1966 Ford Bronco For Sale Craigslist

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1966 Ford Bronco For Sale on Craigslist, catdumptruck.com | The 1966 Ford Bronco for sale on Craigslist has been on the market for several months and has been in the same family for the past nine.

The car was new in August 1965 in Georgia and December 1965 in California. These trucks have four-wheel drive, a three-speed column-shifted manual transmission, and a 170-ci I-6 engine that produced around 105 hp when new.

Although they are a pair, the seller is open to splitting the pair. The price of “His” is $30,000 and the price of “Hers” is $40,000.

1966 Ford Bronco For Sale Craigslist

1966 Ford Bronco For Sale Craigslist

  • 1966 Ford Bronco Half Cab Pickup – $72,000



The prices listed on Craigslist vary widely, but in general, the price of a restored or reconditioned 1966 Ford Bronco should not exceed $70,000.

The Ford Bronco is a great choice for a Valentine’s Day gift or dinner date. The vehicles are currently listed for $4950 and are in excellent condition. The Bronco is an affordable, reliable vehicle that makes a great addition to any collection.

1966 Bronco – Walk Around Video (21K Miles)

The 1967 Ford Bronco is one of the most desirable examples in the collector market. It came in a pickup, wagon, and roadster bodystyle.

The second generation inherited the F-Series platform and was bigger and more powerful than its predecessor. Its interior space was also improved.

The third generation included a two-door hardtop and a single-piece removable hardtop. The engine options were a V-8, a 4.2-liter motor and a 3.9-liter four-cylinder.

1966 Ford Bronco For Sale Craigslist

Another 1966 Ford Bronco for sale on Craigslist is in Santa Monica, California. At $4950, this V8 truck has a solid body and an automatic transmission.

It’s also in perfect condition and a great Valentine’s Day gift. Its low price makes it an ideal Valentine’s Day present or dinner date. A vintage Bronco will always be a great choice for anyone.

This 1967 Ford Bronco for sale on Craigslist is in great condition, and has undergone restoration. The paint is a classic 1960s color called Lunar Green.

1966 Ford Bronco For Sale Craigslist

The interior is black and white. The wheels are painted white. The vehicle is in perfect condition for its age. If you’re looking for a vintage Bronco for sale, you’ll want to take a look at it.

The first generation Ford Bronco is a popular collector’s item. It is the first version of the Bronco that shares the same chassis with the F-Series truck.

This truck was the first to have a three-door hardtop and a 300 cubic inch inline-six. The car has a manual transmission and a manual shifter. The brakes are adjustable.

1966 Ford Bronco For Sale Craigslist

This is a rare opportunity to own a genuine classic Ford Bronco for sale. These trucks are in great condition and have undergone restoration. They are available to buy for about $700.

A restored, fully functional 1970s Ford Bronco is a great option for your next romantic date. It’s also a classic to drive. And it’s easy to find a reliable used car for sale on Craigslist.

If you’re looking for an affordable classic Ford Bronco, you’re in luck. There’s a 1966 Bronco for sale on Craigslist that’s rusted at the base of its windshield.

It’s priced at $24,000, so a restored one will be well worth the investment. A V-8 model would be a great upgrade for a classic.

The 1967 Ford Bronco is a great example of a vintage Bronco. It was the first model to feature the Ford Falcon, and has always been popular.

It was the first Bronco to have a V-8. It has a very similar name, and it’s very cute. You can find a matching pair on Craigslist for $4950.

Ford Bronco For Sale Craigslist California 1970 – 2022

Ford Bronco For Sale Craigslist California

The fifth-generation Bronco was the last generation of the Ford Bronco. The car’s styling was based on that of the F-150.

It featured a lowered ride and the same basic underpinnings as the previous two generations. A fourth-generation Bronco was launched in August 1965 and was the off-road counterpart of the Ford Mustang.

It featured coil springs in the front axle and stiffer leaf springs on the back. Initially, the model used a 289-cubic-inch V-8 engine, but later went up to a 302-cubic-inch V-8. It was a popular car for both amateur and professional off-roaders.

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