Rydell Ford Lincoln in Sioux Falls

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Rydell Ford Lincoln in Sioux Falls catdumptruck.com | Rydell Ford Lincoln is an excellent choice for Sioux Falls drivers.

Its size, “Best Price” philosophy, and lifetime powertrain warranty are a big reason why local residents choose it over other auto dealerships.

Owner Loren Holub, who moved to Sioux Falls 12 years ago, continues to co-own a dealership in Nebraska. The group shares a philosophy, values, and vision that unifies the dealerships. The succession plan, he said, is a priority.

Rydell Ford Lincoln in Sioux Falls

#Nehring’s Passion For Helping Children’s and Veterans’ Causes

Despite its size, few new dealerships open nationwide each year, most of which are acquired. But Rydell Ford has its own plan for running its stores.

The company has given a Ford store in Eau Claire, Wis., to Rick Mohr, who worked at Ben-Hur Ford when Nehring and Rydell took over the business. Mohr will now serve as managing partner of Rydell Ford in Eau Claire.

Rydell Ford’s passion for helping veterans and children’s charities began when Leonard Rydell, who founded Rydell Chevrolet in Grand Forks, N.D., decided to donate a portion of every sale to these causes.

The two men met in college, and the pair worked together to expand the business and grow it. In 1995, Nehring was named owner of the dealership and joined the company.

#Rydell’s “Best Price” Philosophy

A tradition of high volumes has shaped the “Best Price” philosophy at Rydell Ford. Jim Rydell implemented this philosophy in 1992, converting all dealerships in the Rydell Group to a single price.

This one price philosophy has been the driving force behind the great customer experience that Rydell has established.

Founded in 1947, Rydell Ford has more than 60 years of experience in the car business and has earned the loyalty of thousands of satisfied customers.

Rydell Auto Group is a network of auto dealers that share a common philosophy and values. Leonard Rydell got into the car business in the 1940s, founding his first dealership in Montgomery, Minnesota.

He later became famous for his “Leonardisms,” or “philosophies” that were formulated over the years. Then, in 1976, he passed the business on to his son Wes, who transformed the dealership into a “One Price, No Hassle” operation.

Rydell Chevrolet is part of the Rydell Dealership Group. This dealership network consists of over eighty locations throughout the country.

Though the dealerships are independently owned, the philosophy remains the same. A Rydell dealership will give you the best value for your money.

A dealership that values its customers and offers the best price is a good place to do business. The “Best Price” philosophy applies to all Rydell dealerships, whether they’re in Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, or Texas.

Rydell Ford Lincoln in Sioux Falls

#Sioux Falls Ford Lincoln dealership’s size

The new Sioux Falls Ford Lincoln dealership is about a month away from opening. The dealership is located on a 15-acre site east of Marion Road. It will be a technology-focused center with 1,000 parking spaces.

It currently has 600 parking spaces, but is currently using 100 of them for body-shop customers. That’s all set to change in early May. The new location will be twice as large as the previous one. It will also have more space for customers to park their cars.

Sioux Falls Ford Lincoln has the largest inventory in the area. Its size will also be a key factor in its competitive pricing.

The team here will work to help drivers find the perfect vehicle to fit their needs. Despite the dealership’s size, it offers some of the most competitive pricing in the region.

The dealership is also staffed by knowledgeable professionals who will help drivers find the car of their dreams.

#Rydell’s “Lifetime Powertrain Warranty”

The Rydell Automotive Group is a family-owned car dealership in Mankato, MN. Founded in 1935, the dealership has been committed to providing quality vehicles and service at competitive prices.

The group carries Ford, GMC, Buick, Cadillac, Honda, Nissan, Subaru, KIA, Toyota, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram. A lifetime powertrain warranty is part of every new Ford model.

The warranty covers the engine assembly, which includes the cylinder block, rotor housings, and internal parts. Other parts of the engine include the intake and exhaust manifold, water pump, turbocharger housing, wastegate, and torque converter.

Additionally, the drivetrain assembly includes the axle shafts, steering wheel, and brake pedals. Axles and drive shaft yokes are also included.

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