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Rugby Dump Body [ Specialized Tailgate Features ]

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Rugby Dump Body [ Lift-N-Dump Dump Body From Rugby Manufacturing ] | When you’re looking for a new lift gate for your truck, consider the Lift-n-Dump dumping lift gate.

This specialized tailgate features a patented EZ-LATCH system that makes installation easy. And, this lift gate comes with a warranty. So, it’s no wonder it’s become such a popular choice among truck owners.

Rugby Dump Body

Stainless steel

Rugby Dump Body

Rugby offers a stainless steel dump body that is designed for durability and heavy duty applications. This body has a one piece floor, hydraulic dump, and a plastic liner on the top.

The body also features Rugby’s patented EZ-LATCH(TM) system. Each side of the body is equipped with this industry-leading latch system, which is designed for quick opening.

Other features of the body include a tapered head board and a lift gate on the curb side. A barn door on the driver’s side provides access to the cargo area.

An adjustable shelving and a ladder rack can be found in the rear. There is even a dirt shedding top rail. Another great feature is a Rugby dump hoist.

The body comes with a 10 degree sloped tailgate for easy loading. A centrally located quick release lever allows for ease of operation.

This patented design makes it simple to open and close the tailgate. It is constructed from 10 gauge 201 stainless steel. You can choose between a two, three, or four yard model.

For larger capacity Class 5-7 needs, you may want to consider Rugby’s Titan Series. These dump bodies are equipped with radius front corner posts, a dirt-shedding top rail, and a 10-degree sloped tailgate. They also have a more robust design and are available in lengths of 9.5′, 12′, 14′, and 16′.

If you are looking for a durable, well-built truck with a patented EZ-LATCH(TM) latch system, look no further than a Rugby Stainless Steel Dump Body.

It has all the quality and durability you need, and it is backed by a five-year warranty. So, get your hands on one today! Whether you are a contractor or a farmer, you will find a Rugby dump body that is right for you.

Rugby Dump Body


Rugby Dump Body Aluminum

If you are looking for a dump body that is durable, sleek and lightweight, then the Rugby Aluminum Dump Body is the answer to your needs.

With its hardened aluminum alloy construction, this model will last for years to come. This lightweight dump body is also available in a crossmember-less understructure for a streamlined look.

The Rugby 2-4 yard Aluminum Dump Truck is a good choice for those looking for an aluminum dump body that will provide exceptional strength to weight ratio, as well as superior corrosion resistance.

Compared to its carbon steel counterpart, this model is also up to 50% lighter. Its low-mount hoist and fold-down sides make loading and unloading easy. These features will also help to reduce maintenance costs.

One of the best features of this body is its innovative design. The body is built with a patented EZ-LATCHTM tailgate mechanism, which keeps the tailgate secured when you close it.

Other features include fold-down sides that allow for flexible access to the body. The EZ-LATCH system also features a stainless steel upper tailgate mechanism, which will provide excellent corrosion resistance and long-lasting durability.

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Another feature that sets the Rugby 2-4 yard Aluminum Dump Truck apart is its innovative folding sides. These innovative features will allow for a variety of accessories to be stowed inside the body.

This allows for easier access and makes for a more versatile body. You can choose from several models with a range of options and designs, so you can find a solution to suit your specific needs.

Rugby Dump Body

Lift-n-dump dumping liftgate

Rugby Dump Body Lift-and-dump dumping liftgate

The Eliminator Dump Body from Rugby Manufacturing is the most versatile truck body on the market. Available in 9′ to 12′ lengths and in 10-gauge steel or stainless steel, this dump body is equipped with Rugby’s patented EZ-Latch system, a sloped 1/4 cab shield and a drop down tailgate.

This rugged truck body also features a fully boxed top rail, a sloped rear dumping tailgate, and an oversized v-bend reinforced front panel.

Another popular dump body from Rugby is the Eliminator-MD, which provides both side and rear dumping capabilities.

This body is constructed with a specially designed multi-directional dumping hoist, and has a specially built hydraulic lift mechanism.

Also, the body has a 58″ underbody box and retractable ladders. During travel, the body can be lowered into horizontal position by a hydraulic lift mechanism 24.

If you are looking for a lift gate, Rugby also has a variety of options. The Lift-N-Dump, which doubles as a dumping tailgate, is available for any G2 Series model. And, with the Select Body program, you can customize your dump body to fit your needs.

In addition, the E-Tipper offers a 5-year warranty and features economical design, sculpted front and rear pillars, western crossmemberless understructure, and easy ordering.

Finally, the Titan Series offers a 10 degree sloped tailgate, a dirt-shedding top rail, and a fully boxed front panel. These features make this dump body perfect for any application. Lastly, the Vari-Class Platform lets you customize your Rugby dump body to fit your specific needs.

Whatever your need, the Eliminator Dump Body from Rugby is the most reliable and rugged truck body on the market.

Choose from 9′ to 12′ lengths and choose from 10-gauge steel or stainless steel for a durable and corrosion-resistant body.

Rugby Dump Body

EZ-LATCH system on the tailgate

EZ-LATCH system on the tailgate

The Rugby EZ-LATCH system on the tailgate of the dump body makes it easy to open and close the tailgate. This hardware uses a non-spring mechanism to make the process quick and simple. It is made of 10 gauge steel with fully boxed bottom rails, and features two vertical braces for superior strength.

The Rugby Eliminator LP Dump Body is designed to provide years of service with ease of use. The sleek streamline design provides a clean look.

This body is available in both 9′ and 12′ lengths. You can also choose the height of your side walls from twelve inches to seventeen inches.

In addition to the EZ-LATCH, the body features a sloped cab shield, a full depth front pillar, and a slotted viewing window.

The Rugby Eliminator-MD Dump Body is an upgrade to the standard Eliminator-LP with a multi-directional dumping hoist.

This system improves productivity and offers better functionality in tight jobsites. The system is manufactured with a stainless steel, corrosion-resistant finish, and features a specially designed multi-directional dumping hoist.

The Rugby 2-4 yard Aluminum Dump Truck is designed to provide improved fuel efficiency and a greater payload. Its lower mounting height offers more stability, and allows the tailgate to open quickly. When closed, the EZ-LATCH system on the tailgate keeps the tailgate secure.

Other products by Rugby Manufacturing include a range of landscape bodies, hoists, and related truck equipment. With over 40 years of experience, the company is committed to providing the best quality and service possible.

They offer a 3-year warranty on their products. So, if you are looking for a top of the line dump body, don’t hesitate to visit Rugby Manufacturing.

Rugby Dump Body



Whether you are in the market for a dump body or are looking to upgrade your current one, Rugby Manufacturing has you covered.

The company has more than four decades of experience providing quality construction equipment to the public works industry. They are committed to providing top-of-the-line products and unmatched service.

In addition to dump bodies, Rugby manufactures hoists and landscape bodies. Each of these items comes with a 3-year warranty. These are a great investment for any tax-supported municipality that needs reliable and efficient equipment.

The company also offers a variety of platforms, including the Vari-Class(tm) Platform line, which turns a single platform into a variety of truck bodies. This allows the end user to choose the best configuration to meet their needs.

For customers that want to add a little extra durability to their work truck, Rugby’s HD Rancher Body is a great choice. It features a rugged 3/16-inch tread plate floor and a 3/8-inch tie down rail.

Plus, it comes with an upgraded bulkhead sheet and a B&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch. Designed for heavier-duty construction, this model is ideal for oil field operations.

Aside from the standard body options, Rugby also offers an aluminum fold-down side body as an option on standard steel bodies.

his lightweight option keeps the tailgate open when closed, and features a stainless steel EZ-LATCH upper tailgate mechanism. Compared to its carbon steel counterpart, this product boasts 30% less weight and increased payload capacity.

Another option is the Eliminator LP Dump Body, which offers a lot of the features that you’d expect. It’s available in 9-foot and 12-foot lengths, and it comes in aluminum, stainless steel, and 10-gauge steel.

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