency make it an excellent choice for many applications.

Mitsubishi Dump Truck Features, Specifications & Benefits

Fuso Canter

Mitsubishi Dump Truck

The Fuso Canter is a heavy-duty dump truck produced by the Mitsubishi-Fuso Group. This truck can tow a trailer with a gross weight of 3.5 tons and can carry a payload up to 6 tonnes.

Its high tractive power and varying body configurations make it a highly versatile machine. This vehicle is also exceptionally agile and comfortable to drive. The Fuso Canter Mitsubishi dump truck is available in two variants, 3.5 and six-ton models.

The Mitsubishi-Fuso alliance made the two companies merge in 1996. After the alliance failed, Fuso was left with Daimler. Fuso was involved in numerous car safety scandals.

Throughout this time, the Fuso brand was renamed and the name changed gradually to Fuso. Its name changed from Mitsubishi Canter to Fuso Canter, and its exterior color was changed from red to silver. The Fuso Canter was introduced in Malaysia in 2010, but was discontinued by the end of 2017.

The Canter dump body features an upper/lower split built into the tailgate. Normally, dump bodies open to the maximum angle when tilted, but the Canter Eco-D split tailgate detects the weight of the load and controls the opening angles separately. This minimizes load scatter to the rear.

Furthermore, the dump body slopes internally to reduce load strew to the rear. This truck features advanced safety technology.


The Canter is the successor to the T710, which was produced from 1960 through 1963. The early variants of the Canter had two round single headlights.

The following year, the company added twin headlights to the model line-up. The T720 Canter could tow up to two tons of cargo, and it was fitted with a 68 PS 4DQ11A diesel engine. Today, this dump truck is still manufactured and sold by Mitsubishi.

In addition to its four-cylinder engine, the Canter is also available with an electric motor. The fuel-efficient engines have an average weight of around 9,000 pounds.

The Canter is available with five or six-speed manual transmissions. It also has a Duonic(r) 6-speed automatic transmission. In the United States and Europe, the Canter is available with a Duonic(r) 6-speed DCT.

The Canter is also available in the Japanese market as the Guts, a 1.5 ton payload truck. It has been specifically adapted to comply with the Japanese compact vehicle rules, although it has different versions marketed in different countries.

The Guts has a standard narrow cabin, while the original model had slightly more than three tons of gross weight. The Guts was discontinued in 2008, but was reintroduced in 2013.

The Mitsubishi Canter is a single axle dump truck in the “light duty” class. It is suited for smaller construction and road maintenance firms, as well as for agricultural concerns.

However, its low-priced version is also available. The Mitsubishi Canter FE-74 HD is a 125 horsepower model. It also has two-wheel drive and is equipped with an automatic transmission. Its diesel engine is a 4-cylinder, dual overhead cam design.

Dump Truck Hauling Services Near Me

Dump Truck Hauling Services Near Me

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