Types of 15.5-38 Tractor Tire

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Types of 15.5-38 Tractor Tire catdumptruck.com | A 15.5-38 tractor tire is one of the most commonly used sizes for the rear tires of tractors used for general field service.

A common agricultural application for these tires is soil cultivation and farming, where the tread compound must provide good traction on soft soils while minimizing soil impact.

This tire must also have a durable casing and a resistant tread compound that resists weathering and cracking. This article provides information about the different types of tires available for tractors, as well as their benefits and disadvantages.

Types of 15.5-38 Tractor Tire

#Ladder Shape Snow Chain

The Ladder shape snow chain for 15.5 to 38 tractor tire is a great winter tire accessory. It’s made from a special steel that features a square cross section.

This design also ensures that the chain won’t slip between the treads. It also gives your tractor powerful forward traction. Before you purchase a new chain, make sure you measure the clearance between your tractor’s fenders and tire.

#Firestone Super All Traction II

The 23-degree Firestone Super All Traction II tractor tire is made to meet the exacting needs of agricultural machinery. Its larger footprint and increased tread lugs improve traction while providing a smooth ride.

The Load Index of the Firestone Super All Traction II is also a significant factor in its performance. This is because it is designed to handle the unique terrain that is specific to agricultural vehicles.

This tire is a common size for the rear tires of tractors in general field service. It is designed to provide good traction on soft soils while minimizing the impact on the ground.

It also has a durable casing and tread compound to resist weathering and cracking. These are the most popular sized tractor tires on the market today. This type of tire is a great choice for a variety of applications, including agricultural vehicles.

Types of 15.5-38 Tractor Tire

#Cropmax Farm Torque R-1

The Cropmax Farm Torque R-1 10.5-38 tractor tire is designed to perform well in high-torque agricultural tractors. It features a heavy bundle and advanced reinforced bar design that limit flex and deliver higher working outs.

To determine the maximum load capacity, multiply the Load Index by the number of tires installed on the tractor. If you do not know how to calculate the Load Index, here are some tips.

Before you purchase the Cropmax Farm Torque R-1 tractor tire, you should read the label carefully. You can check the maximum air pressure for your tractor’s tires by referring to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

You also need to know what width the tire should have. Ideally, you should choose a tire with a width that matches the size of your tractor. The Cropmax Farm Torque R-1 15.5-38 tractor tire is available in different sizes to meet the needs of farmers.

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