Shamalley Ford Offers Special Financing

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Shamalley Ford Offers Special Financing | If you are looking to buy a new or used Ford, you should visit the Shamalley Ford website to get information on the price and availability of their new and used vehicles.

These offers can be used towards your Estimated Capitalized Cost (ECC) and Estimated Selling Price. Please note, however, that these offers are subject to change without notice.

For more information, please contact the dealership. Listed below are some of the benefits of buying from a Ford dealership.

Shamalley Ford Offers Special Financing

#Pricing and availability of vehicles

Listed prices are not necessarily current and are subject to change without notice. Shamaley Ford uses its best efforts to provide accurate pricing and availability information.

However, prices and availability may vary depending on vehicle configuration, special offers and dealer qualifications.

For the latest information, contact the dealership nearest to your location. You can also check the Ford Dealer Locator for current information. Prices and availability of Shamaley Ford vehicles may vary by region and model.

#Special APR offers apply to Estimated Selling Price

If you’re looking to finance your next car purchase, you’ve come to the right place. Shamaley Ford is one of the area’s leading auto dealerships and offers special financing options to make buying a car affordable for even the most modest budgets.

However, before you make your decision, be sure to compare the prices and features of different car dealerships in El Paso, Texas. To help you make a decision, we’ve listed the competition for you.

Dealer selling price refers to the estimated price at the time of the purchase. This includes any special financing terms and incentives available, but excludes governmental taxes, title and registration fees, and dealer fees.

Incentives may not be available for all buyers, and the price displayed in our website is subject to change. The incentives are not combinable, so make sure to read the fine print carefully.

Shamalley Ford Offers Special Financing

#Special Lease offers apply to Estimated Capitalized Cost

This vehicle is eligible for Special Lease offers that apply to the Estimated Capitalized Cost. The net capitalized cost for this vehicle is $37150, including a $695 non-refundable acquisition fee.

The monthly payments are $13644. The lessee is responsible for maintenance. Special Lease offers do not apply to gas guzzler taxes. This cost is roughly equal to the price of a new vehicle at the time of a sales transaction.

The capitalized cost of a vehicle is a starting point for the monthly lease payments. The lease price includes a residual value, which is the vehicle’s guaranteed value at the end of the lease period.

However, some states are stricter on the disclosure requirements for lease transactions. As such, consumers should ask questions before signing a lease agreement. In the case of a new car, a simple formula is suggested to estimate the residual value of a vehicle.

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