Volvo VHD Dump Truck

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Volvo VHD Dump Truck | If you’re considering buying a dump truck, you might be wondering whether you should consider a 2015 Volvo VHDF200 or a newer version such as the 2016 Volvo VHD64F300 Quad.

While both of these models are capable of heavy-duty work, the VHD is particularly suitable for highway work, where its wide cab may make it difficult to maneuver on narrow streets. Regardless of your preference, the VHD is a versatile machine, and is suitable for many applications.

2015 Volvo VHD 200 Dump Truck

Volvo VHD Dump Truck

The Volvo VHDF200 Dump truck has 435 horsepower, a 12 speed I-shift HD transmission, and 8k pushers. It has a 17′ steel box with a high lift gate. It also features factory PTO.

This dump truck has many features that will make it an excellent choice for construction jobs. It also has a cab that folds down for easier loading and unloading.

The 2016 Volvo VHDF200 Dump truck is the top-of-the-line option for contractors. It offers a high-quality, high-tech interior.

The truck is available with a manual transmission or an automatic transmission. The cabin is fully-appointed with amenities, including a CD player, A/C, and a 25-inch radio. A few extra features include an auxiliary audio jack, a radio, and a USB port.

2016 Volvo VHD64F300 Quad

Volvo VHD Dump Truck

The 2020 Volvo VHD64F300 Quad dump truck comes with 435 horsepower and a six-speed Allison transmission. It comes with air suspension and drum brakes on both the front and rear.

A 25″ radio is standard with the truck. There are also USB and Sirius SATELLITE radio options for drivers. The dump truck has an 8-k pusher and is equipped with a factory PTO.

Volvo VHD Dump Truck

2016 Volvo VHD 200 TRI-AXLE

Volvo VHD Dump Truck

The 2016 Volvo VHDF200 TRI AXLE dump truck is an upgrade of the previous model’s basic VHDF200. With improvements and rugged construction, this truck can handle the toughest tasks.

Features include a tow hook, tail light, and tight maneuverability. An axle-forward or axle-back configuration is available for increased versatility. And as a bonus, it comes with a reversing camera for easy loading and unloading.

This dump truck features a 4-35 horsepower engine, a 12-speed Allison transmission, and 8k pushers. It also includes factory PTO, high lift gate, and air suspension.

This truck can handle sand, aggregate, and riprap. Its standard dimensions range from 16 to 18 feet. The truck has a radio with CD player, USB port, and Sirius SATELLITE.

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