13.6 24 Tractor Tire – The 13.6-24 Firestone Super All-Traction

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13.6 24 Tractor Tire – The 13.6-24 Firestone Super All-Traction II 23 R1 Tire Vs BKT’s TR-135 Tractor Tire catdumptruck.com | If you are in the market for a new tractor tire, consider purchasing a 13.6-24 Firestone Super All Traction II 23 R1 Tire.

You can also try BKT’s TR-135 tractor tire. Both are a great choice for many reasons. Read on to learn about each of them and which one will work best for you.

Also, don’t forget to check out our wholesale prices! We will discuss a few other factors to consider when purchasing a new tire.

13.6 24 Tractor Tire

#Firestone Super All Traction II 23 R1 13.6-24 D/8PLY Tires

The Firestone Super All-Traction II 23-degree tractor tire is one of the most popular radial farm tires in the world. Its advanced 23 degree tread design offers excellent traction, improved ride and enhanced wear.

With a larger footprint, it minimizes soil compaction and offers a higher lug count for better road wear. This tire is built to accommodate the unique characteristics of agricultural machines and terrain.

If you’re in the market for new tractor tires, make sure you’re aware of the recommended air pressure for your Firestone Super All-Terrain II tractor tires.

Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for recommended tire widths and tire pressures. To get the correct tire pressure, you can measure the tire from sidewall to sidewall. In addition, you can check the recommended tire width and ensure that it matches the tractor’s rims.

#BKT’s TR-135 Tractor Tire

If you’re looking for a good tire for your tractors, look no further than BKT’s TR-135 tractor tire. Its wide variety of sizes and shapes gives you plenty of options for your tractor.

And with its self-cleaning tread design, you can rest assured that you won’t be dealing with rocks and mud that will hamper your surface contact. These tractor tires also feature a BIASED ply construction, which guarantees exceptional off-road driving safety.

These heavy-duty cross-ply tractor tyres are built with long-lasting tread lugs for maximum traction and longevity. They also offer a durable casing and excellent stability for operator safety.

Available in a range of sizes, BKT’s TR-135 tractor tire is available in sizes from a 13.6 inch diameter to a 24 inch wide rim.

Their load capacity and speed rating are excellent and their self-cleaning properties ensure that you’ll be safe and secure on the road.

The BKT TR-135 tractor tire is one of the most popular bias rear farm tires in the United States. The TR-135 tire is a member of a group of bias tractor tyres manufactured by BKT, which has managed to grab the number one spot for replacement rear farm tyres.

Its dual-angled lugs and sturdy casing ensure outstanding traction and stability. They are best suited for general farming applications such as crop and vegetable harvesting, weed-spraying, and other tasks that require high traction.

13.6 24 Tractor Tire

#Firestone’s TR-135

The BKT TR-135 tractor tire is the best choice for tillage and spraying operations. This tire comes in different sizes and variants, ensuring that it’s the perfect companion for any difficult ground conditions.

The Load Index and traction rating of a tire are the two main factors that determine its performance. These factors will help you choose the right tire for your tractor and your needs.

A TR-135 tractor tire is designed for heavy duty drive applications, and its dual-angled tread lugs offer outstanding traction and long tread life.

This tire is also made of a durable casing, so it’s well-suited to industrial and construction applications. In addition to its agricultural and farm applications, BKT’s TR-135 tractor tire has excellent durability and is available in a wide range of sizes.

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