9.5-24 Tractor Tire – Choosing & Benefits

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Choosing a 9.5-24 Tractor Tire, catdumptruck.com | To help you choose a 9.5-24 tractor tire, read this article.

Here, you will learn about how much air pressure you should put into your 9.5-24 tractor tire and how much load you can put on it.

If you’re looking for a tractor tire for your homestead, you can buy it wholesale online. There are several benefits to purchasing a 9.5-24 tractor tire. Firstly, you’ll save money!

9.5 24 Tractor Tire Tube

Whether your rig has a 9.5-24 tire or a 7.50-24, you’ll find the inner tube you need at TractorTiresDirect.com. Our high-quality tubes are made from premium rubber and are designed to provide top air tightness and aging resistance. These tubes are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles, so you’re sure to find the right one for your needs.

#Maximum Air Pressure

When choosing a tractor tire, you need to know the maximum air pressure for the type of tire you are looking for. This information can be found on the tire’s sidewalls or on the tread.

The maximum air pressure for a 9.5-inch tractor tire is 24 PSI. This tire is designed for a max speed of 25 mph, a maximum load of 1,290 pounds, and requires no tubes.

Tire pressure should be checked every day with a calibrated gauge, and two gauges will allow you to spot any unusualities.

The recommended tire pressure is also listed on the manufacturer’s website. Be sure to follow these recommendations to avoid reducing your tractor’s performance.

Remember that under-inflation can decrease tire life and damage the construction of the tire. You should also check tire pressure for the tractor’s weight per axle and its maximum weight capacity.

#Maximum Load

When choosing a 9.5 24 tractor tire, be sure to choose the correct size for the job at hand. The dimensions of the tractor tire are important for a variety of reasons.

They are important for a variety of different uses, including logging, farming, and construction. The following information will help you choose the correct tire. The maximum load for a 9.5 24 tire varies slightly from that of a standard truck tire.

To determine the correct load for a particular tire, first look at the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some tyres can carry a high amount of weight, so be sure to consult the manual for details.

The manufacturer of the tractor will have provided information about the maximum weight and load for each tyre. You can also determine how much pressure the 9.5-24 tractor tire can support. If the tractor is carrying a heavy load, choose a tyre with a low maximum load.

The 9.5-24 tractor tire is an excellent option for farming vehicles. These tires are very durable, offer exceptional traction, and are able to handle extended wear and tear.

You’ll be glad you chose these tires for your farm equipment! These tires are made in Orange, Massachusetts, and have a Load Index of 1870. You should know the maximum load capacity of the tire before buying it, as it directly correlates with the Load Index.

The maximum load for a 9.5 24 tractor tire varies widely. The average load is 800 pounds, while the average extra large tractor tire weighs 4,000 pounds.

In order to determine the maximum load capacity of your 9.5 24 tractor tire, you’ll need to find out its actual weight. You can’t weigh the tires on a household scale, but you can easily use a digital scale to determine the maximum weight.

Benefits of a 9.5-24 Tractor Tire

A 9.5-24 tractor tire is a popular choice among farmers who need to make hay in the spring. Its 45-degree angled lug pattern and high void ratio provide exceptional traction in soft and loose fields.

These features reduce soil retention, ease tire pressure, and prevent loosening of the ground. Here are some benefits of 9.5-24 tires. Learn more about these features and their applications for farming. We’ll also discuss the dimensions of 9.5-24 tires.


A 9.5-24 tractor tire is a standard size for Japanese compact tractors. It measures 41.3 inches in diameter and 9.5 inches in width, with a maximum load capacity of 1870 pounds.

The tire has no internal tubes and is shipped as single pieces. Shipping two pieces to Ireland, the UK, or Sweden will cost between 57 and 109 Euros, depending on where you live. If you need more than one tire, you can order them as pairs.

There are several meanings behind 9.5-24 tractor tire dimensions. The first is the width in inches. The second is the height of the tire. Traditionally, the standard tire sizes for tractors were 13.6, 15.5, 16.9, and 18.4.

The dimensions of 9.5-24 tractors are listed in a Goodyear Farm Tire Handbook, which can be purchased to determine which size of tire is needed for your tractor.

If you need a larger tire, a 9.5-24 tire is a better choice than a 16.5-inch tire. However, if you have a small tractor, you can substitute a larger tire if you have the space.

The 9.5-24 metric tire dimensions are important for a wide variety of applications. A tractor tire with this size will fit a wide range of rims.

Choosing the right tire will make a difference in the safety of the vehicle and its performance on the road. A larger tire will also have a wider footprint, which will save you money and reduce your chances of running into problems with uneven wear. When shopping for tractor tires, it is important to consider the style code, which is included in the metric size.

In addition to the metric size, the 9.5-24 tractor tire dimensions will determine how much weight the tire can carry. The load rating of a radial tire will be listed on the sidewall.

It is often accompanied by the star rating, which indicates the intended inflation pressure. Aside from this, load rating will be displayed in plain language on the 9.5-24 tire. In general, load ratings are equivalent to ply ratings.

When shopping for tractor tires, keep in mind the size of the tractor. If you choose the wrong size, you could completely ruin the gear train of the tractor.

Using the wrong tires can completely render a tractor useless. If you aren’t sure, consult the manufacturer of your tractor to ensure compatibility.

If in doubt, check the size of the rear and front tires, and make sure they are identical. When choosing 9.5-24 traction tires, you need to keep in mind the tire profile ratio and height ratio.

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