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Venieri Tractors | If you’re looking for a heavy-duty tractor, Venieri is a great choice. In fact, many of the company’s models are well-equipped with a variety of features and benefits that will help you get the job done faster.

A new air cleaner system has been added to the company’s wheel loaders, which provides improved air quality for the operator.

The system includes primary and safety filters as well as two-stage filtration. Additionally, the Venieri wheel loaders are equipped with electrically controlled dual-speed cooling fans. For more information about Venieri tractors, visit the 1919 Wilson Avenue Toronto location.

Venieri Tractors

#Venieri backhoe loaders

Venieri backhoe loaders are among the most widely used pieces of heavy equipment in construction projects. The company’s headquarters are in Lugo, Emilia-Romagna, Italy.

The company was founded in 1896, and today boasts over 100 different models. In addition to its backhoe loaders, Venieri also produces excavators, front end loaders, and other construction equipment.

A key feature of the Venieri backhoe loader is its articulated chassis and all-wheel-drive on all four wheels. The engine compartment is located centrally for increased stability and an ideal center of mass.

The machine has dual buckets and can nibble the ground with either bucket. Venieri backhoe loaders range in operational weight from 3 150 kg to 19 500 kg and bucket volume from 0.4 to 3.5 m3. This means that these machines are able to move in many different directions.

In order to find a Venieri backhoe loader, check out the company’s inventory online. You can filter results by year of production, working hours, price, and model.

You can even sort used Venieri backhoe loaders by their price and working hours. And if you’re interested in leasing one, don’t forget that you can even get financing for it through a lease.


If you are looking for a Venieri tractor for sale, look no further. This tractor is available with a variety of features that will make your construction project easier and more productive.

This tractor comes with several features, including hydrostatic transmission, hydraulically assisted steering, and a high-quality engine.

Its durability and ease of operation are also reasons why this machine is a favorite with construction companies. Its powerful hydraulics and high-quality tires make it ideal for heavy-duty work.

The MLA-T 516 Venieri tractor has a telescopic lift arm with a floating feature that enhances maneuverability. The bucket float adds additional flexibility and control.

The MLA-T516-75 H telescopic lift arm is designed for maximum strength, fast cycle times, and outstanding visibility. The lift arm’s recessed linkage provides excellent visibility. The telescopic lift arm has a length of sixteen feet.

Manitou Group produces the MLA-T516 Venieri tractor. The company is headquartered in Madison, South Dakota, but also produces telescopic handlers in Europe.

Its Galkowka tractor loader factory is located about 100 miles from Warsaw. Merlo manufactures telescopic handlers in Lengede, an industrial town in northern Italy. They also make subframes and attachments.

Venieri Tractors

#VF Venieri Spa

The VF Venieri brand is an Italian tractor manufacturer specializing in agricultural tractors and other earthmoving machinery.

Its product range has evolved over the years and now includes several series of agricultural tractors and other equipment.

The company has made earthmoving its core business and, in 1974, it became a joint stock company. Under this new name, the company also expanded its global operations.

The first product to emerge from this new company was the hydrostatic articulated backhoe loader, which featured advanced technology to provide excellent maneuverability, stability, and versatility.

The company was founded in 1947 by Ferdinando Venieri, and it began producing agricultural tractors. In 1954, the company moved to a factory in Luga and began to produce heavy equipment.

This expansion allowed the company to build the first excavator. In 1958, the company began building front loaders and eventually, a crawler loader. In 1968, Venieri became the first tractor manufacturer to use hydrostatic transmission.

VF Venieri tractors feature curved glass windows to improve visibility. The company has installed the Backeye(r)360 Select camera system to eliminate blind spots and provide a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

It stitches four cameras together to produce an image of the surrounding area on a monitor installed in the cab. This feature is particularly useful in low-speed manoeuvres. In 2015, the VF Venieri brand launched a new 5.63C loader prototype, which will be available for sale in 2019.

#Avant Tecno

During the past two years, Avant Tecno has experienced significant growth in the United States. This expansion required a larger facility to meet the demands of the company’s expanding dealer network in North America and a rapidly expanding market.

The new facility is now home to a large machine inventory and extensive parts stock. It also features a new showroom, giving customers a chance to see the variety of multipurpose models offered by Avant.

Avant Tecno USA began operations in two years ago and has recently increased the number of employees in its warehouse, sales and customer service departments.

The company manufactures several models of tractors, including the 7.63 B Venieri Wheel Loader. The model features a hydraulic drive motor on each of its four wheels.

The machines are available in 1 and two-speed versions, allowing you to choose the speed and torque you need for different tasks.

They are lightweight and gentle on delicate surfaces, and are easily transportable. The company claims that its tractors will help you keep your property clean in all conditions.

Avant tecno venieri tractors have a low center of gravity and are built to be highly maneuverable. The machines are also equipped with over 200 attachments, making them perfect for small jobs.

The cabs are designed for ergonomics, which will save you money on yearly maintenance costs. In addition, the articulation joint makes it easy to turn without leaving tire marks on the ground.

Venieri Tractors

#Daedong Industries

Daedong Industries is a company in China that produces agricultural machinery and tractors. The company specializes in the manufacturing of rice transplanters and combine harvesters.

They have a dealer network that has expanded into the global marketplace. Daedong was originally known as Xiamen Daedong Machinery Co., Ltd., but recently changed its name to Daedong Industrial Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1947, the Venieri company began producing agricultural tractors. The company moved to a larger factory in Luga, South Korea, in 1954. By 1958, they had already developed a small excavator and a front loader.

By the year 1960, the company was producing a crawler loader and a backhoe. This machine was powered by a 50 hp Slanzi or a 60 hp Ford power unit. In 1968, the company developed the first hydrostatic transmission in an agricultural tractor.

The Daedong Industries brand includes a wide variety of tractors and wheel loaders. These tractors are used in construction projects throughout the world.

The company produces some of its loaders in its Daegu factory, but sources most of them from Taesung Manufacturing, which is located in the north of Korea. The company also manufactures compact wheel loaders in Hoogstraten, Belgium.

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